Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Back To Basics : Winter Skincare for Dry skin

I just saw a re-reun of Safe starring Jason Statham!He kicks some a**!And the last dialogue by him in tat movie was:"One day at a tym". Now that reminded me how I blog fervently sometyms and then poof short-circuit :P So I am going to do d same :) Focus One post at a tym :)

Moving onto my post, I surmise seasons got confused.They didn't know who was supposed to reign :\
And my skin bore the blunt.It became horribly dry even before the *mild* winter started.Nothing I had worked.So I devised a new routine with basic skincare stuff that cost quarter of the other branded items.

The products that I use for Winter :

  •  Cetaphil cleanser for sensitive skin:I use only this cleanser these days.It cleans my skin without drying it out.Check out my review here .Price:Rs.110/-
  • Dabur Gulabari : I use this rose water for toning.Price:Rs.20/-
  •  Nivea Creme: This is my saviour _/\_ _/\_ I warm it on my fingers and on cleansed face, I massage the thick cream and then doze off.In the morning I get baby soft skin and need only light moisturisers to keep me going.I apply this on my lips too.Price:Rs.39/-
  • Ponds Moisturising cold cream: I don't use this much after getting the Nivea creme.But if u have normal-dry skin this will help u :) Price:Rs.35/-
  • Aroma Magic Almond lotion: I use this for the day.Review here. Price:Rs.130/-
  • Lotus Lip Therapy in Cocoa: My lips are perennially dry.But this one along with the nivea creme keeps my lips hydrated :) Price:Rs.95/- not sure.
  • Maybelline baby lips in Mango Pie: I got this when my lips were super dry.It hydrated my lips but required frequent reapplications.Lotus lip therapy does a better job thou.Price:Rs.150/-
  • Vaseline cocoa glow body lotion: The hot water baths and the melting choco smell with awesome I need to say more??U can check out a mini review here :) Price:Rs.65/- for 100 ml.
I am currently not using any face packs.Any suggestions??

So what r ur winter staples?? :)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Did I haul???Oh yea Baby!!

Call me capricious!Call me whimsical!But it's good to blog now that I have been relieved of my "duties" ;) And I hauled some for diwali and some for my skincare.Here is some insight into my makeup haul :wink: (btw I need to install those set of adorable smileys.even if u guys don't comment I would still have fun incorporating them into my posts :P )

I realised I have been buying more of lipsticks than blushes :O So I hoarded 4 of them...3 from Inglot and 1 from faces.


The blushes are :

  • Inglot no.27 Powder Blush
  • Inglot AMC no.58 Powder Blush
  • Inglot no.32 Powder Blush
  • Faces Powder Blush in Crimson

The skincare stuff :

  • Fab-India Depigmentation cream
  • Vedic Line Sandalwood and Turmeric Moisturizer
  • Maybelline Baby Lips in Mango Pie
I got the Vedic Line Fig and Honey moisturizer free.I also got nivea cream(blue tin) and Ponds cold cream but didn't take their snaps.The nivea cream is awesome :) Will post the Winter skincare by tomo :) And Watermarking is helluva job :(

So which Blush do u want me to review first?? :makeup: :makeup: (invisible smileys :P ) :wink :wink: :P


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