Friday, 21 December 2012

Lipstick Love: Bourjois Levres Contour Lip pencil in Peche Voluptueuse Review and Swatches!

I am not a fan of lip pencils courtesy my dry lips.But I can assure you the bourjois levres contour lip pencils are the bomb!They are soft and glide like honey baby!

Lip pencils are usually used to arrest the bleeding of lipsticks.They hold the lip color in place along with providing a better appearence.Actresses use the layering technique whereby they layer multiple lip products of similar/exact shades so even when the lipstick wears off they have color on their lips :)

Coming back to this lip pencil I got it because they didn't have Faces french rose lipstick/maybelline bronze orange/Colorbar obsessed orange/maybelline orange lipbalm/Lipice in orange anywhere :( The Bourjois SA asked me to try this and I liked it :)

Price: Rs.250/-

  • It is a solid wooden pencil.The color of the pencil is same as that of the lip color :) The eye pencils from this range are also made of wood.Simple and classy but environment :'(

  • The color is a peachy orange with lil red undertones :)
  • The texture is does not tug and glides easily over lips.
  • Forms a matte finish.
  • Is super pigmented will cover the discolorations on the lips.
  • Tends to enhance the flaky part of lips so be sure to exfoliate your lips beforehand.
  • Dry lips definitely need a lipbalm underneath.
  • Stays put for 4 hours solid after which it starts fading.
  • Helps prevent lipstick from traveling from north to south :)
  • More suited to fair/medium skin.Might look harsh on deeper skin tones.
A peach shade that can brighten up ur face and day ;) A budget product u need to own atleast one of these :) 


  1. hello Raaga
    the shade is pretty and nice review

  2. Nice Review Raga and it is pretty shade me gonna try once :)

  3. I have the lipstick in the same shade and I so love it!!! For the price, it's a steal!!

  4. u liked it Vish?? Thank u :)

  5. Yeah Saumya :) I love tis shade :)

  6. Thank u Radha :) Try and tell me if u like it :)

  7. Hehe :D True U have red from this range na?? i remember ur review :)

  8. that's a really pretty shade :)

  9. U get it Coral U can rock it ;)

  10. very pretty shade..loved it..:)



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