Thursday, 13 September 2012

My Tryst with Body Lotions!!

I wanted to do this post from a long tym!Just to provide a compilation on the various body lotions I use.U can read a similar post on Sunscreens here.

I love moisturizers and body lotions and hope to hoard some body butters tis tym when TBS has a sale ;)

Parachute Advansed Body lotion: I have the Intense care for dry skin kind.Costs 49/- rs for 100 ml.It smells like Jasmine thou it mentions "milk of coconut fruit". The texture is runny and gets absorbed instantly into the skin.It is moisturising but not well enough for a *dry skin lotion* . Also the skin stays hydrated for maybe 4 hrs. Oily skinned might find it a lil clammy. But the downside is it gets washed away easily :( Overall an good moisturizer for dry skin in summers but come winters this won't hold up ;)

Parachute Advansed Summer Fresh Body Lotion: I love the smell of this lotion.Berrry Fresh and minty!And to top it it gives a tingling sensation on applying which is so good.Consistency wise it is runnier than the intense care variety and is less hydrating.It lasts probably for 2 hrs.But perfect for the hot humid days and a great choice for oily skin :)Costs same as that of the intense care lotion.

Vaseline Healthy White Lotion: I am not a fan of its smell. It is slighter thicker compared to the parachute and has a creamy feel to it.Hydration is good too :) But lightening effects?? I got this mainly cuz I have severely tanned hands and feet and this did not help me a bit.And the triple sunscreen part is so nt true I still get tanned if I do not use a sunscreen.But I have read in some blogs that this helped after a prolonged usage (1 yr or more). Costs  65/- Rs for 100 ml.

Vaseline Cocoa Glow Lotion: Oh my Love! Chocolates are my weakness.And this smells thou doesn't smell exactly like chocolate it reminds me of cocoa and coconut bars :D It makes me feel pampered.The color is brownish white and is thick in consistency like whipped cream! And brushes off dry skin.Hydrates my skin for 7 hrs or so :)  Takes little time to sink in but I am overlooking tat.Also it is a fight for me to get the product out.I am getting the pump type once the current get over.Perfect body lotion for dry skin with its soothing aroma and moisturizing capabilities.It will work great even during monsoons and winters :) Oily and normal skin gals can pick for m and w :) Costs 65/- rs for 100 ml.

Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing Body Lotion: Best moisturiser for the Winters Hands down :) Has thick consistency like cocoa glow and takes some minutes to get absorbed but keeps dry flaky skin at bay.Skin feels smooth even in winters!I can't pinpoint the smell but it is decent.Elbows and knees love it ;) Costs  65/- for 100 ml.

H2O+ Spa Salt Hydrating Body Butter: I hate the smell..salty and algae. Has cream like consistency and is greasy.Takes some time to get absorbed.It is heavy in summers even for my dry skin.Very hydrating and keeps my skin supple for long :) I got this as a part of my Blisscovered box.U can try it for the winters!

Nivea Whitening Cell Repair And UV Protect Body Lotion: I like the smell of this 1 :) It is runny and takes hell lot of time to get absorbed and is not a great moisturizer.Claims to remove tan and repair sun damage layer by layer due to the presence of 40% more Vitamin C compared to..ummm no idea.It  is light and will work for normal and oily skin.But the cell repair part..I did not see any results after using it for 30 days religiously which is a feat by itself for me ;) Lets say I am more patient and hence willing to give it more time to work ;) Will update u if I see any results. Costed me 180 in discount thou it is priced at 210/- I think.

Dove Shimmer Body Lotion : I got this for use for parties and functions.The smell is okay with me but many won't find it appealing.Consistency is between thick and runny.Provides good moisturization.It does give a lil glow to my skin.This will suit normal skin better.I got it more for the shimmer part than for the lotion part :P

St.Ives Whipping Silk Body Lotion: I have already reviewed it here and it is nearing expiry.I am going to finish this off..such a huge bottle it is.Retails for 290/- Rs. for 520 ml.Great na?? This is the body lotion I would use if I had to use only one all my life.The smell is not great like cocoa glow but it is close to my heart :heart: It is thick in texture and is pump type which helps in controlling the amount u need.But not travel friendly of course.Is not greasy.It gets absorbed within seconds and keeps my skin hydrated for a full day.Imagine!! And Tada..It is paraben free and does not involve animal testing ;)It was my Savior last winter but not right for summers.

Me and my Olfactory senses!!Hope I helped u gals with this post :) So Which body lotion is ur current favourite ?? Do comment :)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Ultimate Aid for Dark Circles!

I wanted to share a product that is a blessing for my dark circles!I am a total insomniac and result??dark circles that make my eyes look all d more hollow.So while scouring net for remedies I came across "Tea bags". I drink Green Tea (love) everyday and hence decided to use them for my horrendous circles ;)

And the results I tell u are great.And y:
  • Green Tea has Antioxidants which r key anti aging elements.Eye area is more prone to aging compared to rest of ur body(wrinkles!)
  • Has EGCG which is an anti inflammatory.
  • It reduces Puffing since it contains Caffeine.
  • Massaging the eye area with tea bags helps eliminate the dilation around the eyes.
  • Cold massages..aahhhh is so relaxing!
  • Tightens the area around eyes to prevent sagging.

So all in all it works as a prefect tool against dark circles :D So ladies it is time to refrigerate ur green tea bags without dumping them  ;)

I usually use Organic India's green tea with tulsi (loose) but since I ran out of them I got these which taste rather like a punishment than a treat.U can prepare tea bags by placing the used tea leaves in a clean muslin cloth and tying it into a knot!

Also Green Tea works as an excellent toner for oily/combination skin.I used it for my dry(very) skin.It felt refreshing initially but then skin felt tighter(mayb it is the ECGC) and in need of moisturiser.
But no worries dry skinnies U can make an anti aging pack by mixing green tea leaves and honey which is moisturising too :) Add milk for an extra moisture boost :)

P.S: Try these and tell me how they worked for u :)


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