Saturday, 14 May 2011

Biotique Pistachio face pack review

I like pampering myself ...sitting on a push back chair sipping on some juice letting my hair loose enjoying the breeze and having a face pack on my face...err u cant sip ur juice then but just saying..I am a fan of face packs.They make your dull skin glow and brighten up :) atleast for some tym before the glow fades away :| It is all worth it.So here am going to do a review on the mentioned facepack.

This is what the site says:
 Bio Pista Pistachio -Nourishing and Revitalising Face Pack
A skin treatment used by ancient Queens. The goodness of Almond, Pistachio, Saffron and Lentils nourishes the skin while making it fairer and smoother. Can be used every day. A nourishing and revitalising mask for even the most sensitive skin. This efficient formula revitalizes your skin and provides all the nutrients it needs. Your skin immediately recovers its superb comfortable feeling.

The pack comes in a green tub customary with the biotique products.This is a pista green color pack.It is sluggish and very soft and an easy to apply one.Here is the swatch:

>> It is very moisturising.It is my HG face pack in winters!!
>>My skin does not break out.              
>>Gets absorbed in the skin easily.
>>It smells of pista
>>Does not brighten up my skin.:(
>>It is in a tub which is unhygienic since i would have to  dip my fingers everytime.
>>I feel if it is used everyday as mentioned it might cause greasiness and pimples in summer.
>>Since It contains Pistachio I expected better results...sigh 

I would recommend this to people with SUPER DRY skin even in summers :)You would love the moisturization.

:d :D :d  for the moisturization

Do you guys know any face pack that gives a lasting glow??


  1. Good review shwetha... for me too biotique porducts fail.. you can try fabindia coral glow face pack.. reading rave reviews about it.. I din't get it near my branch.. you can try in besant nagar branch :)

  2. yea i did read abt it too :) u tried the tnagar branch? thanks will get it next tym i visit besant nagar :)

  3. yes.. they have very less skin care products.. I went there to get aloe vera shampoo and conditioner, but only shampoo was available. No other face creams was available..

  4. bad.:| i ill definitely check out the besant nagar one:)thanks for the tip gal :)

  5. I bought this mask online recently and I tried it today. Fun part was the color of the mask lol. But yes, it is moisturizing for sure. I might try this daily to see what the result be like :).

  6. You can try.. Jooves Face pack - Enzymes of Soya protein.. It gives an instant glow..

  7. Oh yea the color is bit diff :) and it is a gud moisturiser :)

    Oh I have given up on facepacks..I use homemade ones now :)

  8. @shweta...try aromamagic chocolate face pack :) its really on my third tub now :-*



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