Monday, 13 June 2011

TOP 5 SONGS OF LAST WEEK...Little late :P

First of all I must say sorry for posting this today wen am supposed to have done it on Saturday:| The reason is I got damn Sick :( So without much ado lets get to business ;)

Ok Starting from the last to the first song that I had a blast listening to they are:

5.Hale Dil from the movie Murder 2:
A soft rendition by Harshit Saxena with beats to its invigorating combo I like :D

4.JLo On the Floor pitbull feat:
I was never a fan of Jlo's singing skills till I listened  to this...She is amazing in this even thou mostly it consists of lalalala ...

3.Luv Ka The End from the movie Luv Ka The End :
Its not new par the tempo gets to me and i get excited(just too much) :P

2.Humko Pyar hua from the movie Ready:
The second best one!Both K.K. and Tulsi Kumar have totally rocked this song :) A breezy just falling in love song:)

Drum rolls...:P

1.Fireflies by Owl City :
This is the best song of my week :D Mostly The most beautiful sngs are the sadder ones but this one brings out a cheerful and optimistic me!I don't know whether it is the lyrics or the music or the guy's voice :)So the CUP goes to tis one of course :D

Songs that Almost made it:
1.Heartbeat Indian remix by Enrique :* :* and Sunidhi Chauhan
2.Hold it against me by Britney spears.
3.Falak Tak from Tashan 

The Best New Song is


Sallu is back with his quirky steps :P

The Award for the TIMELESS CLASSIC:

Aaye ho mere zindagi mein-the male version sung by Udit Narayanan ;)

That's it sweetz...Do share wit me the songs u loved listening to last week

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