Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Product Of the Week!! Maybelline Hyper Glossy Eyeliner in Tangerine Orange!

Say Hello to Mr. Tangerine brother of Miss Mandarin and Miss Rendezvous!

He looks sexy and is Orange duh! And if u r afraid that orange eyeliner will make you look like the evil lady with horrendous makeup and disgusting long nails from Shakthimaan then let me assure u it wont ;)

  • Comes in a tapered plastic bottle that pop written over it in the exact shade of the liner.
  • Color is a summery orange that is warm and brightens your peepers.
  • The brush handle is efficient in providing good grip and the brush is perfect for drawing thin lines.
  • Sets very fast. Like in seconds.

  • It has a glossy finish that lasts for less than half an hr after which it settles to a matte finish.
  • The liquid glides on very smoothly on the eyes. No pulling ot tugging. Orange definition in a single stroke!
  • Did not flake.
  • Did not smudge but if u tend to rub ur eyes then it will peel off ;)
  • Is not waterproof but is water resistant in the sense it will not drip off ur eyes when u splash ur face with water but using a wet cotton ball will easily remove the liner.
  • It lasted on my lids for approx 5.5 hrs :)
  • Price: 350/-


I am liking the fact that the liners are easy peasy to apply and come in different shades! Colored liners are the fool proof way to jazz up any occasion ;) 

Disclaimer : Product Sent by brand for Consideration but my opinions are honest I swear to God ;


  1. lovely color!! i so need this one in my life now! :D

    1. I wil get u 1 Deeps ;) U can wear orangy makeup 1 day :P

  2. orange eyeliner.....i can never carry this :P Nice review raaga :)

    1. Start with greys and blues madhu :-) thank u



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