Sunday, 31 July 2011

Blush Lust : Colorbar Cosmic Rose Blush review and Swatches!

I am crazy about blushes as I already Mentioned :D So here comes a review of another blush from Colorbar: Cosmic Rose.And people who are lazy to read this review...This is my Current fav ...I love tis one out of all my blushes :* :* :D  Now for the actual review :) 

Cosmic rose is a dirty rose color in the dabba.The packaging is tacky with a mirror at the bottom along with a blush :)The blush transforms to a matte Rose color on my cheeks that spells Natural ;) The price of this cutie pie is 250 bucks :D The other shades include Fuschia,Plum brown, Peachy Pink, Just Earth.I am in madly love with tis particular shade as I can’t wear shimmer blushes for normal days. It brightens my dull face (Along with Ponds Tm which is a wonder product :D)




  • 1.  Matte Rose color which looks so natural and gives a "blushing from within" effect on me.
  • 2.       Price is pretty reasonable.
  • 3.       Awesome for daily wear.
  • 4.       You get a lot of product...6g.
  • 5.       Pigmentation is good.
  • 6.       Suits oily skin well...doesn’t emphasize pores.
  • 7.       Will suit fair skin tones. 

1.This might not show up on medium skintones.
2. Pigmentation is not much to talk about ;)
Colorbar has pretty shades at a decent price :) U might wanna check them out :)

:) :) :) :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Volley Of Awards :D

Hey sorry for being late in the reception of awards :| These days I feel dull and depressed due to various reasons.But Am really happy to receive these awards :D I received my first blog award from Gauri from Gloss and Magic :The butterfly award :D Thank u for remembering me :)She has a cute blog :D

Also Indu of I love Shopping has passed on 5 (!!!! jumping :D) awards :D Thank u so much for them swthrt :) 

Do visit her lovely blog :D

Now the usual rules :)
1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions. 
3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.

7 Random things abt me :
**I find it difficult to move on from past**
**Love watching SHinchan **
**I like watching romantic comedies **
**I plan not to marry **
**I am crazy abt chocos and icecreams**
**I hate Pasta and Noodles**
**I love spending time alone**

Name your favorite colors:Midnight blue,azure,black and white :)
Name your favorite song: Never gone from BB 
Name your favorite dessert: Faluda ...mmm hungry 
What pisses you off: Am short tempered but usually lying and bitching ;)
When you're upset you: Talk with my best fnd and listen to slow music
Your favorite pet: I don have but would love to own a pug :D
Black or white:Black
Your biggest fear:Losing my fnd 
Best feature: No idea :P I don't think I have a best feature :D
Everyday Attitude: Its either oh god..wish it was sunday or am gng to see my fnd :D
What is perfection: Being Comfortable wit urself :)
Guilty pleasure: Wat Else...Makeup :P

Now I would like to pass on these 5 awards to my fellow bloggers listed in no partcular order :) :)

Kimi from Beauty Diaries
Shivani from Shivani's makeup blog
Rakshanda from Chamber of Beauty
Ginger from GingerSnaps
Gauri from Gloss and magic
Bhumika from New love

 And others whose blogs I follow :)

Each and every blog is beautiful do check them out :)

Friday, 22 July 2011


Tis is just a random post guys :D I am 1 super lazy person and hence I don't get time in the mornings to get all dolled up :P So I have not more than 5 mins to get ready.If I get 2 mins more I just utilize to apply mascara :)But most of my classmates and other ppl who I come across too wear eyeliners.Its just a personal choice.And if given the choice between the Eyeliner and Mascara I would definitely go with mascara as I have tiny eyes :D It just opens my eyes and makes me look brighter :) I do like eyeliners  (courtesy:maybelline eyestudio gel liner:P) but its not a staple product for me.So am just Curious to know which 1 of the 2 will be ur choice in limited tyms :D Do drop in ur choices for fun :)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My Summer Besties :)

Indu from I love Shopping has tagged me for doing my summer besties tag:)So here goes the ultra long list of stuff tat I use :D

Ponds tinted moisturiser

Aroma Magic under eye gel

Himalaya Toner

Lotus Aloehydra Gel

L-R: Lotus Jojoba Oil,Amway Attitude face wash,Lakme Citrus  Blast

Dove Silk Glow  Body Lotion

Dove Grapefruit  body deo

Everyuth Ultra Mild Scrub

Lotus Chocolate Lip Therapy 

Photoban-30 Sunscreen

I tag the following Beauties to do this post:
Gauri from Gloss and Magic
Bhumika from New Love

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Blush Lust : Maybelline Soft Plum Dream Mousse Blush Review

OK here comes another maybelline :P am a huge fan of the brand :D I love Blushes the most of all :) they give such a nice glow and add confidence :) I still haven't found a word to describe my love for them :P I can stop buying lippies and eyemakeup but never blushes :D But i prefer matte ones and those with very few shimmer :)and Cream and liquid over powder.But since I cant lay hands on liquid blushes as of nw am gng to be satisfied with cream ones :|  And Maybelline has the dream mousse blush in peach satin and soft plum :) I have both but today am gng to review the soft plum wala...

It comes in a tiny glass tub and has an obvious shimmer to it.It gives u rosy cheeks (there I go again :P am obsessed with roses :D). The shimmer though is much noticeable in the jar it doesn't luk OTT and gives a nice healthy glow... I like :D 

swiped twice

swiped once  

I hope u can see the actual rose color of the blush :)

1.Cream blush :D
2. Gives natural looking rosy glow 
3.Is pretty cheap
4.Shimmer is nt OTT.
5.A single swipe is enuf for a cheek.


1.Lasting tym is les...barely 2 hours 
2.Oily skinned must be careful with this 1.
3.The tub is cute but unhygienic.
4.Wish more shades were made available here :(
5.Maybelline tests on animals :@ :( 


:D :D :D and half 

So did u guys try this one ??Do drop in ur comments..its a pleasure to see them :)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Lipstick Love: Maybelline Pink Petal review !

I got this for my friends marriage 2 momths bak but never wore to it :| stupid me(coward :( ) But I really love tis light pink color :D So i just thot of reviewing it :) 

MAybelline Pink petal is from the ColorSensational range and belongs to the Pink family.

swapped only once

As u can see it is a light pink color which looks makes ur lips almost luk lyk rose :P OK a little overboard but still a must have color according to me.will suit fairer tones better...just my personal opinion..It is a wearable shade for everyday use :) and This is my favourite though I don't wear lippies :D or till I get my hands on My Mahogany..sigh..I know damn late..but better late than never :P gonna get it this weekend :D 

1.Beautiful color :d
2.moisturizing...does not dry up my lips.
3.Staying power is good like it lasts for more than 4 hours on my lips and whn it goes..leaves a tint behind..which luks ekdam natural :)
4.awsum product for a price of 300 bucks :D Doesn't burn a hole in my pocket...a hit with college goers :)

1.Its nt really a con but any lippie tends to feather out of my lips :( :( poor me :( 
No other con and i want all the lippies from this not possible :P

:D :D :D :D 

I would definitely recommend this to ones who needs a light pink wala color on their lips :) hell who doesn't :P But the darker toned beauties do check how it luks on u before getting this cutie :)

Monday, 11 July 2011


Sorry for not being regular in too lazy :P but a certain person kicked moi ass and made me do tis post :P

I was more of a skincare freak but now thanks to the numerous beauty blogs am in love wit the M :D
I got the Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in Coral Pink under Ankita's reco :) And it is a beautiful color :)

Without flash

With Flash

It is a beautiful coral pink that looks natural and gives a pop of color to my face :D  It is a gorgeous pink color and I love tis 1 a lot :)

  • The color will suit most skin tones.
  • Very moisturizing
  • Costs 200 bucks..gud for the price 
  • Well pigmented 
  • Staying power is less...2 to 3 hours.
  • Tends to feather out..I need to use a lip liner.
Have u tried this shade from the moisture extreme range??I Love reading ur comments so don't forget to drop them :)
More reviews coming up :) :)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Hey guys
                Ankita of Corallista Makeup Blog is hosting a super giveaway consistimg of MAC,Avon and Bourjois goodies :) :)

Click on the following link to enter it :)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

CALI's International giveaway !!

Hi guys
           Kimi of Beauty diaries is holding an international giveaway -a great opportunity to win Oriflame goodies :D

Here is the link:

The giveaway ends on August 28,2011 :)


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