Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Favourite Youtube Gurus!

  • Gossmakeupartist : Wayne Goss is a fab makeup artist from UK. Someone once mentioned :"U r not a makeup artist!U r an encyclopedia!" and I agree totally.He is like the Shahrukh Khan of makeup :D The tips and tricks he dishes out nonchalantly is his prime USP! He looks gorgeous and the wink he does after d end of every video hits u in the heart ;) Some of  my fav tutorials :


  • Lisa Eldridge : Another makeup guru from UK.Her videos are HD and she provides excellent details on every aspect of makeup.She has worked with top models and magazines.She has her signature line in No.7 brand and is also associated with Chanel.Some of my favourite videos :

  • Panacea81: Her real name is Lauren luke.She has her signature line in Sephora and has released a book "Looks by Lauren Luke". She has been featured in a BBC Documentary and even has a video on Don't Cover It Up Campaign against domestic abuse.I like her because she is very down to earth and does a great job of celeb inspired tutes :)

  • Miss Jessica Harlow: She is fresh and confident.She is proud of her curves and I love her attitude.There is something about her that makes me watch her every time.I forgot to mention she is stylish and classy :) 

  •  Diamonds and heels: Her real name is Cassandra bankson.She is chirpy and does not put on any airs :) Her makeup videos are fab and she puts on several videos on dealing with acne.She has been featured on Good morning America and indulges in modelling too.

  •  Bubzbeauty : Oh gawd! how did I forget her??? :O She is my favorite after Lisa Eldridge :) Her voice is super calming and her tutes are simple :) She gives lots of advice on life and skincare! very sweet and cute :)

I have more favorites like Julieg,Makeupby eman,Dulcecandy but I got lazy so am not posting about them here :P

And How can we forget our desi guru Deeptima ?? ;)

 I don't know much about her but she is amazing :) Looks very pretty :)

And Suma :)

She is very sweet and crazy about makeup and TBS :) Hey eye makeup is seriously wow :) u can check out her blog : Isimplylovemakeup :)

And Bidisha :)

She is sexy :D and has beautiful eyes :) Does superb eye makeup :) Her blog : Glistening Kaleidoscope

Update: * I can't believe I forgot Makeupgeek  :O Makeupgeek is an inspiration for her amazin weight loss transformation plus she used to be a music teacher and she has own line of cosmetics MUG :) 

P.S: If the videos don't show up, U need adobe flash player :) 
Source: Youtube

Friday, 28 December 2012

Skincare: Auravedic Pure Aloe Vera Gel Review!

Aloe vera is one of nature's wonder product!
Have acne??
Need moisturization?
Dry hair/split ends?
Dull skin??
 Get rid of them with aloe vera :)

Click on this link to read my review on Lotus aloe vera gel : Lotus aloehydra aloe vera gel review
I have aloe vera plant at home.But as u can deduce from my irregularity of posts at the blog that I own a lazy soul.My lotus gel got over too. So when Auravedic contacted me to test and review this product I agreed :)

  • The packaging consists of a heavy plastic jar with a screw on lid and an additional sheet to prevent soiling of the gel.
  • It is exactly same as that of the Fab India packaging!Coincidence?? 
  • Not exactly travel friendly but since it is not glass U can take chances :P
  • The pure aloe vera gel has green tea and pomegranate also as its main ingredients.
  • Green tea is known for its anti aging and cleansing properties.
  • Pomegranate is used for acne treatment and anti aging.Also helps cuts and scrapes.
  • The gel is not tested on animals and is free of parabens, SLS , harmful chemicals and colors.How cool is that!
  • The gel is pure white in color that becomes colorless on application.
  • The texture is gel like obviously and gets absorbed in seconds.Gives a soft matte effect.
  • Possesses a lemony fragrance which is refreshing and welcome change from flowery scents.
  • The hydration level will suit oily and normal skin.
  • Dry skin will need to layer another moisturizer like I do (atleast in the winters).
  • For humid climates,this could be your HG moisturizer.
  • It brightens and calms down the skin :) Makes me look fresh for a long time!
Great natural moisturizer for oily and normal skin.
Due to the presence of natural extracts,essential oils, it may not suit everyone.So please do a patch test beforehand.

For moisturizers for dry skin u can click on the following links:
Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Moisturizer review 
Aroma Magic Almond lotion review

Product sent by brand for consideration.But my opinions are honest I swear to God :) 

Eyeliner Watch : Elle 18 Sparklers Swatches and Review!

Come Let me show you how ignorance kills you :) I was so impressed by the graphic design of the elle 18 sparklers that I got all the five without even swatching and waiting for reviews. And result ?? I am stuck with 5 chubby crayon pencils.

  • They cost me 85 bucks a pop.
  • They look like crayon pencils.Reminds me of NYX!
  • These eyeliners are soft,creamy and glide on easily.No tugging/pulling.
  • And because of the creamy texture they hardly last an hour or 2. That too I should be careful not to touch/rub them.
  • Pigmentation varies with each color.
  • All the shades give a pearly finish albeit the silver spark which is very shimmery.
  • Now to the shades:
  • Purple Pataka : Violet-pink shade.Average pigmentation.need 2 swipes to show up on my eyes
  • Silver Spark: Stark white shade with white OTT shimmers .Pathetic pigmentation.looks odd on the eyes.cannot be even used as a highlighter.
  • Green Grenade: Forest green shade.Average pigmentation.need 2 swipes.
  • Blue Blast: Beautiful navy blue shade. It is very pretty and has average pigmentation.
  • Gun Powder: My favorite. Metallic grey shade.I love this color.But I cannot find similar shade in other brands.Wish it had more staying power :( 
  • If u guys know a dupe of this shade please notify me in the comments :)
If u are into funky non lasting shades and would rather get 5 colors instead of 2 then these are made for u :)

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Elle 18 Lipstick in Luscious Lilac Review and Swatches!

When I was new to makeup, I read in some blogs that every girl should own a lipstick in every color family.I didn't know any better and set about getting a mauvish shade.I saw this in a store, bought it and went to another store and got the Mulberry splash from the same brand. 2 shades that are same albeit the shimmer and do not suit me at all.What was I thinking?? Yes the old me definitely needs ur sympathy :)

U can check out the review of  Mulberry Splash here :)

 I am doing this review cuz this shade might suit some of u :)

  • Luscious Lilac is a purplish/violety shade with golden shimmers.
  • The shimmers are very fine and give a glossy sheen to the lips.They are definitely not frosty.
  • The texture is very soft and glides on smoothly.
  • It does not dry ur lips.U won't even need a lip balm with this unless u have very dry lips.D reason has been mentioned as the moisturising core :the white part in the middle.If u have a bright/dark shade, u can tone it down by mixing it with the core :) 
  • Feels light on the lips.
  • The pigmentation is low but not as low as the Cinnamon one.U need 3 or 4 swipes to cover the lip discoloration.
  • It is prone to melting.Mine has turned into a gooey mess.So keep it in the refrigerator if U want to save it from macabre ;)
  •  Using a lip brush to apply this works better than direct application.
  • This particular shade does not suit me.Makes me look like a patient admitted for poisoning!
  • Just wish it had lil pink in it to suit me.
Pocket friendly option for the college going makeup junkies :) U can experiment with shades from this range without causing serious harm to ur wallet.Shades like Pomegranate pie,cinnamon and roasty red are great options :)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Auravedic Skin Polish With Sandal and turmeric Review!

It is easy to overlook the benefits of scrub.I know very few of my friends actually know its use and ignore it yet ;)
So lemme me enlighten u!
For the uninitiated, our skin has tiny pores.When we r exposed to pollution, dirt and grime gets entrapped into the pores as well as excess oil if u have oily skin leading to clogged pores.While a facewash removes the dirt from the surface it is critical to go deeper and clear the clogged pores atleast once in a week.Otherwise it leads to dull skin,blackheads,whiteheads,acne and the list goes on.
                                  Better safe than sorry so grab a srub for ur skintype or make a DIY scrub with sugar and olive oil :)
The product am going to review is: Refer the title;)

This is what I found on their website:
With every Auravedic product, you are getting years of knowledge in nature and research, following the principles of Ayurveda.
We select each and every ingredient for their individual properties to create the best product for you.
Come experience 100% purity with Auravedic.

About the product:
It is touted as their best seller :)
It has red sandal,turmeric and jojoba beads as main ingredients.And most importantly it is Free of Parabens, SLS, and hamful chemicals !!

My say on the product:

  • The Scrub is in toned down brick red color.
  • Has a creamy texture.
  • U need to apply it,massage for a min or so and leave it on a for a few minutes.I usually lhave it on for 5 mins.
  • The scrub particles are not harsh and possess just the right amount of grittiness.
  • Since it has a creamy texture,it does not dry my skin out.
  • It has natural ingredients which is my favorite criteria for any skincare product :)
  • It brightens my skin and leaves it soft and smooth.I have a slight tan on my neck and after 3 uses it has reduced it considerably!
  • I have read that red sandalwood helps with uneven skin tone,anti aging and acne.Though I do not suffer from any of those as of now I have this feeling that the scrub will help those of u suffering from it.
  • Oily skin may find it slippery but it works on my sister's and mum's skin.They quite like it (that would be an understatement ;) ). 

It is definitely one of the best scrubs I have tried and would wholeheartedly recco to my readers and I am not saying this because it a PR sample :) No wonder it is a best seller.I am definitely going to try more products from this brand.

U can get their products from or healthkart,goodlife and jabong also house them :)

A Quick Tip: After scrubbing, apply a paste of oats,milk,almond oil,turmeric and lemon to ur face.Wash it off after 10 mins to get the most wonderful glow this winter ;) U can add rose oil to it for better hydration.

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for consideration.But my opinions are honest I swear to God :)

Out Of Curiosity : Which is your favourite makeup product??

I suffer from chronic small eye syndrome :P And Thats y Mascara is my all time favorite product along with lash curler.It helps me look awake instead of closing my eye space :) I personally love Attitude mascara as it gives volume to my lashes.Between Volume and length I would pick volume anyday :)

So wat is ur favourite makeup item??The one that enhances ur pretty face :) share it with me :)

Monday, 24 December 2012

Blush lust: Inglot Powder Blush in AMC 58 Review and Swatches!

I like saving the best always for the last like I eat my cucumbers last in a salad ;) Now u should connect d ... (dots) and realize I am asserting that Inglot AMC blush in 58 is my favorite :D I like the color red for blushes and wanted to get the Inglot blush no.63 after seeing swatches online.But majorbrands does not offer that shade :( So I  had to settle for this blush.

  • The packaging is d same.Blush in a metal pan placed inside a plastic case.U need a palette if u r not prudent.
  • Retails for Rs. 350/- for 6g.Now that is economical thou I would never hit pan with this :P
  • The color is a beautiful reddish pink.

Single swipe!

  • As it is AMC, the texture is softer than the normal range blushes.And there is substantial fall out.I try not to swirl my brush on the blush as I do with my other blushes.Swirling the brush makes me feel like a youtube guru :P
  • Pigmentation wise it rocks.One swipe is great for that MCBB effect.I have found reddish pink blush works out to be more natural than plain pink ones on me.
  • It has absolutely no shimmers in it :) yay for tat!
  • Staying power is nearly 5 hrs without any foundation underneath.
  • This would work well across most skin tones.
  • I never used to wear blush on an everyday basis.But nowadays Blush has become a must wear sort of thing.It instantly perks up my face and keeps me looking fresh day long :)  

I am in love with the blush so much so I wear it even at home!My mum gives me weird glances but that doesn't matter ;) Please go and get this one for me :D 

Comment below and let me know if u liked this blush :)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Blush Lust: Inglot Blush No.32 Review and Swatches!

Now Don't sigh and skip this post murmuring another Blush post :P What else would u expect here at my blog! maybe I would rename it the Blushing Geek?? Tomato with glasses?? 

I am not someone u can call an impulsive shopper.Maybe cuz of the fact that I can't take chances with my meager pocket money ;) 
But this particular blush I got on an impulse as 29/30 was unavailable on majorbrands.I wanted to get 55 which has been described online as cool toned plum.I put that into my cart but replaced it with this on in d last minute.
Lesson learnt: First hunch should always be heeded to ;)

  • The packaging is same as that of other blush refills: blush housed in a metal pan  and placed inside a plastic case.Not sturdy but will do.

  • Retails for Rs.350/- per pan for 6g (thou it has been mentioned as 7g online)
  • And please don't go by the swatches put up by the site as there are seriously misleading!
  • The color is coral pink (I can see a lil peach too) with silver shimmers.

  • It has medium pigmentation.All u need is a single swipe.
  • I use it a highlighter cum blush.
  • The shimmers are not OTT but u need to be careful.U can brush off the shimmers to some extent :)
  • I don't prefer shimmery blushes.But if u r okay with/like shimmery blushes then u will love this :)
  • The texture is  smooth and powdery.And the fallout is less compared to the other 2 blushes I own.
  • The finish has low level of shimmers so that works well for the in between categories like bday partys.
  • Staying power is average.Lasts like for 3 hours on me and then d color fades leaving behind some shimmers.not ugly thou.
  • Will suit fair and dusky skin tones.
If u like shimmers/do not mind them then U will like the blush!It is such a pretty coral :) I only wish it was matte.But I make do as a highlighter :)


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Skincare:Vedic Line Moisturizer in Sandalwood and Turmeric Review

This post is for Niveditha from Beauty at times is Skin deep :) Check out her blog for gr8 reviews on red lipsticks,awesum eye makeup and skincare :)

Vedic line is relatively new in the skincare market but it has already garnered many followers :) I wanted to try out the sandalwood and turmeric moisturizer and ordered it from Healthkart.

After testing it out for a fair amount of tym this is what I have to say on this :

  • The packaging has a flip-over cap that is tightly shut so It won't spill.Plus it is hygienic :) Totally travel friendly.

  • The moisturizer has a liquid texture..not runny but not thick.
  • As u can see it is slightly yellowish.

  • Smells of sandalwood and turmeric..umm.kind of spicy ;) It reminds me of the oil baths I used to take as a kid..Love d smell :D
  • It suits my skin type in the winters if I use a hydrating night cream say nivea at night.But in case my skin is in bad mood this one doesn't placate it :\
  • If urs is an oily skin that becomes normal/slightly dry in winters then this one will be good for u.But for dry skin this won't suffice.
  • On the flip side,it will suit dry skin in the humid summers.
  • This is more of a normal-combination type moisturizer in the winters and normal-dry type in the summers.
  • It doesn't have any SPF in it.
  • Does not give any whitish cast ( Crucio Ponds white!)
  • Retails at Rs.120/- for 100 ml.
I would call it a decent moisturizer that does its job.If u r fan of spicy aromas and modest moisturization then I say give it a whirl ;)

Friday, 21 December 2012

Lipstick Love: Bourjois Levres Contour Lip pencil in Peche Voluptueuse Review and Swatches!

I am not a fan of lip pencils courtesy my dry lips.But I can assure you the bourjois levres contour lip pencils are the bomb!They are soft and glide like honey baby!

Lip pencils are usually used to arrest the bleeding of lipsticks.They hold the lip color in place along with providing a better appearence.Actresses use the layering technique whereby they layer multiple lip products of similar/exact shades so even when the lipstick wears off they have color on their lips :)

Coming back to this lip pencil I got it because they didn't have Faces french rose lipstick/maybelline bronze orange/Colorbar obsessed orange/maybelline orange lipbalm/Lipice in orange anywhere :( The Bourjois SA asked me to try this and I liked it :)

Price: Rs.250/-

  • It is a solid wooden pencil.The color of the pencil is same as that of the lip color :) The eye pencils from this range are also made of wood.Simple and classy but environment :'(

  • The color is a peachy orange with lil red undertones :)
  • The texture is does not tug and glides easily over lips.
  • Forms a matte finish.
  • Is super pigmented will cover the discolorations on the lips.
  • Tends to enhance the flaky part of lips so be sure to exfoliate your lips beforehand.
  • Dry lips definitely need a lipbalm underneath.
  • Stays put for 4 hours solid after which it starts fading.
  • Helps prevent lipstick from traveling from north to south :)
  • More suited to fair/medium skin.Might look harsh on deeper skin tones.
A peach shade that can brighten up ur face and day ;) A budget product u need to own atleast one of these :) 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Current Makeup favourites!

Some products I am wearing often these days:

Only basic stuff!
I hate foundations but I want to do some justice to d money I have paid :P So wearing the stick foundation :\ It is okayish for d winters.
Just a random post! will post some reviews by tomorrow :)
So wat r u currently loving??Comment below and let me know :) I heart reading ur cmts ;)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Blush Lust: Faces Glam On Powder Blush in Crimson Swatches and Review!

Do you like me shy away from shimmers??But still want that extra oomph for occasions??Then look nowhere, but here!Presenting Faces Glam On powder Blush in Crimson..bam bam bam (guitar duh!)

I have never been a fan of shimmers!I remember wearing the Maybelline frosted blush with silver shimmers for my bro's wedding.It gives me nightmares.Okay don't look at me like tat.I was hardly into makeup that time and didn't know what I was dng :\ 
 But shimmers are MANDATORY for Indian weddings and festivals.So here am reviewing the blush u anti shimmers might give a thot ;)

  • Will set u back by Rs.400/-
  • It is encased in a tiny round box and has a small mirror inside which is very useful.
  • The packaging is sturdy and the case itself is highly reflective that U can use it as a mirror :) 

  • Faces blush in Crimson is a beautiful  bright warm pink shade with *obvious* golden shimmers.The shimmers look OTT in the pan so much so I nearly regretted it.

  • But on application and proper blending it turns out to be an enticing flush with a superb glow.The shimmers are not obvious if u don't stand under direct light.So they add glow needed for the festive season without gng overboard :) 

  • The pigmentation is insane.U can easily look like a clown.So I wud suggest starting with a light application and then building up d intensity :)
  • As I mentioned before, Blending is the key.U need to blend blend blend otherwise the blush looks patchy.
  • The texture is powdery and there is substantial fall out.

  • The finish is a between satiny to subtle shimmery.
  • It lasts for about 6-7 hours on me :) I wore this on the morning of Diwali and it lasted on me till evening after which I did a touch up for the puja.
Will suit fair to dark skintones :) Fair skin tones need to use it sparingly.
I evidently won't use this for everyday wear but IMO this is the best for party wear if u are on budget and are not much inclined to shimmers.And beginners would find it ominous to work with but I love pigmented blushes so this one gets a Thumbs Up from me :)


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