Friday, 15 July 2011

Lipstick Love: Maybelline Pink Petal review !

I got this for my friends marriage 2 momths bak but never wore to it :| stupid me(coward :( ) But I really love tis light pink color :D So i just thot of reviewing it :) 

MAybelline Pink petal is from the ColorSensational range and belongs to the Pink family.

swapped only once

As u can see it is a light pink color which looks makes ur lips almost luk lyk rose :P OK a little overboard but still a must have color according to me.will suit fairer tones better...just my personal opinion..It is a wearable shade for everyday use :) and This is my favourite though I don't wear lippies :D or till I get my hands on My Mahogany..sigh..I know damn late..but better late than never :P gonna get it this weekend :D 

1.Beautiful color :d
2.moisturizing...does not dry up my lips.
3.Staying power is good like it lasts for more than 4 hours on my lips and whn it goes..leaves a tint behind..which luks ekdam natural :)
4.awsum product for a price of 300 bucks :D Doesn't burn a hole in my pocket...a hit with college goers :)

1.Its nt really a con but any lippie tends to feather out of my lips :( :( poor me :( 
No other con and i want all the lippies from this not possible :P

:D :D :D :D 

I would definitely recommend this to ones who needs a light pink wala color on their lips :) hell who doesn't :P But the darker toned beauties do check how it luks on u before getting this cutie :)


  1. I love these lippies <3 Great review Shweta!!

  2. Got this one... gives the look of nude pink lips. Get my mahagony, you will loveeeee it. Thanks for the fab review :)ips. Get my mahagony, you will loveeeee it. Thanks for the fab review :)

  3. Its such a lovely color. Surely I'll look for this shade when I buy Maybelline Lipsticks again

  4. Pretty color, I don't think this will suit me. I planning to check out plaza pink next. It is kind of a dusty pink. Will suit most skin tones :P

  5. @Rakhshanda: yah thanks :D
    @BeautyDiva: yeah..but I like using it a lil brighter :) u r welcum :D yeah getting it tomo :)

    @Nivedita:yeah its beautiful :) Do get tis Nivedi:)
    @Indgal: Don be so sure Ind...try it on ur lips atleast 1ce na :) ohh I want MAke Me Pink lippie :D :P

  6. I love these lippies. they are amazing. nice shade and great swatch :)

  7. I love my mahagony in this.. !!! its fab..
    I have Lotus rose petal which is a similar it too :)

  8. I know have seen u raving in ur blog :D ohh which range from lotus?? will check it out.. :)

  9. Hi I have tagged you..

    Chk it out:

  10. This color looks beautiful :)
    I♥ Pink :)

    Love Christine ♥

  11. I'll skip this because light pink doesn't look good on me. But does seem like it's very pigmented!

  12. This shade looks pretty....tnx for following :)
    following u now..

  13. lovely color but this wouldnt suit me :P

    btw thanks for following! me following back!

  14. @Gauri:ohh kyun?? yes it is very pigmented..:) just a single swipe and it gives a nice color to ur face :)

    @Pooja:Yes it is :)

    @Zatz: ohh tried any other shade from pink family??

  15. @Christine: yeah its a gorgeous color i love it :) I am fan of pinks in makeup :)



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