Sunday, 23 December 2012

Blush Lust: Inglot Blush No.32 Review and Swatches!

Now Don't sigh and skip this post murmuring another Blush post :P What else would u expect here at my blog! maybe I would rename it the Blushing Geek?? Tomato with glasses?? 

I am not someone u can call an impulsive shopper.Maybe cuz of the fact that I can't take chances with my meager pocket money ;) 
But this particular blush I got on an impulse as 29/30 was unavailable on majorbrands.I wanted to get 55 which has been described online as cool toned plum.I put that into my cart but replaced it with this on in d last minute.
Lesson learnt: First hunch should always be heeded to ;)

  • The packaging is same as that of other blush refills: blush housed in a metal pan  and placed inside a plastic case.Not sturdy but will do.

  • Retails for Rs.350/- per pan for 6g (thou it has been mentioned as 7g online)
  • And please don't go by the swatches put up by the site as there are seriously misleading!
  • The color is coral pink (I can see a lil peach too) with silver shimmers.

  • It has medium pigmentation.All u need is a single swipe.
  • I use it a highlighter cum blush.
  • The shimmers are not OTT but u need to be careful.U can brush off the shimmers to some extent :)
  • I don't prefer shimmery blushes.But if u r okay with/like shimmery blushes then u will love this :)
  • The texture is  smooth and powdery.And the fallout is less compared to the other 2 blushes I own.
  • The finish has low level of shimmers so that works well for the in between categories like bday partys.
  • Staying power is average.Lasts like for 3 hours on me and then d color fades leaving behind some shimmers.not ugly thou.
  • Will suit fair and dusky skin tones.
If u like shimmers/do not mind them then U will like the blush!It is such a pretty coral :) I only wish it was matte.But I make do as a highlighter :)



  1. pretty shade, love the pigmentation <3

  2. very pretty color. I have not used Inglot blushes so far.
    Now i want to try them.:)

  3. I like matte in winter too. THanks for the review. I do like the color but would be bothered with the shimmer.

    LOL. Impulse buying really isn't that bad. I'm guilty all the time.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  4. Yes It is lovely Rakshanda :)

  5. U have so many lipsticks Niesha :D get sum blushes next tym ;)

  6. I always like matte only :) Hehe :P Mine backfires everytym ;)

  7. the color is so pretty pretty and matte is my type too :)

  8. Wowww First I can say this blush looks so yummy like a strawberry Choco :)
    Nice Review n loved the shade

  9. i like shimmery blushes.....this one looks pretty

  10. @Tadha: Strawberry choco?? :D Thanks :) Try it na!

  11. @Vish : Same pinch yar!Am glad u liked d shade :)

  12. U do?? Then u must check tis out Prayati :)



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