Saturday, 19 November 2011

No more Malware ALert :D

I didn't know there was a malware alert wen U gals opened my blog :(:( Indgal of I love shopping brought it to my notice :)Thank u Sweetheart :D :D <3 I wouldn't have known the problem or its root witout tat snapshot :) And now I have made changes and its ok now :)Hope u guys can view my blog now without any problem :)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Maybelline Watershine Liquid Diamonds In Pink Ruby Review!!

Maybelline Watershine range is my fav for Lipglosses.I am now going to review the Pink Ruby from their Liquid Diamonds range which has more shimmers in it.

It is a pretty pink that will suit fair as well as wheatish complexions.On the lips it transforms to a pink with slight red undertones.

1. The shimmers will suit for partywear.
2. Flattering Color.
3. Pocket friendly.
4. The applicator is good for applying the gloss.

1. Doesn’t last on me..Maximum 2 hrs without eating :(
2. I don’t wear for normal outings..too glittery.
3.  After it fades it leaves the shimmers behind..not cool.

:D :D :D out of 5

Try it!Am sure u ill be pleased ;)

P.S. : This is my 50th Post :D :D Thank u all for ur support :)

Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising lotion Review!

I have my exams going on so I am unable to do regular posts but I wanted to share the stuff that Save my skin this winter :)  I am going to review Aroma Magic Almond moisturizing lotion and I will review other products soon :)

It is cream colored and semi liquid..has a slightly thick consistency.I have dry skin which turns out to be very dry in winters...I use Olay in summers but It is not enuf in winters. I tried using cold creams but they made my face oily. That’s when I read a review of this saviour on IMBB.I immediately got this and to say I love it would be less ;) It has a slight medicinal smell but am totally ok with it as it moisturises and nourishes my skin. My skin definitely feels soft and good.
If U have oily skin then mix it with a lil water and apply it otherwise u can use it as it is :) 

Price:130 for 120ml and u require only a little of this lotion :) 

1.       Packaging is hygienic and travel friendly.
2.       An awesome moisturiser.
3.       Will last long.
4.       Try buying the smaller bottle since the longer bottle will take a very long tym to finish and u might get bored of it :P
5.       It is more natural kind of product and it made me develop a respect for d brand
6.       NOT TESTED ON YAY!! for tat :) 

1.       The cap of the bottle is lil tight.
2.       Might be greasy in summers not for me thou :) U can solve it by adding water as I already mentioned.

:* :* :* :* :* :* (Yes :* not :D for this Blossom Kochhar make ;) )

A boon for Dry skinned!!

So guys share ur HG moisturiser for the winter.I would Love to know :)Don forget to drop in ur sweet comments !!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Not My Random Thoughts Anymore!!!Its My Makeup Thoughts... and My Facebook Page!!

Heya :D

Though I started this blog to discuss topics tat endeared to me I realized that I am posting more on skincare and makeup products so I think D tym is right to rename it :

                                    My Makeup Thoughts

And I also changed my blog url :)
Also U can like my Facebook page just by clicking on the  gadget on the right :)
So guys do u lyk d new name ??Do tell me :) :)


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