Friday, 28 December 2012

Eyeliner Watch : Elle 18 Sparklers Swatches and Review!

Come Let me show you how ignorance kills you :) I was so impressed by the graphic design of the elle 18 sparklers that I got all the five without even swatching and waiting for reviews. And result ?? I am stuck with 5 chubby crayon pencils.

  • They cost me 85 bucks a pop.
  • They look like crayon pencils.Reminds me of NYX!
  • These eyeliners are soft,creamy and glide on easily.No tugging/pulling.
  • And because of the creamy texture they hardly last an hour or 2. That too I should be careful not to touch/rub them.
  • Pigmentation varies with each color.
  • All the shades give a pearly finish albeit the silver spark which is very shimmery.
  • Now to the shades:
  • Purple Pataka : Violet-pink shade.Average pigmentation.need 2 swipes to show up on my eyes
  • Silver Spark: Stark white shade with white OTT shimmers .Pathetic pigmentation.looks odd on the eyes.cannot be even used as a highlighter.
  • Green Grenade: Forest green shade.Average pigmentation.need 2 swipes.
  • Blue Blast: Beautiful navy blue shade. It is very pretty and has average pigmentation.
  • Gun Powder: My favorite. Metallic grey shade.I love this color.But I cannot find similar shade in other brands.Wish it had more staying power :( 
  • If u guys know a dupe of this shade please notify me in the comments :)
If u are into funky non lasting shades and would rather get 5 colors instead of 2 then these are made for u :)


  1. Nice review :)
    Love the colors :)

  2. well written! and the swatches are so tempting! I have blue blast.. these are truly awesome for the price! :)

  3. i used the purple one bt not sounded good for me :(

  4. very nice I have not tried them yet.:)

  5. Excellent packaging. Super cute. ANd the colors are gorgeous. However, I'm a little too old for funky colors like these.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  6. Aww thank u Deepika :) U think so??

  7. Ohh I think it s a everyday wearable color if u r into pink eyeshadows :) Mayb the blue blast/gun powder will suit u :)

  8. U haven't ?? But tats okay these r nt must haves :)

  9. U can never be too old for anythin :D Yea packagin is uber cute but I am nt a fan of the pencils :)

  10. i hv purple pataka.. use it mostly for party wear an e/s or for blue smoky makeup.. :)

    i m liking the blue blast :)


  11. I love gun powder d most Revathy :D Get it then :)



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