Sunday, 29 July 2012

Peanuts and Archer!

I have been MIA for long not that I have lost my mojo  its just my laptop has crashed and my system is painfully slow!It takes 10 mins to upload 3 pics :( And my skin has become impossibly dry especially the cheek areas and allergies too!Mayb its the sun hell it is the Sun!No trace of proper (read *heavy*) rains here in Chennai.Light showers for 2 mins and *poof*.And that is the reason u guys didn't find a review on the Kryolan Lake Blusher here ;) I also got Coloressence Aqua Base Makeup in LF-4 Pink but didn't get to try it yet thanks to my skin!

Ramblings apart I just finished reading my copy of ONLY TIME WILL TELL by Jeffrey Archer! It is gripping not so fast paced as the Dan Brown ones.A great read I would call it.The has a Sequel "SINS OF THE FATHER" and the way Archer has ended the first book is commendable.I wish I had ordered the sequel too but am getting it tomorrow along with The girl with the Dragon tattoo.The series has been on my wishlist for long enough!

I just love the Embossed title of the book :* :* Feels ROYAL!

Salted Peanuts and almonds are my new Lays and Kurkure :D Peanut is rich in Good fat(*unsaturated*) and  hence supplies the req fat as well as keeps me away from gorging on the junkies ;) 

Which is ur current read??Share with me Ladies! 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Poll of the Week:Makeup Remover!

I usually use Olive oil for removing my makeup but the problem with it is when it gets inside my eyes,it makes them water and blurs my vision :( Otherwise I am more than happy with Olive oil for makeup removal.
I got Chambor Makeup Remover with the March Blisscovered Box and it makes removal of kajal/eyeliner easier and does not interfere with my vision.But the con is it makes my eye area dry but nothing that cannot be solved by under eye cream right??
Now I realise I prefer a makeup remover over olive oil :O So am going to get the Lakme makeup remover!

So which 1 do u prefer/use??

Pretty bottle :d
 For reference I use EKIZ pure Olive oil :)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

My Trip to the Kryolan Store!

I have been dying to check out the Kryolan store after reading Deepika's review on their blusher and I finally made it to the store which is located in the ground floor of Ramee mall (near dms stop).

The store is not big but classy and cute :D I asked them about taking snaps of the store and got so nervous while stating that I am a Beauty Blogger!!
I don't know if the 2 MUAs are going to read this but still Hi!! :D I forgot to get their names my bad but next time I will do tat for sure.

 The store houses so many products including foundations,pansticks,palettes,blushes,eyeshadows,brushes,lipsticks,eyelashes and many more stuff.They provide palettes for blushes too: 5 color and 15 color ones!It is like a mini heaven for Makeup Junkies :D
I was late and couldn't browse the store.But a red blush with shimmers caught my fancy!It looked so pretty.I am guessing it is Youth Red.Such a bright red with golden shimmers.But since I don't prefer shimmery ones I didn't get that.

Both the cream and powder blushes are priced the same: Rs.350/-.
I am definitely visiting the store again to get more blushes ;) Sorry about not paying attention to other products!Next time definitely ;)

And this is what I got:

                                           KRYOLAN DRY BLUSH IN LAKE!!(powder blush)

I wanted this after seeing it on Divassence and it turned out to be such a pretty Mauve shade!
2 words: Awesome Pigmentation!! I am testing out the staying power so will post the review soon :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Warm Copper:Lakme Glide On EyeColor Review and Swatches!

Indians and warm skin tones go hand in hand!And Gold is the most flattering color for warmer tones as Silver is for cooler ones :) And Lakme has hit it right with the Colors in the Glide on Eye color range like Henna Gold,Warm Copper,Plush Purple...
I own Warm Copper from these and Eying the Henna gold next which is presumably a shimmery Khakhi color :)

PACKAGING: It comes in a black pencil case with a transparent cap which is d only way to know the color.Packaging is very simple but could have been better and sturdier for the price.It retails for 275/- rupees.This one is definitely a "Handle with care" type!

TEXTURE: It is definitely a plus.The tip just glides dreamily.So creamy and No tugging.Just a smooth application.I am blown by this.It does tend to smudge but since it is so smooth no complaints here!But be careful while sharpening it crumbled when I tried to sharpen it.

PIGMENTATION: Pigmentation is great and similiar or even better than the Faces eye pencils.A single swipe is enuf to brighten up ur eyes but I like going over again to make it more popping.

COLOR: The color is a gorgeous gold me it looks like pure gold..the way new jewels shine!Not the dull gold color.U can use it all over the lid for last minute party eye makeup and line ur upper lids with a shimmery brown liner or an olive eyeshadow or liner.
swipped once
I wanted to show u how pretty the shade looks when paired with purple :)

LASTING POWER: Lasting power is average compared to Faces liner..lasts on my lids for 4 hours.It tends to smudge too.I tend to compare all my liners to Faces one unintentionally :P Wish Faces had a gold one!

  • Fab shade which will compliment warm skin tones  
  • I am pretty sure it is waterline safe as it didn't sting me.
  • One of the few gems that our Desi Brand Lakme has produced
  • Creamy and well pigmented.
  • Smudges a lot
  • Pricey for the quality.Faces eye liners are waterproof and last more than 8 hours.
  • Packaging could have been better.
  • Sharpening is tricky.
RATING: 3.1 out of 5

RECO: If u already own a gold shade u can skip this very well!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Current Love!

I am obsessed crazily about this lipstick!

                                             StreetWear Lipstick in Pink Pie
It has low staying power and lasts for an hour or so on my lips in this humidity!But still I love reapplying it as it is just my shade:pretty and makes my lips look so good :D  So much so I prefer this over My Mahogany!

I have already done a review on this baby here! 

I have no idea y it shows up as red in the pics thou I took it broad daylight!But I can assure u it is definitely a pink!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Fuchsia Dose:Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Oh My Magenta Review and Swatches!

I got Oh My Magenta together with Rum Raisin .It is also from the Velvet Matte range of Colorbar which provides good quality and Long lasting (mostly) lipsticks for affordable price :) And the range is huge with browns,mauve,maroons,pinks,fuchsia,red,orange and many more!
So moving on to this particular shade:

PACKAGING: The packaging is same as that of Rum Raisin with a cylindrical case with one end providing the color of the lipstick.Pretty handy and sturdy :) U can read the review of Rum Raisin here :)

TEXTURE: The lipstick is not creamy since it is a matte one but does not pose any problem in applying..glides smoothly over my lips.But mind u since this is matte u shouldn't dare to use it with flaky lips.Exfoliate and moisturize ur lips before touching this 1!Like other velvet matte lipsticks this one has a peculiar incense smell which lasts as long as u wear it :\ A major drawback here.

PIGMENTATION: It is super pigmented but not as strong as Rum Raisin.It covers the discoloration in a single swipe.

COLOR: It is a vivid pink/Fuchsia shade that requires u to carry it with confidence ;) Or u could tone it down with a dab of tissue for a subtle natural looking pink tint.

LASTING POWER:It lasts for 51/2-6 hrs but u do need to apply lipbalm over it occasionally to prevent drying of lips.

  • Long lasting
  • Great range
  • Affordable
  • Pretty shade
  • Being a matte tends to dry up and settle into fine lines.
  • Horrible smell
  • Difficult to remove

RATING: 3.7 out of 5.

RECO: Yes if u can looking to add a bright shade to ur vanity and do not have problems with matte lipsticks :)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Nightly Skin Treatment for a Special Glow!!

Another Skincare post :)

As I mentioned in the last post I do have to attend some weddings.I want to look all dewy glowy. Which gal doesn't?? ;) 

My problems are:
  • Tanned feet and hands.They look alien's.
  • Pimples and red marks on my face
  • Dry and Dull skin
  • Under eye circles
  • Lips greyish at corners due to over exposure to sun.
So In Typical Aishwarya Rai style : 5 Problems 1 Solution presenting u with a homemade remedy that has been showing good results !

U need:
  • Lemon juice
  • Tomato juice
  • Curd
  • Almond oil
  • Rose oil
All u need to do is mix all these as per ur req.Since I have dry skin I use less of lemon juice.
U can add cucumber/potato juice for better brightening and tan removal :)

I apply this every night on my face including the under eye area and lips,hands and feet and I am liking the results :)
 But do this everyday :)

Images:Google search

Garlics and Onions:Skin and Haircare Tips of the Week #5

I am smelling all garlics and onions as I am typing this!Not a pretty sight eh?? Well Let me tell you the reason I don't mind being smelly for sometime :)


My skin always behaves weirdly when there is some important occasion to attend.And since I have to attend my cousin and my friend's wedding I have got breakouts all over my face!And that they are red and are replaced by marks as they vanish.So I am into the garlic treatment for my skin.Applying garlic juice over the acne is helping a lot as the marks are less visible and the pimple size is getting reduced.
Y garlic??Garlic is an excellent antibacterial condiment.It kills the bacteria present in the pimple area and hence heals the acne faster.
U can experiment with it.Add honey with garlic to reduce pimples and get a glow.Or add a pinch of turmeric for extra fast healing ;) Sky is the limit!


No I am not trying to hypnotize u gals! The rings luk beautiful na?? Now Onion is another antibacterial agent which can be used to cure Patchy baldness.
It kills the bacteria that are stopping ur follicles from growing new hair sprouts.New hair grows in the place of old hair as all hairs have lifetime.But if the bacteria infests a particular perimeter of ur scalp then the new hair doesn't grow.And the result:Baldness over that area.
All u need to do is take some fresh onion(preferably the tiny ones as they are stronger) and grind them to a paste.Apply it over the area that has been affected.Do this every other day and soon u will have a lush growth there ;) 
But People prone to sinusitis be aware that onions can cause cold!
Alternatively u can tone down the pungent smell by mixing it with honey :) Also u can apply it all over the scalp for thicker hair. 

Images:Google Search


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