Sunday, 28 April 2013

Do not stare at my lips!! Lotus Pure stay Lip Gloss in Pink Hypnotic Review and swatches!

If u wanna make ur ex(s) regret leaving u or make that handsome dude give u the life restorative glance I got just the right tool err wand for u! The lip gloss wand ;) A wand dipped in a bottle of 8ml pure prettiness :)

When I wore this gloss post lunch my friends could not stop staring at my lips :P And d compliments galore! 

Lotus Pure Stay range is an awesome initiative by a Desi brand where the cosmetics are mostly manufactured using natural ingredients and are 100% vegetarian.

The lip glosses surely do pack a punch :)

I got it in Pink Hypnotic and well am more than pleased :)

The gloss comes in a long rectangular see through tube.Sturdy and travel friendly.I totally adore the packaging as it is sleek. But it is a bit heavy too.
Is priced at Rs.395 for 8ml gloss. Might seem expensive but Revlon and Colorbar provide only 3.9 ml and 3.8ml resp for 500 bucks. So the pricing is good for the quantity.
The color is as mentioned hypnotic ;) A stunning melange of red and pink with hints of coral in it. During the day it looks innocently coral pink but at night gives a sexy reddish pink pout.

Has lots of shimmer in it that do not look tacky but add to the sheen of the gloss.
The applicator is spongy and helps disperse the gloss evenly.
The gloss has a sticky texture. The kind which attracts ur hair to ur lips.I personally found it a bit annoying.
Stayed for 2 hours without food and drinks on my lips. With light snacks it left behind a pinkish stain that stayed for another 1/2 an hr. 

The shimmers do disperse to sum degree(check d swatches) but do not stay back for longer time as grit ur lips. They vanish with the gloss. 
I am so liking this range that I am gonna pick up Peachy pink and an orange one :)


 Gloss lovers shouldn't miss this range especially the color.It is an attention seeker and great for meet ups and night outs. But if ur office does not have strict makeup policies then go gurl!


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Skincare: Himalaya gentle Exfoliating facewash Review!

I always carry face wash and moisturiser with me (along with blush and gloss)! So I get a chance to try facewashes from a variety of brands as I cannot carry Cetaphil with me everywhere.

On such a lookout I came across this exfoliating variant from Himalaya.I have always liked Himalaya as a brand so I grabbed this without second thoughts :)

  • The face wash comes in a squeeze friendly as the cap is sturdy.
  • It is priced reasonably at some 60 odd bucks for 50ml.
  • Has a soothing herbal smell.The one that gives me nostalgia as I used the neem face wash in school days :)


  • It is a transparent liquid with orange/red color micro beads.The beads are super super tiny and not at all harsh.The scrubbing power is okayish. IMO it can be used everyday.
  • The liquid lathers very well. I use a little amount for my face and neck unlike the lotus face washes that need oodles of liquid to lather.

  • Leaves skin feeling fresh and does not dry out my skin.But I cannot skip moisturizer with this. I did not feel dryness for like mayb 10 minutes. 
  • I did the Cetaphil test and there were very slight traces of dirt on the cotton ball. I am totally liking this facewash :)
  • My sister who has combination oily skin really loves the face wash as it does not make her skin oily. 

It is one of the good face washes available for a reasonable price that would not dry out the skin. If u are looking for a travel friendly face wash that would do its job well then I would def recommend it :)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Papaya Review and Swatches!

Smack ur lips and say "papaya" to beget juicy summer lips!

Picture urself wearing cute skirts and stepping out in trendy wedges!Zoom in to ur face. Nothing but tinted moisturizer. And a hint of coral glossiness on ur lips that just lightens up ur face ;)

Revlon papaya is the answer to ur prayers for subtle yet pretty coral lips. 

It comes in a long tube.Almost double in size to that of the maybelline watershines.Has the trademark checkered pattern over its cap and a transparent body that helps u to identify the color of the gloss instantly.

Pretty expensive for a lip gloss but u get a huge quantity of 5.9 ml for 500 bucks.

This gloss was a superhit with bloggers across the nation but I was not enamored by the color.Then one day I saw a gal in MTC rocking a coral lip color and bang I was obsessed with this. I literally ran to H & G to get it.I was so afraid that the shade would be OOS!

It looks a warm bright coral orange in the tube but on my lips it settles into a coral pink shade with lil hint of orange and a good dose of juicy glossiness.The shimmers are hardly visible (if there r any) in this particular shade but impart a sheen that does not look OTT.I can easily wear this gloss to office.

The applicator is doe foot type and is convenient to apply the gloss but the gloss itself has a goopy thick texture which makes for uneven application. So as Deeps of Divassence suggests use ur fingers to spread the gloss for better application and lasting power ;)

The gloss is not very sticky that ur hair strands tend to stick on ur lips.

It has a good pigmentation not usual with most of the glosses as u can see from the swatches. The swatch consists of a single swipe only.If u have pigmented lips the color would still show up :)

IMO this gloss would lovely on fair to wheatish skin.Dark skin ladies can check out Aubergine which is a gorgeous berry shade.

Does not have a prominent fragrance.

Feels balmy and moisturising on the lips. I do not require a lip balm even.

Being a gloss it is prone to bleeding under humid conditions.

Stays for 2 hours on my lips.I personally do not expect more from glosses. Colorbar true glosses belong to a different race ;)


I love the subtle coral sheen it gives my lips. Revlon I apologize for ignoring ur colorburst range of glosses and promise they will receive better love! 
Am I obsessed with revlon?? Oh yea baby!!

P.S : I am loving how the gloss is adding color to my blog :D :P Do u like it??

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Winner of the Get Cheeky Giveaway Announced!!

Finally! Phew!! I gave the numbers to and this is what he returned!

So the winner of the get cheeky giveaway is

                    Chandana Tantri !!!

             Congrats hun :D  Send me ur mailing details within 48 hours to

To others who participated thanks :) There will be more giveaways on the blog soon I promise :D Thanks for all ur support :)  

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Monday, 8 April 2013

My Top 5 picks for the Get Cheeky giveaway!

Sorry for being MIA! Feels like am on a roller coaster minus the thrill ;)

Here are my top 5 favorite blush entries :)

 I have selected them cuz I liked the pictures and write up :) No personal feelings were held while evaluating the entries :) 

And I must thank each and everyone of you who took time to click the swatches and send in the entries! Thank u guys <3

So time for the names :)

 1. Tejinder :

U can check out her entry here :
 Tej's entry!

She has done an immense job of writing an entire review :* Such a sweetheart :) 

2.  Nickita :

Nickita's entry! 

 I just loved d way he has clicked d pic of lakme absolute blush :) 

3.Shweta Sarawgi :

Check out the cream blush entry!

I loved the shade as well as the clarity of the swatch :)

4. Deepika :

Orange blush entry!

A one of a kind Mandarin blush :) 


The pretty blush reporting here! 

The blush is so pretty! Sigh!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lipstick Love : Inglot Lipstick Refill in No. 56 Review and Swatches!

For too long a time I thought pinks were the only ones for me. No matter what lip color I applied my natural lip color would peek thru. Well I was sorely mistaken! All I needed was a highly pigmented lip color to prove peaches can perk up my face like Inglot 56 ;) I and my friend met after loooong time and she asked me what lip color was I wearing :P 

  • The refill comes in a circular metal pan enclosed inside a plastic case.
  • Refills are priced at Rs.300/- ( price hike alert). Though the quantity offered is less stay rest assured about the quality. It is top notch :) 
Under Sunlight

  • The shade 56 is a peachy coral that would look lovely on fair to medium skin. No. 73 is brighter and has less peach in it.
  • The lipstick has a semi matte finish. The finish differs from shade to shade.
  • It does not weigh down the lips and feels light :)
  • The smell am unable to pin point but it vanishes in a few minutes.
  • The lipstick is highly pigmented. Covers my lip color with very less amount.

I know the swatches look a lil darker but the shade is wat I described as : peachy coral
  • Is not prone to bleeding owing to its texture.
  • Staying power is 3 hours on my lips. With food it leaves behind a slight tint. 
  • Requires smooth lips to look even.


I am loving this color a lot! It looks fantastic paired with coral blush :) This all things coral and orange phase is making my life colorful :D 

P.S: This post was supposed to be up one hour back but the Fashion disaster page of yahoo! caught my fancy. Dolly Bindra??? What were u thinkin!!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Product Of the Week!! Maybelline Hyper Glossy Eyeliner in Tangerine Orange!

Say Hello to Mr. Tangerine brother of Miss Mandarin and Miss Rendezvous!

He looks sexy and is Orange duh! And if u r afraid that orange eyeliner will make you look like the evil lady with horrendous makeup and disgusting long nails from Shakthimaan then let me assure u it wont ;)

  • Comes in a tapered plastic bottle that pop written over it in the exact shade of the liner.
  • Color is a summery orange that is warm and brightens your peepers.
  • The brush handle is efficient in providing good grip and the brush is perfect for drawing thin lines.
  • Sets very fast. Like in seconds.

  • It has a glossy finish that lasts for less than half an hr after which it settles to a matte finish.
  • The liquid glides on very smoothly on the eyes. No pulling ot tugging. Orange definition in a single stroke!
  • Did not flake.
  • Did not smudge but if u tend to rub ur eyes then it will peel off ;)
  • Is not waterproof but is water resistant in the sense it will not drip off ur eyes when u splash ur face with water but using a wet cotton ball will easily remove the liner.
  • It lasted on my lids for approx 5.5 hrs :)
  • Price: 350/-


I am liking the fact that the liners are easy peasy to apply and come in different shades! Colored liners are the fool proof way to jazz up any occasion ;) 

Disclaimer : Product Sent by brand for Consideration but my opinions are honest I swear to God ;


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