Friday, 23 December 2011

MOTD !!!

I was feeling down today cuz of the “3-day” problem and I thot of lifting my spirits thru makeup :D
So I put on Lakme perfecting liquid foundation and patted some concealor (Colorbar stick concealer) over my pimple!
Then I wore a pink shimmer blush (Maybelline Soft Plum) and paired it with my Peach lippie (Revlon Colorburst Peach) and topped it with a peach gloss (NYX Peach 13).
Lined my upper lashline with Maybelline gel liner and Elle18 Blue Blast liner on the lower lashline,curled my lashes with Vega Lash curler and finished with Amway Attitude Mascara :D 

And am wearing the Lakme true wear nailpolish N23 on my nails :D

What did u beauties wear today?? :)

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  1. Post a pic of yours! the makeup sounds great :)

  2. yes would love to see your makeup. Btw am wearing no nail paint just applied nail food for nails today.

  3. Lovely post, would love to see your pic too! i want to try the peach shade from revlon soon! :) joined you!

  4. @Vertu and Manya :Sorry I didn't take pics of mine :| Oh nail food??
    Yeah it is selling out fast :)I had to try 2 stores before finding it :)

  5. u have a pretty blog..following u ... :)

  6. Hey gave u a blog award check it out..

  7. I have passed on a Award to your Blog.. Do check it out here

  8. hey i have nominated you for the versatile blogger
    check it out here

  9. Hey really want to see your FOTD!! And I have an award for you on my blog-do check it out!!!!

  10. Cute!




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