Friday, 17 January 2014

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Bronze Orange Review and Swatches!

Every time I review a lip product I gasp at the fact that I own so many lipsticks and glosses. There was a time when I had only 5/6 lipsticks and a gloss. Only1 gloss! Freakingly low count :P Now my mom says I could make a shop with my collection. True that but I would hate parting with them ;)

I know this is winter time and u gals would be eagerly filling ur lips with plums and berries. Since these shades look severe on me I still do orange mouth :)

Dry pout with a fetish for wearable oranges? Bronze orange shade from the Maybelline Moisture extreme range will be ur HG I assure :)

The Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipsticks come in the same drab orangy case which is sturdy and travel friendly. 

The shade Bronze Orange is a peachy orange that will beautifully set off the warmth of Indian skin. It has a creamy finish and no shimmers. The name is misleading. 

The pigmentation is great. All I need is a single swipe. Pigmented lips will find no issues with this shade. 

As mentioned, the lipstick is very creamy and feels like butter on application. Does not enhance fine lines and makes lips look plump and luscious :) But since it is creamy, U need to keep it in the fridge to avoid melting mishaps.

I read in some blogs that the lipsticks tended to attract fungus but I own Coral Pink and Buff from the range and did not face such issues.

The lasting power is less hardly 2 hours (due to it being creamy). 

Will bleed under humid conditions.


One of the must haves in the vanity cases of the makeup inclined :) And no I am not getting paid by Maybelline for raving. I like social service :P

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lakme Eyeconic kajal in Brown Review and Swatches !

I love wearing browns. Brown on the eyes and orange on the lips works so well on my warm yellow skin. Does not matter that the orange starts looking like hot pink on my lips within few minutes of application.Weird? Exactly. I should get one of those brown rainbow eyeshadow refill from Inglot. I already own few brown eye liners. But few does not cut it u know ;) So I had to get the Lakme eyeconic color kajal in Brown.

The Eyeconic kajal in Brown comes in the same packaging as that of the normal Lakme Eyeconic kajal. Same black/blue packaging but instead of Lakme written in the bottom, we have the color written. Brown in this case. Practical packaging and travel friendly. Nothing fancy.

Priced at Rs. 250 while the black one retails for Rs.200. Still works cheaper than other brands or Lakme Absolute range.

The shade is deep chocolate brown with slight hints of black. Not a blackened brown though, If u get wat I mean.

Totally matte and works great for office wear. If u shy away from deep blacks then u must try this. Subtle yet defines the eyes beautifully :)

Is smooth and creamy. Does not break though and glides like butter over the eyes. I used it on my waterline and it did not sting my eyes.

The pigmentation is good. If u have really pigmented lids, it might not show up. Brown is like that sigh! But nothing a concealer can't fix :)

Lasts for 7-8 hours on my waterline and nearly 10 hrs on my upper lash line with slight fading. I did not find it smudging but I got dry eyes and kajals hardly smudge on me.

The kajal is waterproof and smudge proof. Once it sets, does not budge instead fades to non existence :P But no kohled eyes work better than panda eyes any day.


I love my Maybelline Swirl Gel Liner in Brown but this pencil liner is easier to use and budget friendly.  I will definitely re purchase this liner when it gets over which it will as it has become my everyday staple.

P.s. : Watch this space for the review of the blue shade from the range. Another pretty one :)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

L'oreal Kajal Magigue Review and Swatches!

Did u watch Sex and City 2 ? The scene where Sarah Jessica Parker wears kohl before rushing to meet her ex-flame ? That was the only moment I hated Kohl on a woman.But, I sighed at the intensity of the kajal that could save me minutes of office makeup. L'oreal launced the Kajal Magigue and here is for you to decide if it is the one ;)

L'oreal kajal magigue is a plastic twist up-down pencil. It has a black body with a pink rim at the middle. For reasons unknown I find the packaging a lil tacky. Comes with the price tag of Rs.245/-.

The kajal feels soft and creamy but not soft as attitude kajal which literally melts. Does not tug and glides smoothly over the waterline/upper lashline.

The shade is black (wat else?) but not jet black. The pigmentation is okayish types and needs to be built up. After several swipes I do get the intensity I want but I seriously wish L'oreal concentrated more on the pigmentation front. And thank god for the color is pure black and not greyish black like Lakme.

Does not feel heavy on the eyes or irritate the eyes.

I apply several swipes and it lasts throughout the day like 10-11 hours on my waterline (AC/non AC). But do remember I use several swipes so that the kohl does not fade on me.

The kajal is definitely waterproof  and smudgeproof. It takes a few seconds to set after which it hardly smudges even after washing my face. I can remove it only with oil.


If u do not prefer harsh black lines on ur eyes or mind spending a few extra seconds to build up ur kajal intensity then this is a good choice for the price range.

Would give it 3.5 out of 5.(-1 for the pigmentation and -.5 for the packaging)

Disclaimer : Product Sent by Brand for Consideration. My opinions are honest swear to God ;)

P.s: I am still lusting over Lakme Absolute Kohl :D and the L'oreal Million volume lashes mascara. Some1 plz convince me to get them :P

Monday, 6 January 2014

Revlon Colorburst Lip gloss in Strawberry Fraise Review and Swatches!

I love strawberries in all forms but Ice cream. If I have ice cream which is rare, it would Chocolate with Choco syrup and Choco chip sprinkles ;)

So when Revlon launched the Colorburst lip glosses, the Strawberry shade walked into my wishlist. And since I was mostly broke I totally forgot about this shade. Recently when I was in H & G and checking for the availability of Mirrored mauve shade from Maybelline for the hundredth time, I swatched this and fell in love :) 

The Revlon Colorburst lip gloss comes in a long transparent tube with quilted black cap.

The applicator is doe foot type. The application does not come out even on the lips and I smudge and even out with my fingers every time.

Priced at Rs. 500 for 5.9 ml. Yup hiked prices ;)

The gloss is a juicy pink shade with silver shimmers that do not look stark but give a sparkly look to the lips. The lip gloss does not work as office wear for me. More of a casual wear.

If there was a creamy lipstick version of this shade minus the sparkles I doubt it would ever be In Stock ;)

The gloss has a slightly sticky texture and the shimmers are a tad gritty but nothing majorly bothersome.

Pigmentation is good. It can cover medium pigmentation in a single coat.

The gloss moisturizes my lips as long as it lasts. Well most glosses do that. 

The shade lasts for max 3 hours and does not leave any stain.

Will not wash any skin color but can look too bright on very fair skin. If u r fair skinned and love bright shades, u will love this lady :)

A pretty pink lip gloss that is good for the price it retails for :) Revlon Colorburst lip glosses are simply a class apart !

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 6 Review and Swatches and a Happy New Year !

2013 was great in terms of makeup but not so with my blogging job :) And honestly I did not miss blogging. I did feel guilty but nothing to nudge me into blogging again. I have no idea how my passion for beauty blogging waned. I am trying to resurrect it.So My new year resolution is to do a minimum of 2 posts a week :P 

To keep up I am going to review the Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 6.

The Lip polish is priced at Rs. 450/- for 5 ml and comes in a queer tube that has a lipstick bullet like packaging. But in real it is a lipgloss when u screw open the silver cap. 

U can check out the Maybelline Lip Polish Page by clicking on the below link:

What pisses me off the most in makeup products other than frosty shimmers in lipsticks? Number system instead of names. How are we less mortals supposed to remember the numbers of lipsticks and blushes?

Glam 6 is a deep dark grape shade and I am calling it *Grape Squash*. I think that sounds better dontcha gals ;) If  black grapes could stain my lips it would this exact shade. Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Grape would come close.

The applicator has a petal like (?) shape to it that deposits color evenly. But then, it is too big for my lips and the color smears outside my lips during application :(

The lip polish has a creamy texture and no shimmery surprise :) On application, it gives the glossiest finish and opaque coverage ( I am nt sure about the other shades though)I have ever obtained from a lip gloss. Lips do look fuller and smoother.

Sits comfortably on the lips and is not sticky. Feels light weight and doe not bleed despite being
 creamy. Lip gloss, Lipstick and Lip balm in a tube ? I tend to agree with Maybelline on this :)

Lasts for 3.5-4 hrs max on me while the glossiness vanishes after 1 hour. After meals it leaves behind a subtle pink stain.

This is a wintery shade that will not wash out any skin color. Plus if u have been lusting after Katy Perry's lip color from her Unconditionally video, then grab this :)

Verdict :

I would pick the Lip Polishes and the Cheek Glow blushes as the best of Maybelline from 2013 :) 

Wishing u gals a very Happy New Year :) 

 Disclaimer : Product Sent by Brand for Consideration. But My opinions are honest swear to God ;)

Thursday, 2 January 2014

L'oreal Paris Launches Kajal Magique!


 L'oreal Paris has launched Kajal Magigue – the first ever Kajal from the brand. 

           And this is what they have to say :

What is so different about Kajal Magique?
Kajal Magique is supremely black & gives your eyes the extraordinary care it deserves. It is powered with a new generation formula and mineral pigments for a deep intense colour. It's Precise. It's Intense. It's Bold. 

You can speak volumes with your eyes and the best way to highlight them is with the ever-favorite kajal. L'Oréal Paris, the world’s #1 beauty brand launches Kajal Magique, its first ever Kajal in India. L'Oréal Paris as a brand is known to create products that match the needs of the contemporary Indian women, and this kajal is the perfect tool to craft gorgeous eye looks. So go bold, smoky, or let creativity take over your eyes. 

L'Oréal Paris Kajal Magique is supremely black and doubles up as a darker-than-night eyeliner. It is powered with a new generation formula and mineral pigments for a deep intense color payoff. Along with providing a great finish, it is also enriched with ingredients like Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil Esters and Vitamin C Derivative, which provide extraordinary care and a soothing feeling to the eyes. Since it is ophthalmologically tested, it is safe and suitable for contact lens wearers. Designed to last for up to 12 hours, Kajal Magique is smudge proof, waterproof and non-transferable. 

Disclaimer : Press Release 


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