Monday, 15 April 2013

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Papaya Review and Swatches!

Smack ur lips and say "papaya" to beget juicy summer lips!

Picture urself wearing cute skirts and stepping out in trendy wedges!Zoom in to ur face. Nothing but tinted moisturizer. And a hint of coral glossiness on ur lips that just lightens up ur face ;)

Revlon papaya is the answer to ur prayers for subtle yet pretty coral lips. 

It comes in a long tube.Almost double in size to that of the maybelline watershines.Has the trademark checkered pattern over its cap and a transparent body that helps u to identify the color of the gloss instantly.

Pretty expensive for a lip gloss but u get a huge quantity of 5.9 ml for 500 bucks.

This gloss was a superhit with bloggers across the nation but I was not enamored by the color.Then one day I saw a gal in MTC rocking a coral lip color and bang I was obsessed with this. I literally ran to H & G to get it.I was so afraid that the shade would be OOS!

It looks a warm bright coral orange in the tube but on my lips it settles into a coral pink shade with lil hint of orange and a good dose of juicy glossiness.The shimmers are hardly visible (if there r any) in this particular shade but impart a sheen that does not look OTT.I can easily wear this gloss to office.

The applicator is doe foot type and is convenient to apply the gloss but the gloss itself has a goopy thick texture which makes for uneven application. So as Deeps of Divassence suggests use ur fingers to spread the gloss for better application and lasting power ;)

The gloss is not very sticky that ur hair strands tend to stick on ur lips.

It has a good pigmentation not usual with most of the glosses as u can see from the swatches. The swatch consists of a single swipe only.If u have pigmented lips the color would still show up :)

IMO this gloss would lovely on fair to wheatish skin.Dark skin ladies can check out Aubergine which is a gorgeous berry shade.

Does not have a prominent fragrance.

Feels balmy and moisturising on the lips. I do not require a lip balm even.

Being a gloss it is prone to bleeding under humid conditions.

Stays for 2 hours on my lips.I personally do not expect more from glosses. Colorbar true glosses belong to a different race ;)


I love the subtle coral sheen it gives my lips. Revlon I apologize for ignoring ur colorburst range of glosses and promise they will receive better love! 
Am I obsessed with revlon?? Oh yea baby!!

P.S : I am loving how the gloss is adding color to my blog :D :P Do u like it??


  1. i love the shade yaa.. its so pretty.. its time i have to start trying out coral shades... :D

    1. U ought to jyo :-) coral suit our skin tone beautifully.

  2. This was one of my first ever lip glosses!! I was obsessed with this collor for quite a while!! And it looked so good on you when you wore it.. forget the girl on the MTC!!

    1. Haha it is too pretty na :-D
      Aww thank u deeps :-*

  3. such a pretty coralish color

    1. U like it? :-) wat is ur favourite coral lipstick?

  4. I am liking such shades nowadays..:)



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