Monday, 3 October 2011

Lipstick Love : StreetWear Color Riche lipcolor in Pink Satin

So long!!! I am just gonna do a short review on the pink satin lippie from the streetwear color riche lip color range. This was a random purchase as I had only 150 bucks at hand so I just moved to the streetwear counter and asked for lipsticks. The SA showed me lippies from the 220/- range. Then I remembered reading a review of the lipsticks from a lower range on IMBB.Now, the SA showed me some 4/5 colors and this was the only color that felt wearable to me! So Now I have the Pink satin!

1. Low budget lippie
2. The color is very intense.
3. U can vary the intensity to suit all skin tones.
4. Doesn’t dry lips.

1. The packaging is very cheap...Expected for this price
2. The color bleeds.

3. U must keep it in the refrigerator as it tends to melt.
4. Only few colors to choose from and most are very dark.

:D :D and half :D 

U can try this for the intense color otherwise skip it !!


  1. Hi Shweta, I know I promised to do the faces eye liner review, but my eye had been reacting badly to some infection for a couple of weeks now. I only got a chance to use the liner twice. After that I didn't want to risk it incase the pencil gets infected also. I'll give you a mini review here - it's a super creamy pencil - no dragging. It just glides. It's very pigmented & 1 swipe is enough. Actually brown pencils don't show easily on my eye, but with this pencil no such issue. It lasts all day without budging. But I have only used it on the upper lash line not the lower. Only problem is removing it. It doesn't come off easily - have to wipe off several times, which I don't like at all. I'll put up swatches for you this week or maybe email them to you. I like this so much that I'm planning on getting the purple & sparkly black shade.

  2. I also got one of these streetwear lipsticks this week. Not this shade, but a lighter pink. It had looked pretty pigmented in the swatch, but looks very light when I use it - almost a nude. So disappointing!

  3. Hey shweta, thanks for following me.
    You have dry skin and that's why you can's use face packs or blushes? anywyas...
    homemade face packs are always always better than any face pack in the world. But you can go for:
    - Aroma Magic Glossy Pack (It's green colored mud pack types but isn't and so gorgeous for removing tans, blemishes and hydrating. you' won't feel dryness at all. take my word.)

    - Aroma Magic Oxy Pack (so good in hydrating the skin. a clear gel mask, cool on skin and not drying at all)

    - Blushes - you already know about it but I'd mention go for cream blushes. I have oily skin, but I like cream blushes over powder ones. I am still in love with Maybelling Dream Mousse soft plum. my staple.

    Hop I helped you somehow.

    Love the layout of your blog.


  4. nice shade,.......... like this... soon buy it..

  5. nice shade............. soon buy..

  6. @Poohkie:Thank u so much for typing this out for me :)U r such a sweetheart <3 <3
    So bad u gt eye infection :( Get WELL SOON :D Tc :)
    Ohh tats very sweet of u :) No problem..can wait till u get well:) DOn't strain :)

  7. Ohh Which shade..I want a nude pink color :D Tell me tell me :)

  8. @Shoppingaholic:Hi :) Thanks for the lead :D Will try the glossy one :)
    Yea Am gonna get the NYX cream ones :)
    Thanks:D tats really sweet of u :)

  9. @Ani: Yes U will like for sure :)

  10. It's called Champagne Pink (no.22) & it's nice, but odd. I got a chance to try it out in the shop coz the SA opened a new tester for me. And it looked like a very natural brownish pink. But at home it looks nude. It's not a lighting issue, so I don't know what the prob is. In any case, it's a nice colour.

  11. @Bhumi: Yes but too loud for me :|

    Poohkie: Oh I will try it next tym :D Thankies :)

  12. Hehe. Nice and sexy and cheap also. :) Try the red one in this. I like it. It is Cherry Red. Loud but hot

    Good blog!



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