Thursday, 27 December 2012

Elle 18 Lipstick in Luscious Lilac Review and Swatches!

When I was new to makeup, I read in some blogs that every girl should own a lipstick in every color family.I didn't know any better and set about getting a mauvish shade.I saw this in a store, bought it and went to another store and got the Mulberry splash from the same brand. 2 shades that are same albeit the shimmer and do not suit me at all.What was I thinking?? Yes the old me definitely needs ur sympathy :)

U can check out the review of  Mulberry Splash here :)

 I am doing this review cuz this shade might suit some of u :)

  • Luscious Lilac is a purplish/violety shade with golden shimmers.
  • The shimmers are very fine and give a glossy sheen to the lips.They are definitely not frosty.
  • The texture is very soft and glides on smoothly.
  • It does not dry ur lips.U won't even need a lip balm with this unless u have very dry lips.D reason has been mentioned as the moisturising core :the white part in the middle.If u have a bright/dark shade, u can tone it down by mixing it with the core :) 
  • Feels light on the lips.
  • The pigmentation is low but not as low as the Cinnamon one.U need 3 or 4 swipes to cover the lip discoloration.
  • It is prone to melting.Mine has turned into a gooey mess.So keep it in the refrigerator if U want to save it from macabre ;)
  •  Using a lip brush to apply this works better than direct application.
  • This particular shade does not suit me.Makes me look like a patient admitted for poisoning!
  • Just wish it had lil pink in it to suit me.
Pocket friendly option for the college going makeup junkies :) U can experiment with shades from this range without causing serious harm to ur wallet.Shades like Pomegranate pie,cinnamon and roasty red are great options :)


  1. Nice review and pretty shade...I even like these lippies....they cheap and best..:)

  2. Me too have Elle18 lippies loving it lot.... Nice Review dear :)

  3. Thank u radha :) which 1s do u own??

  4. Only thing it doesn't suit me :(

  5. Hey, Elle18 lipsticks are still my favorite. I feel the pigmentation depends large on the shade.. and I don;t mind reapplying :P

  6. Yea exactly Nivi :) I can't find them any more here thou :( I don like reapplyin :P



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