Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Current Love!

I am obsessed crazily about this lipstick!

                                             StreetWear Lipstick in Pink Pie
It has low staying power and lasts for an hour or so on my lips in this humidity!But still I love reapplying it as it is just my shade:pretty and makes my lips look so good :D  So much so I prefer this over My Mahogany!

I have already done a review on this baby here! 

I have no idea y it shows up as red in the pics thou I took it broad daylight!But I can assure u it is definitely a pink!


  1. I haven;t tried this range. But your constant reviews, I don;t think, would let me stay in control anymore :P

  2. Hehehe :P Try them yar :) And this shade in particular!



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