Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Charlie Sunshine Deo

Its still damn hot in Chennai except for the sudden outbursts of rain that last for a short epoch and accredit the heat :( And That's where the deos with a capital D come in handy. I am pretty much sure that most of u know what is a deo :P they cum in 2 forms:spray and roll on :) I like both but Sprays feel more Hygienic since they are *untouched* while roll ons are well..u know :P

I am not much of a fan of perfumes cuz first thing I get headaches and second I haven't come across one that has made me feel "oh!wow wat a redolent smell " (maybe I shud give them a try whaddaya think;) )  So let me stop being loquacious and start wit the review:

I have loads of deos ranging from eva,charlie,attitude,impulse,yardley,nivea,mirage,dove and many others.
And the strongest of them (in terms of fragrance) is Charlie in Sunshine. :)

Yeah u guessed rgt..It is a DOORMAT behind :P :))
And I got this long tym back...was my 2nd bottle and didn't purchase after will tell u why :\

It comes in a sturdy sunshine(:P) yellow bottle. It costs 150 I think..nt sure of the current price. The first tym I used I loved the smell,the long lasting property and etc etc . Then I had a real bad experience with it.It made my skin extremely dry and it became painfully allergic. But after sum tym it returned to normal though my underarm skin has become sensitive to any alcoholic deo :( with the exception of DOVE which is amazing :)
Now u may be wondering y did I get a 2nd one! It is cuz I wanted to give it another shot as the smell lingers for a long tym..greedy me :D  But it let me down again so no more Sunshines in my bathroom closet :| It was my kind of fragrance but just nt meant for me..Tragic..sob sob :( (

No swatches guys :P :P

1.Smells so refreshing I love it :*
2.Lasts for a long long tym
3.Strong fragrance so doesn't get overpowered by ur body odour !
4.Sturdy packaging.
5.Gud value for money..nt expensive...I call it the "poor man's perfume" :D
6.Doesn't show on ur clothes

1.Since it contains alcohol it tends to dry out the skin.
2.Too strong for winters.

I would recommend that u guys give this a try but make sure u test it out on ur wrists and check the results after a day or so and then invest in this. It might suit you:)

:D :D :D 

Tried and liked this?or it isn't for u?Do share ur thoughts:) It is a bliss to see ur comments on my posts :)

Monday, 13 June 2011

TOP 5 SONGS OF LAST WEEK...Little late :P

First of all I must say sorry for posting this today wen am supposed to have done it on Saturday:| The reason is I got damn Sick :( So without much ado lets get to business ;)

Ok Starting from the last to the first song that I had a blast listening to they are:

5.Hale Dil from the movie Murder 2:
A soft rendition by Harshit Saxena with beats to its favour...an invigorating combo I like :D

4.JLo On the Floor pitbull feat:
I was never a fan of Jlo's singing skills till I listened  to this...She is amazing in this even thou mostly it consists of lalalala ...

3.Luv Ka The End from the movie Luv Ka The End :
Its not new par the tempo gets to me and i get excited(just too much) :P

2.Humko Pyar hua from the movie Ready:
The second best one!Both K.K. and Tulsi Kumar have totally rocked this song :) A breezy just falling in love song:)

Drum rolls...:P

1.Fireflies by Owl City :
This is the best song of my week :D Mostly The most beautiful sngs are the sadder ones but this one brings out a cheerful and optimistic me!I don't know whether it is the lyrics or the music or the guy's voice :)So the CUP goes to tis one of course :D

Songs that Almost made it:
1.Heartbeat Indian remix by Enrique :* :* and Sunidhi Chauhan
2.Hold it against me by Britney spears.
3.Falak Tak from Tashan 

The Best New Song is


Sallu is back with his quirky steps :P

The Award for the TIMELESS CLASSIC:

Aaye ho mere zindagi mein-the male version sung by Udit Narayanan ;)

That's it sweetz...Do share wit me the songs u loved listening to last week

Sunday, 5 June 2011


I have been thinking that I am posting reviews of skincare products only and Since I created this blog to share my views on the subjects that I like..its high tym to express my thots on MUSIC and BOOKS:D (the loves of my life :P)

     So for the MUSIC part I have decided that I am gonna start a Weekly Post on :

ta da ta da!(introductory music:P)


It will consist of  the 5 songs that I had a blast listening to :)

So u guys like my idea??U can also share wit me the songs that u loved..it will real fun :D

And about the BOOK..I have resolved to review atleast one book a week till I exhaust reviewing the numerous books that I have enjoyed reading..or sometimes learnt new dimensions of lyf :)I read nearly all kinds of books so I hope u guys get an insight of the novels that u have been thinking of picking up..just to help u guys choose books that will suit ur tastes ;)

hope u guys support me in tis brand new additions :)

So wat do u do wen u get bored??

Hiya :)

This is just a random post..... I am on my vacation presently:d During exams we definitely look forward to the holidays that follow..who doesn't is a geek :P and I am not! After the euphoria of the first few days of lazying around,watching tv and other entertainments..I am now HELL BORED :O
    So I thot of asking u guys of wat u do to while away  ur tym:D

I love Shinchan :* he is so adorable:D

here is a google videos link of the shinchan episodes ;)

Have fun watching them :D

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Ahhhhhhhh!Am still in the euphoria of having the ultra delicious yummy treat tat I had just now..Thought ill do a post on it and show u guys the pics and make u go green :D

...nt exactly mango sauce..it is my mum's super yummy Mango Milkshake which I absolutely love :d

So here are the pics..
**I am in no way responsible for any stomach pangs or water drops from ur mouth** :angel: angel:

I got a pack of Kwality walls Butterscotch icecream for Rs.179 in BUY ONE GET ONE FREE:D :D So I got TWO packs of butterscotch :P I had icecream to my heart's content and then in the evening my sweet MOM :* :* made her delectable mouthwatering Mango Milkshake..:D
When I saw both my evil mind decided to have both of these together :P So I poured mango shake in this icecream and when i tested it It was well....Heavenly :D :P 
Hehehe :P So u too try this sweeties :* 

P.S:This post is dedicated to my Whity <3 <3 She loves icecream and will go Bonkers on reading this post :P :P And I have asked her to do a guest post on this blog..:D Love ya <3


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