Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mineral Glow Scrub By Aroma Magic Skincare Review!

U must have seen this in my skincare haul post I did sometime back :)
And as always forgot to review this one and the Amway Attitude face wash :P

So here goes my review:

  • It costs 80 rupees for the smaller tube.
  • It has a turmeric smell associated with it and has a yellowish green tint to it!

  • It is not very gentle and definitely won't suit sensitive skin.
  • Unlike normal scrubs where u wash it off after 2 mins,u are supposed to keep this scrub on ur face for 10 mins and it gives a light tingling sensation.
  • And it WORKS!!It makes my skin smooth and glowing which lasts throughout the day :) It is a great product for summers and oily skin ;) 
  • A pea sized amount is enuf for my face and another for my neck so this one is worth the price.
  • But people who are allergic to turmeric do stay Away!!
  • I use this scrub Once a week to clear up the dead skin cells and accumulated dirt..eeeeeekkkk!
  • It evens reduces the effect of tan to some level and also helps with blackheads..I have this blackhead problem at the tip of my nose and this scrub helps me keep them at bay :)
  • So I am definitely going to repurchase this :D
Yes sure but not for people with Sensitive Skin !

:D :D :D and half :D

P.S.: I have changed the blog address to mymakeupandrandomthoughts.blogspot.com :)


  1. I am getting this once my nature co. coffee scrub gets over :)

  2. How is the Coffee scrub Sukanya :)



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