Friday, 23 December 2011

MOTD !!!

I was feeling down today cuz of the “3-day” problem and I thot of lifting my spirits thru makeup :D
So I put on Lakme perfecting liquid foundation and patted some concealor (Colorbar stick concealer) over my pimple!
Then I wore a pink shimmer blush (Maybelline Soft Plum) and paired it with my Peach lippie (Revlon Colorburst Peach) and topped it with a peach gloss (NYX Peach 13).
Lined my upper lashline with Maybelline gel liner and Elle18 Blue Blast liner on the lower lashline,curled my lashes with Vega Lash curler and finished with Amway Attitude Mascara :D 

And am wearing the Lakme true wear nailpolish N23 on my nails :D

What did u beauties wear today?? :)

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Christmas Haul !!

Sorry for the delay in the post! This tym it wasn’t my laziness but the memory card which got corrupted :( It’s a long story :P

Now for the haul, I got 2 lipsticks :
·       Lakme lip love in Rose Kissed
·       Revlon Colorburst in Peach

I got the Lakme true wear nail color in N23 free :D

Also I ordered some books from :) Their customer service is laudable ;) Wish other online shopping sites would look up to them :)

 This is my haul in all :) I could have got more stuff at the cost of the 2 lippies but I wanted to possess them :P

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Just saying Hi :P

I went for christmas shopping :P No we don't celebrate Christmas..but I Love Christmas..and wat better to sing jingle bells wit new makeup and books :D I love everything about christmas..the red decorations..the happy cartoons..the snow which they show on tv(obviously it doesn't snow in Chennai :P )..It is a festival of joy :D

I will show u my christmas haul soon ;)

Till then Keep smiling and rock ;)

Pears fresh and gentle Facewash!!

I fell in love with the bluueee crazy about this particular shade :D  It cost me 43 bucks and I got this for my sister.

It is mild and smells so the smell :) and it also has minute exfoliating particles. My sis has normal to oily skin and I have dry and we found it suits both the skin types well!!
Now don’t all these make it a fab facewash???
I am skipping the Pros and Cons part as I am too lazy to type it :P
:D :D :D :D and half :D
U will love it ;)

Monday, 12 December 2011


Today is The Birthday of an Iconic Figure:


He has attained gr8 heights and yet has a Simple personality :) He is Humble and an ardent devotee of Ragavendra and Baba!
He takes vacations in the Himalayas!
 Someone with mayb the greatest fan following all over the world :) People adore and even worship him :) And I am his fan right from my childhood days..his style and inimitable dialog delivery is truly endearing!
An Inspiration to many!

So here is me wishing him 

Friday, 9 December 2011

Review of!!

So I ordered NYX Cream Blush in Tea Rose from :) I had placed the order on Friday:2/12/2011.
They sent a confirmation mail immediately and mentioned they would ship within 4-6 working days(mon-fri).
Then on Sat they mailed me saying they have shipped my order.
They provide free shipping for purchases above Rs.300 !
I expected them to mail me specifying the day I would receive my goods but I didn't receive :|
On tuesday The Bluedart guy called me up and confirmed my address and I received my goods on Wednesday.
I wish they could have called before coming that day.
But I am happy with the packaging :) And since I had ordered for above 500 I got a surprise gift :) It turned out to be a Nail Filer from Faces and priced at Rs.65 :)
The blush was carefully wrapped in a bubble wrap and lots of thermocols were placed over and around the wrap :)

Incidentally I received a mail from them saying that They could not ship due to unclear shipment address :@ a day after I received my goods!
This really irritated me but am overall satisfied with their services :)
They provide discounts on certain products and a variety of brands and products are on display :) 
It is a good shopping option when we are too busy for real time shopping :)

Click HERE to buy products from the site:)

Blush Lust: Maybelline Berry Sorbet Blush review!

Maybelline Expert wear in Berry Sorbet was my first ever blush!
Only 2 colours of this blush are available :
·         Berry Sorbet
·         Apricot Flush
I am reviewing the first shade.
swatched 4 times

swatched twice

The packaging is very flimsy.The brush provided is of no use.It is scratchy and does not help with blending.
It is a light frosty pink shade with silver shimmers.Very frosty!
 Gold shimmers I am ok with but silver??No thanks :(
The pigmentation is low..all I could see after applying it was the shimmers!I had to layer it several times.
But on the brighter side novices cannot go overboard in their intial attempts :)
     It will suit dusky beauties better :)
:D U r better off getting the Apricot flush :) It is pretty warm honey shade and suit most :)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Rekha's Goodies !!

I received Rekha's (Makeup and Beauty Reviews!!) goodies on Sunday :)Was not well so couldn't post about it!

Thank u Rekha :D I loved all d stuff :)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bourjois Khol and Contour-Brun Design review!

I own only lil eye makeup and this is one that I use often since black luks harsh to me sometyms(moody sigh!).I like Bourjois products as they are of great quality and this 1 is not exception ;) but has some minus points.
      I own 2 shades in the Khol and Contour Range: Brun Design and Noir Expert.
     Brun Design is a chocolate brown colour.

It is intense and one swipe(well nt exactly but u get d point ;) ) is enuf to show up even on my ghost eyes.But the less exciting factor is that it is Not Smudge-proof.Like if u accidently touch ur eyes ..uff!But if u manage nt to harm it ,it stays put for long hours :)
       I am pretty ok with this since it is a Khol pencil.Hence,it is totally waterline safe-tried and tested :) 
            I am going to try the FACES eye pencil as Poohkie has raved about it :) It is smudge-proof and waterproof :D Also Need to try the Duochrome range:) Yup..I am always late :P

:D :D :D

Friday, 2 December 2011

Colorbar Nail Laquer-25

I got this for FREE! FREE! FREE! when I got the Colorbar Concealer :D :D
My sister selected the shade 25-Exclusive.

It is a caramel brown colour. It goes on smooth. I used only one coat and it stayed for 2 and half days nearly wit No peeling!!
So which shades u have ?? :) Do u lyk this shade??

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Sunaa of Itz Raining Beauty has passed on the Liebster blog award to My Makeup Thoughts :D

Thank u Sunaa :D I pass this award to:

Zathi of Pink Clouds

Saumya from The Vanity Bag Diaries

Bidisha from Glistening kaleidoscopic eyes

Anks from Novice Makeup

Gauri from Gloss and Magic

Each of these blogs are awesum :D Check them out :)

This award is passed on to the blogs that have less than 200 followers and are deserving for more recognition :)

The rules are simple:
*Mention the blogger who passed on this award
*Pass on the awards to 5 deserving blogs
*Spread word about the Liebster blog award!

Lipstick Love:ColorBar Nectar Lipstick Review and Swatches!

This was my first lipstick .I asked the SA for the Irish rose shade. But she asked me the shade number which I didn’t know.She picked up the nectar shade and told me it would be my perfect MLBB shade.It looked orangish in the misleading shop lights. Someone should invent lights that produce the same effects as day light :| On reaching home,I discovered that it is a dusty pink shade.

I top it with a gloss as it washes me out sometimes.It is creamy and costed me Rs.150.But Colorbar has raised its prices :@
Packaged in a square transparent plastic box.
Has a creamy texture and is well pigmented :)
Finish is glossy and creamy. 
It lasts maximum 3 hrs on me due to its texture and u might need a lipliner underneath.
I skip lip balm with this.
Overall it is a everyday wear pink shade which will suit fair skintones to the T but may wash u out if u possess medium skin tone.

3.2 out of 5  

St.Ives Whipping Silk Lotion Review

As promised here I am with another winter skincare product review :) Let me make this easy for u :I WORSHIP tis LOTION!

It is a thick white lotion but thickness in the right degree :) It is highly moisturising. My dry skin becomes very dry in the winters and shows off white dry patches. So I need a strong moisturiser: something in the line of AM almond lotion.(link) And I got it this after reading a great review :)
It is economical-u get a large quantity: 532 ml for 290 Rs :D :D
And it gets absorbed quickly :)
There are variations in this range.I saw the Vanilla and aloe vera ones in the H & G stores.
But the best part is:

U know by now how much grateful I am to this lotion!!!
Must have for dry skinned sufferers :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

No more Malware ALert :D

I didn't know there was a malware alert wen U gals opened my blog :(:( Indgal of I love shopping brought it to my notice :)Thank u Sweetheart :D :D <3 I wouldn't have known the problem or its root witout tat snapshot :) And now I have made changes and its ok now :)Hope u guys can view my blog now without any problem :)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Maybelline Watershine Liquid Diamonds In Pink Ruby Review!!

Maybelline Watershine range is my fav for Lipglosses.I am now going to review the Pink Ruby from their Liquid Diamonds range which has more shimmers in it.

It is a pretty pink that will suit fair as well as wheatish complexions.On the lips it transforms to a pink with slight red undertones.

1. The shimmers will suit for partywear.
2. Flattering Color.
3. Pocket friendly.
4. The applicator is good for applying the gloss.

1. Doesn’t last on me..Maximum 2 hrs without eating :(
2. I don’t wear for normal outings..too glittery.
3.  After it fades it leaves the shimmers behind..not cool.

:D :D :D out of 5

Try it!Am sure u ill be pleased ;)

P.S. : This is my 50th Post :D :D Thank u all for ur support :)

Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising lotion Review!

I have my exams going on so I am unable to do regular posts but I wanted to share the stuff that Save my skin this winter :)  I am going to review Aroma Magic Almond moisturizing lotion and I will review other products soon :)

It is cream colored and semi liquid..has a slightly thick consistency.I have dry skin which turns out to be very dry in winters...I use Olay in summers but It is not enuf in winters. I tried using cold creams but they made my face oily. That’s when I read a review of this saviour on IMBB.I immediately got this and to say I love it would be less ;) It has a slight medicinal smell but am totally ok with it as it moisturises and nourishes my skin. My skin definitely feels soft and good.
If U have oily skin then mix it with a lil water and apply it otherwise u can use it as it is :) 

Price:130 for 120ml and u require only a little of this lotion :) 

1.       Packaging is hygienic and travel friendly.
2.       An awesome moisturiser.
3.       Will last long.
4.       Try buying the smaller bottle since the longer bottle will take a very long tym to finish and u might get bored of it :P
5.       It is more natural kind of product and it made me develop a respect for d brand
6.       NOT TESTED ON YAY!! for tat :) 

1.       The cap of the bottle is lil tight.
2.       Might be greasy in summers not for me thou :) U can solve it by adding water as I already mentioned.

:* :* :* :* :* :* (Yes :* not :D for this Blossom Kochhar make ;) )

A boon for Dry skinned!!

So guys share ur HG moisturiser for the winter.I would Love to know :)Don forget to drop in ur sweet comments !!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Not My Random Thoughts Anymore!!!Its My Makeup Thoughts... and My Facebook Page!!

Heya :D

Though I started this blog to discuss topics tat endeared to me I realized that I am posting more on skincare and makeup products so I think D tym is right to rename it :

                                    My Makeup Thoughts

And I also changed my blog url :)
Also U can like my Facebook page just by clicking on the  gadget on the right :)
So guys do u lyk d new name ??Do tell me :) :)

Friday, 28 October 2011

Blush Lust:Faces Amber Rose Blush Review and Swatches!!

Another Blush in my collection! Wat else do u expect from me :P I got this for Diwali :) The SA swatched this and It had shimmers in it while I wanted a total matte blush. But the other colours didn’t hook me the way Amber Rose did and I am so glad I got this! It is from the FACES Mineral range. The cost is also higher-Rs.400 and the amount is also less-only 6g.

It is a honey coloured blush and has good amount of golden shimmers in it. But the shimmers are not OTT.They give a healthy glow to the skin. It is a warm sort of colour and It looks gorgeous.
1.  The colour is beautiful. 
2.  The packaging..Hmm not sure but I like the mirror. Handy for touch-ups.I haven’t used the brush.
3. Warms up my face instantly.
4. Very smooth.
5. Pigmentation is well enuf.
1.       400 for 6g is lil pricey.
:D :D :D :D and :D Best Diwali purchase:D
Yes do get it .Dusky beauties might find it as a good bronzer :)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Lipstick Love : Lotus Pure Color Lipstick in Carnation Review and Swatches!

Sorry I have been MIA frequently for some tym. Of course There are valid reasons for it..And I want to share them wit u guys maybe another post ;) After lots of self cajoling :P I am reviewing  Carnation from Lotus Herbals .

It is a coral red color with slight brown undertones.The color is very well pigmented. U can c the intensity of a single swipe in d swatch. The packaging is not good though. And mine was broken when I opened the new packaging. :( Some kind of bad luck hovering around my lippies...they keep breaking. The bullet was sticking to the lid and I had to take it out and fix it on the clasp :|

1. Eclectic Collection of colors.
2. Well pigmented.
3. Pocket friendly.
4. Lotus is a herbal brand..So I expect fewer chemicals in d product.
5. I like this shade...Works out to be a pretty tint :D
6. Not drying.

1. Not travel friendly...not at all :x
2. Doesn’t last long...Somewhere between 2 to 3 hrs.
3. I would not repurchase this...Mayb will try the moist petals range or better moisture extreme has better packaging at the same rate. It is a nightmare to look at ur broken lippies no?? :’(

:D :D :D

If u r a careful person (unlike me!) then try this range for sure :)


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