Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Vacation and Upcoming posts!!

Hiiiiiiiiiii :D I missed reading ur blogs during my vacation and I have so much catching up to do :D
My vacation went Great with a capital G :P Had fantabulous time on the beaches and Now am 2 shades down..not that I mind..I lazed around a lot and did some shopping too!
Water is the element for Cancerians!! U do know right?? I can never get bored of watching the waves lash at the rocks and even found a teeny pool where the water was colder and clearer..hauled myself over a rock and dangled my feet..bello and perfetto!Just place a beach hat and sunglasses (And try to look hot)  and sit over a rock : watch as the world passes by :D I can smell the salty air even now..Ruskin Bond Once mentioned:Once u live in the mountains u belong to them no matter what u always come back..they hold ur lyf..I think of the sea as the same..Once u get swept by the beauty and tempestuous nature of the sea u will always come back :D

U guys might have checked out my vacation post and the worst thing was I forgot to carry my Hand Sanitizer.It was a such a pain in the *ahem* to wash my hands everytime...I have a compulsive hand cleansing disorder and I finished my new set of kara wipes :\

1st day: I wore white with red and black polka dots and paired it up with Colorbar Oh My Magenta Lipstick and Just a trace of kajal on my waterline..din't want anything else to clash with the Fuchsia shade ...and I forgot.. Faces Amber Rose on my cheeks ;)

2nd day: Wore a cream (dull) kurti with brown leggings.Makeup wise I wore Revlon Peach lipstick,Faces Amber rose and Lakme Warm copper over my eyes :)

3rd day: Well I wore a rose salwar kameez and applied lakme Kiss of rose blush and Lakme Rose kissed blush..overall a rosy day :P

4th day: Too lazy to roam so plonked on my soft bed and snored endlessly waking in between only for meals :D

5th day: No excuses today so wore black tees and blue jeans and put heavy kohl on lower lash line and Purple eyeliner in thick strokes over the eyes,Faces bronzer with light hands and My favourite MLBB My Mahogany on my lips :D

I had to scratch my head hard to remember these :D So Do drop in ur comments :P

How did ur vacation go??Or are u yet to plan urs??

Here is a pic on wat u r gonna find on my Beloved blog in the next few days ;)

Love u all!

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