Saturday, 19 November 2011

No more Malware ALert :D

I didn't know there was a malware alert wen U gals opened my blog :(:( Indgal of I love shopping brought it to my notice :)Thank u Sweetheart :D :D <3 I wouldn't have known the problem or its root witout tat snapshot :) And now I have made changes and its ok now :)Hope u guys can view my blog now without any problem :)


  1. i was try'n to c ur blog 2 giv the blog award bt waz shockd 2 c a malware attck...gud 2 knw tht al iz wel nw...i c thes attack quite alot des days

    i ve given u a blog award..chec t out

  2. aww... thanks for mentioning me sweety :)

  3. Sunaa:Thank u so much Sunaa :)ill check it out :)

    Indgal:No Thank u :)

  4. ive been following your blog for quite sometime now! nice blog! :) and congrats on winning rekha's giveaway! :)



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