Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Winner for Glossybox Giveaway!!

As u guys know Siri Sekar was the winner of the glossybox giveaway...But she had already won the same one on another blog!And She is such a sweet person :D She wanted someone else to enjoy the box too so She was totally cool about the whole thing :D

So I picked up a new winner :) And that is Swati Murti from Perfect Skin Care For you :)

Congos Swati :) Mail me ur address in 48 hrs cuz I have to inform the Glossybox ppl :) Otherwise I ill retain Siri as the winner :)

Monday, 27 February 2012

Milestone!!100 Sweet Followers!!

Yaaaaayyy!!So I got 100 great followers!!It is definitely a feat for sum1 like me who is irregular :D

Blogging has been a great stress buster and I have come to know sweet persons in the blogging world like Indu,Poohkie,Siri,Rekha,Suma,Ankita and many others :D My BFF was my first follower :D
Indu is the first friend I got  thru  the blog <3 Thank u Indu :)

I Thank All my Cutie Pies who are following this blog :D It means a lot to me :'( I am all getting senti :|
Ok I don want to ramble more so Kudos guys!!Muah :* :*

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lipstick Love : Amway Attitiude Lipstick Swatches and Review!!!

Hi Guys!!

I have been obsessed with skincare these days!!Didn't use cosmetics much :D
Anks of Novice makeup asked for d swatches of these lipsticks so I got out of hibernation to post this :)

I got the Tester pack of the 6 lipsticks as I don usually buy darker shades and this was d rgt opportunity to try different colors without wasting money and also they are easier to carry around :)

 From L-R:Natural Brown,Choco Temptation,Maroon Magic,Brown Dazzle,Sassy Pink,Plum Shine
From L-R: Sassy Pink,Plum Shine,Maroon magic,Brown Dazzle,Natural Brown,Choco Temptation

From L-R : Sassy Pink,Plum Shine,Maroon Magic,Brown Dazzle

From L-R : Marron Magic,Brown Dazzle,Natural Brown,Choco temptation

There are totally 6 lipsticks that are Bullet-Sized.each is of 1.6 g and costs 120 I believe!!

Natural brown is a light brown shade but goes takes a pinkish brown color on my lips!
Choco Temptation is a orangy brown shade with obvious golden shimmers!
Maroon Magic  is a deep maroon shade as the name suggests!!
Brown Dazzle is the one with the most shimmery texture!It is a proper brown shade with golden shimmers!!
Sassy Pink is a milky cool toned pink color that is slightly difficult for me to carry :( I tone it down with a beige or brown gloss!!
Plum Shine is a pretty light plum shade!

Of the lot,Plum Shine and Natural Brown are my Favourites :)

  • The shades without shimmers have a light Glossy Finish!!
  • U have Browns,Pinks and Plums in this new range :)Everyone will find atleast one of their choice!!But I wish they had red instead of brown dazzle.
  • They do not dry my lips!!U can skip ur lipbalm with this if u do not suffer from chapped lips :)
  • They do not accentuate the fine lines!
  • I can forego lip gloss with d shimmer ones :D
  • The shimmers stay put for sometime before they start their journey :around the face in half an hour ;)
  • Extremely travel friendly:U can carry it in ur purse for any occasion!
  • The staying power is nearly 3 hrs in my case!!The darker shades(maroon and plum) leave a light stain after that..its nt much but I like the way they look natural
  • All the shades are decently pigmented!!
  • The individual  cost 250 nearly which is quite reasonable :)
  •  The packaging of the tester pack is very normal.But the actual lipsticks come in a black packaging!!
  • Availability is an issue!!I had to wait long !!
  • u can't exactly call these creamy but that's what makes them not bleed!!
  • The shimmers could stay put for a longer time :\
  • Could be more balmy.
I am really happy that I got this :D
Phew!!Such a long post :P

GlossyBox Giveaway Winner Announcement!!

So its tym to declare the winner of the glossybox giveaway!! Thank u Glossybox for holding this giveaway on my blog :)


CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Mail me ur address and ur preference :Gift voucher from Jabong.com worth Rs.2000/- or Glossybox in 48 hours :)

The winner was chosen thru random.org

I gave 1 point each for mandatory entries and the best answer got an extra of 10 points!!

All the answers I got about beauty were thoughtful!!So I must thank everyone for participating in the giveaway :)

                                     THANK YOU!!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Stylecraze Community Launch giveaway!!

"Join StyleCraze Community for the latest Updates & Advise from your favourite Bloggers @ www.community.stylecraze.com"

 and enter their launch giveaway :)

Click on the link below to enter :)

Stylecraze giveaway

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Faces Purple Eyepencil Swatches and Stylecraze.com Review!!

Faces eyepencils are a craze with beauty bloggers and I already reviewed the eyepencil in shade Metal Brown!So I am here only with the swatches!!

It is not this dark!!I swiped only once but the tip was too soft and hence It luks damn intense in d swatch!!
 For the review click here:http://shweta-mymakeupthoughts.blogspot.in/2012/02/faces-metal-brown-eyepencil-review-and.html

Now for the Long Due Review of Stylecraze.com:

  • The site is easy to use and navigate :D
  • They have discounts on atleast one brand at any tym :)
  • Customer service is Laudable!!! Impressed!!
  • U can ask for any product and they will try to bring it on their website :)
  • The Packaging is tamper proof!!They use bubblewraps for each and every product!!It is so much fun :D
  • A large number of brands are there for u to checkout!
  • Delivered within 3-4 days!!
  • Have a COD facility for ppl who shy away from online transactions!!
  • Provide free shipping for over 250/- bucks ;)

  • The tracking of order was not updated properly for my 2nd order!!
  • Not really a con but I wish we got reusable boxes like d ones from  urbantouch.com :)
Yes!!Try this 1 for sure!!Totally recommend it :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

My DIY Recipe for Glowing skin!!

Once upon a tym,Long long ago I used to have clear glowing skin!No dullness No tiredness showing on my face!!Yes U got to believe tat!!But the arduous long journeys to my college(4-5 hrs a day!),the pollution and no sunscreen(I need to be kicked I know!) have sucked it all up!!So I use this Homemade face pack on saturdays to pamper myself(only if I am in the mood for it !) Am super lazy and that is y you are not supposed to ask why this pack hasn't given my old skin back:Simple:I fail to use it regularly :But I assure u : If u use this 1 well twice or thrice a week U need not sigh at the Model's photographs in the magazines..u can have it too !!

All U need:
  • Besan-2 scoops
  • Turmeric powder-1 scoop
  • Oats-powdered-1 scoop
  • Honey-3 tablespoon
  • Raw Milk-3 tablespoon
  • Oilve oil-depends on ur skin type-I have dry skin so I use 5/6 drops
  • Rose oil-2 drops max or else u can make do with rose water!!
  • Lemon juice-3 drops
  • Orange powder(optional)-1 scoop
  • Vit e-Evion works well-1 capsule
  • I also add a lil of Rose pack from Ayur !!-just a teaspoon :P
Phew!!That's a long list so now u know y I ain't so regular ;)And I didn't want to put a pic of the mixture cuz it luks gooey :| And I didn't want that to dissuade u from trying it ;)
Mix all the ingredients and apply all over ur body and face just 10 mins before u take bath!Don't use soap cuz this pack acts as a scrub,cleanser and moisturizer :D U will love the way ur skin feels and look at d mirror to see a gorgeous face staring right back at u ;)   

AND AM GOING TO DRAW UP A SKINCARE REGIME TO MAKE MY  SKIN GLOWY!!Will share it with u guys here soon :D

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hilarious Makeup Tutorial!!

No I am not doing any makeup tute ;)

I was just browsing through makeup videos on YouTube which is my most favorite pastime :D And came to this tutorial.The name of the the tute:

Disgusting Mess Makeup Tutorial!!I got curious and checked it out and went ROFL :D :D So am posting it here immediately :)

She luks so adorable :D

Yes Am being lazy :P

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Faces Metal Brown Eyepencil Review and Swatch!!

Now someone who hasn’t heard of how great Faces eye pencils are, was definitely in another world ;)
Am going to review the Eye pencil in the shade Metal Brown! It is a gorgeous brown with shimmers which gives it a rustic look :) I ordered this from stylecraze but was not sure about the shade. But once I made a swatch I went gaga over it. It lacks the harshness of the black liner. The shimmer is not OTT and makes this color so pretty (see!Am head over heels in love with it ).

the shimmer is only slightly visible in the swatch!

Price:250/-(I got it for 224 from stylecraze)

  •  The color: It is Oh! So gorgeous . 
  • The shimmer doesn’t transfer over the lid or the lower lash line.
  • Faces has 11 shades in the range..Each one is pretty. 
  • The eyepencils are Waterproof and smudgeproof !!
  • The color is intense. Single swipe and u r gud to go ;)
  • Price is reasonable :) Colorbar I-glide pencils cost 350/- and u get the same for 250/- bucks!
  • They are creamy and easily glide to give perfect strokes-I prefer pencil liners as they take lesser time and are easier to apply.
  • I have finally found the pencil liners that meet my expectations so well. In Bliss :D
  •  Difficult to remove. I use olive oil!
  • It is of sharpening kind and everytym u sharpen u lose some amount of the awesome product :( They could have made this retractable ones
 No other con!!
4.85 OUT OF 5

I am eyeing the purple, forest green, turquoise and black ones from this range and will keep repurchasing  these all my life :D :D

Have u entered my GlossyBox Giveaway?? :D I would feel great if u enter it :) :) Check the link on the sidebar :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

GlossyBox Giveaway!!!(CLOSED)

Tadaa...drum rolls..It is the GIVEAWAY tym here at MMT (My Makeup Thoughts ;) )

Let it be a Valentine special giveaway! :D

And it is sponsored by None other than the GlossyBox team ;)
GLOSSYBOX is the leading e commerce service aimed at introducing discerning users to new and highly sought after beauty and cosmetic product.
GLOSSYBOX is a beautifully wrapped box containing five travel and full sized products carefully curated by experts!!

I have already done a post on them HERE :)

The WINNER of this Giveaway will receive their First box in March :D :D

Now the RULES:

  • Follow my blog through GFC and Networked blogs!!
  • Put up a Facebook status as:  "I love @GLOSSYBOX, which is why I want to get the first Box for free! @My Makeup Thoughts" (linking back to GlossyBox's and my blog's fb page)
  •  Like My Makeup Thoughts page here and GLOSSYBOX page here on Facebook !!
  • Follow GlossyBox here and me here on Twitter(2 points)
  • Subscribe to my blog through the Feedburner email subscription on the right!(2 points)
  • Do a post of this giveaway on ur blog ( 5 points)
  • Post about this giveaway on ur blog's sidebar linking back to this post (2 points)
  • Answer the question(5 points)
     Use the following form to enter the giveaway :)

(Click on the down arrow key to scroll down the form )

So hurry up guys!!Don't miss this chance to win GlossyBox goodies :D 

The LAST DATE for the giveaway is 23 February :) Open only to INDIAN residents!

The giveaway is  closed guys!!

And the winners will be chosen by Random.org :)
 Do leave a comment after entering d giveaway :)


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