Friday, 20 May 2011


My Skin sometimes behaves weirdly and tat too the Chennai summer makes it frequent :( I used to have a Normal skin type but now I have a weird Combination type by which I mean suddenly It becomes dry and suddenly oily.So the safest bet for me is to use a creme that doesn't make my skin oily or a gel that is moisturizing enuf.But the former is nearly impossible so I chose this aloe gel from lotus :) And I love this product to bits :D

This is what the website claims:

Re hydrates skin and enhances its moisture retention capacity.This special formula gets quickly absorbed in the skin. 


It is a yellowish gel with thick consistency.It comes in a bottle with a pump which is very fitting for getting the gel out:) Also only a little amount of gel is required.So works well for me:)

>>Even though It is a gel it does not dry out my skin.
>> Doesn't make my skin oily..nt even a teeny weeny bit <3
>>The product is cost effective
>>Due to the gel like consistency it gets absorbed fast like within seconds.very useful for me during the college mornings:D
>>Gives a healthy glow to my skin
>>Didn't break me out
>>Hygienic since it has the pump dispenser
>>Feels very light..a boon for the Chennai summer:D

>>Dont knw if it is my bottle alone but the cap is a little loose..

No other con for this super cool product :D

I would definitely recommend this to all combination skin Beauties but the dry skined ones this may not be for u...

:D :D :D :D and half :D

So whats ur opinion guys??


  1. i had friends who used this and loved it.. this however dries my skin out! :| oh and I have other lotus pump dispensing bottles and the caps of ALL those bottles are loose. So I guess its just the design. :|:|:P

  2. hey sweets, I got this too. I am using it for two days and I have normal to dry skin. It is working for me great. I am loving it because it does make me sweat. that is not the case with other moisturizers. May be it won't work in winters. Well according to me, Chennai doesn't have winter so it is a great product for me all around the year..

  3. @Ik:ohh ur skin is too dry??lol :P hope they make improvements on the design :)
    @Indgal:Yeah it doesnt make me sweat 2 :) u cant def use tis in tis winter..Its aroma magic almond lotion for me :D

  4. hmm.. I think I will get their almond lotion after this gets over...

  5. hey tats for dry skin and oly for chennai winters i mean for dec and jan..otherwise ill make ur skin oily..

  6. mine gets dry during winters.. I will try it during winters...

  7. yeah pretty dry not very. its normal to dry but this dries me out!

  8. hey love it too....have reviewed it on my blog as well check it out....
    also have been tryig to follow your blog through gfc,but cant do so....

  9. Oh sure Shivani :d
    ohh..might be sum stupid prob..ill check;)



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