Sunday, 29 July 2012

Peanuts and Archer!

I have been MIA for long not that I have lost my mojo  its just my laptop has crashed and my system is painfully slow!It takes 10 mins to upload 3 pics :( And my skin has become impossibly dry especially the cheek areas and allergies too!Mayb its the sun hell it is the Sun!No trace of proper (read *heavy*) rains here in Chennai.Light showers for 2 mins and *poof*.And that is the reason u guys didn't find a review on the Kryolan Lake Blusher here ;) I also got Coloressence Aqua Base Makeup in LF-4 Pink but didn't get to try it yet thanks to my skin!

Ramblings apart I just finished reading my copy of ONLY TIME WILL TELL by Jeffrey Archer! It is gripping not so fast paced as the Dan Brown ones.A great read I would call it.The has a Sequel "SINS OF THE FATHER" and the way Archer has ended the first book is commendable.I wish I had ordered the sequel too but am getting it tomorrow along with The girl with the Dragon tattoo.The series has been on my wishlist for long enough!

I just love the Embossed title of the book :* :* Feels ROYAL!

Salted Peanuts and almonds are my new Lays and Kurkure :D Peanut is rich in Good fat(*unsaturated*) and  hence supplies the req fat as well as keeps me away from gorging on the junkies ;) 

Which is ur current read??Share with me Ladies! 

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