Sunday, 13 May 2012

Amway Attitude Eyeliner Pencil In Kajal-Coal Swatches and Review!


 I am not much of a Kajal fan cuz after few hours they make me look like a racoon and give me dark circles..but still I have tried many brands of kajal like Lakme,Streetwear,Eyetex,Lotus,Bourjois Khol liner,e,t.c I like Lotus Kajal and Eyetex the most!
Eyetex is not very pigmented but holds without smudging for long time while Lotus is more black and I need only a single swipe but smudges after few hours!
Now I wanted a Kajal that can be doubled up as eyeliner too :) So when I am out I need to carry only one pencil and a lipbalm to luk presentable!
Now enters the Amway Attitude eyeliner pencil in Kajal Coal...tadatada.rampampam :P

  • It is so smooth..just glides on!Colossal kajal doesn't give that feeling to me :(
  • Is very pigmented.. I wont call it jet black but it is damn black :)
  • The packaging is similiar to that of the bourjois Khol and Contour rangebut the tip of the kajal luks like that of the Faces eyeliner.
  • Stayed on my waterline for 6 hours without smudging :) 
  • Can be used both on waterline and top of the eye :)
  • Pencil liners are hassle free..u can apply them faster
  • The tip is right for drawing thin lines and u can use lakme sharpener!It doesn't get used up much thou :)
  • I would call it water resistant rather than water proof...
  • Doesn't sting my eyes..Lakme one does!
  • Costs 280/- not cheap but it will last long!I have atlast found my HG eyeliner/kajal ;)
  • I have put up swatches comparing it with sum other kajals that I own..forgot to swatch the Lakme one thou.

From L-R:Eyetex kajal,Lotus,Bourjois Noir Expert Khol Liner,Attitude Kajal:all swiped once!

As u can see Attitude kajal is nearly as dark as the 72 Noir expert which is probably the darkest Khol I have used!But tha latter smudges a lot :( 

So get this one and u wouldn't be disappointed ;)

P.S :Yes I put that earring to make u guys go J ;) So wat r u waiting for??Please go green and pleasure me :D


  1. totally J !! the pics are looking so nice :) But the swatches don't look that black !

  2. No, i wont tell and make u happy by sayin my super J. Attitude pencil is so gud, i never knew. I will order one soon..

  3. :P Thanks :) Sorry abt tat :) this was d best I could get under the light...But it is very black :) Will post a better pic tomo :)

  4. Hehehe :P U just did :D Yeah do tat :)

  5. nice review I shud get this
    tru the colossal stays put w/o smudging well but doesn't gimmie the gliding feeling like how a kajal should behave
    loved the post

  6. Thank u Vish :) means a lot :)

  7. hi....nice review.
    I am liking it every much..will order it today only

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