Friday, 22 July 2011


Tis is just a random post guys :D I am 1 super lazy person and hence I don't get time in the mornings to get all dolled up :P So I have not more than 5 mins to get ready.If I get 2 mins more I just utilize to apply mascara :)But most of my classmates and other ppl who I come across too wear eyeliners.Its just a personal choice.And if given the choice between the Eyeliner and Mascara I would definitely go with mascara as I have tiny eyes :D It just opens my eyes and makes me look brighter :) I do like eyeliners  (courtesy:maybelline eyestudio gel liner:P) but its not a staple product for me.So am just Curious to know which 1 of the 2 will be ur choice in limited tyms :D Do drop in ur choices for fun :)


  1. I so go with you swetha... Right now with a kid around I don find any time for getting dolled up. For me when I go out, for me mascara and lipsticks are must. i don't bother about other things.. So mascara is a must than eyeliner...

  2. I love both cos both are essential for me :D But eyeliner will be an even better choice :D

  3. I like both and can do without neither!! :( :(

  4. @Ind: :D which lippie is ur current fav??

    @ Rakshanda:ohh u gt big beeautiful eyes :D

    @Nivedita::P :P mayb u aren't lazy as me :D

  5. hi check my blog.. given your some awards

  6. If I had 5 minutes I'd just wear mascara too.. Because Eyeliner takes me sometime to apply properly. If its not proper, I'll have to remove it and redo it and all that fuss! So mascara and if I can use kajal, I will! :D



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