Monday, 24 June 2013

Lotus Pure Stay Blusher in Rose Kiss Review and Swatches!

When Lotus launched the Pure Stay range the blushes were the only things that caught my attention.Rice powder for blush?? And oooo the pretty packaging. 

Now that I have been testing it out for some time now I have drawn some concrete conclusions over the blush!

The blusher comes in a heavy glass like box wrapped inside a satin pouch that gives a luxurious feel to the whole packaging :)

But on the flip side the case is not travel friendly. I would rather carry 2 more tees ;)

The blush case has a big mirror and a brush. The brush is soft and can be substituted for a blush brush in case of emergencies or when u r too lazy to scour for ur brush ;)

The blush has a rivulet kinda pattern over it which is uncommon in desi brands.


 The shade is a warm peachy rose with obvious golden shimmers. I would not call it peachy pink as pink is a more intense color. The blush lends a warm flush. One of the most natural kinda blushes I have tried albeit the shimmers. 

The shimmers are finely milled and non gritty but do tend to accentuate the pores.I do not have big open pores. Still I wish the shimmers were present in lesser degree. 

Under Direct Sunlight

The blush has a powdery soft texture and lots of fall out. But as it does not have lots of chemicals I can compromise with the fall out.

The pigmentation is medium. On my fair-medium skin a single swipe gives a rosy flush with a lil glow. With another swipe the color does not intensify but the shimmers do. It is like my skin drinks up the color. On dusky skin this will show up beautifully :)  

The staying power is between 4-5 hours on my dry skin after which faded considerably.

The Pure Stay range products are 100% vegetarian and Preservative free. That is one of the critical reasons I wanted to try these blushers.

The pricing could have been better as not everyone is blush crazy as some of us are and would not be willing to cough up 600 bucks for a drugstore brand.


The glosses are the star kids of the Pure Stay range. I like this blush but not in love with it. The pros of the blush : the warm flush and being preservative free along with the pretty packaging.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Favorites from May!

A bad waxing job whose ramifications lasted a week bounds to make me hate June!When I had to look back to may I was euphoric with all the shopping I had done. And mostly makeup no surprises there :D

I had a great time enjoying the feel of new makeup on my face.

U can easily guess the shades if U have read my previous posts :)
  • Revlon Colorburst in Soft Rose
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Fruiti
  • MAC Lustre in See Sheer
I prefer cream finish and balmy lipsticks even in Summers due to my perennially chapped lips. And these 3 were my flings in May.I fear I and See Sheer might get into a relationship with the amount of people complimenting on "How perfect we are for each other"

 The chocolate scented and low on shimmer highlighter is a winner on my face. Instantly perks up if used in minimal amount :)

My Colossal kajal got over at the start of week and I did not have time or energy for buying another one. So I came back to this. Does not smudge and stays put for more than 7 hours under ac environment.  Already one of the best products I used in 2012!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Summer Lip trend Choices!

Most of the makeup trends that we drool over from the Runway are hardly wearable in real life.

But definitely adaptable so that the dogs on our streets do not chase us ;) It all takes a little bit of tapping on the Google baba :)

I was pouring over Grazia and noticed the article on popping lip color trend. And that gave me an idea on doing this post.

I am sharing some lip colors that are perfect for summer but not OTT :) 

Let me start with Fuchsia :

  • Maybelline High Shine Lipstick in Fruit Punch : It just stole my heart in the first swipe :) Bright Fuchsia that IS WEARABLE. It is a color that will make u feel pretty instantly. Price : Rs.400/-
  • Colorbar True Gloss in Vintage Rose : Not for office wear. Very bright and needs courage to carry off outside home. Price : Rs.495/-
  • Colorbar Oh My Magenta : A matte and subdued form of the vintage rose gloss. Price : Rs.250/-

  • Maybelline High Shine Gloss in Captivating Coral : A warm tangerine gloss. Pigmentation is sheer for those who are not into bold oranges. Price : Rs.350/-
  • Revlon Lip butter in Tutti fruiti : A hybrid of vampire and werewolf. Jk! it is a hybrid of lip balm and lipstick. Sheer and very balmy. Price: Rs. 600/-
  • Revlon Lip Balm+ Stain in Rendezvous : balmy in texture but sets to matte finish after an hr or so. Medium orange with golden shimmers.Stays put for long. Price : Rs.600/-
  • Inglot Lipstick refill in 37 : A popping reddish orange shade. U need helluva guts ;) or just use fingers to sheer it out like I do. Price : Rs.300/ (revised)
Coral :

  •  MAC See Sheer Lipstick : I am hooked to this shade. Peachy coral with a glossy finish. Must have for fair warm skin tones. Price : Rs.990/-
  • Inglot Lipstick refill in 56 : Another peachy coral with semi matte finish.Deeper than see sheer. Price : Rs.300 (revised).
  • Avon mango mania : Technically not a coral but it looks coral on me so anyways. A pinkish coral with orange undertones and sets to a matte finish. Price : Rs.129 (not sure).
P.S. : Avon mango mania used to look brownish orange on me initially. But these days everything takes a pinkish hue on me. So put down ur mosquito bats this instant!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lotus Pure Stay Lip gloss in Peach Pink Review and Swatches!

I used to be madly obsessed with Anushka Sharma at one point! Her flawless glowing skin,peachy pink lips, hint of coral blush and her cute smile :) 

But I got bored.Now that is the reason I don't like commitments ;)Those times I used to search high and low for a peachy pink gloss that would make me look sweet. But suddenly the bad ass world of bright colors beckoned me and I totally forgot abt peachy pinks. So when Lotus had a sale I grabbed the Peach Pink shade from the gloss range :) 

The gloss comes in a long rectangular see through tube.Sturdy and travel friendly.I totally adore the packaging. But it is a bit heavy. Maybelline High Shine glosses are lighter and easier to carry.

Is priced at Rs.395 for 8ml gloss. Might seem expensive but Revlon and Colorbar provide only 3.9 ml and 3.8ml resp for 500 bucks. So the pricing is good for the quantity.

The gloss is 100% vegetarian and preservative free. Hats off to the brand for that :) 

The color Peach Pink is a pink gloss with hints of peach in it. It is the shade you can comfortably wear to office without earning stares. Definitely not an attention seeker. These days I find myself picking glosses over lipsticks as they are more wearable.

The applicator is spongy and helps disperse the gloss evenly.

I am unable to pinpoint the smell but it stays for atleast 1/2 hr. 
The texture is sticky. Very sticky.That is the only part I find annoying. seriously annoying :@

This particular shade is devoid of shimmers and imparts a juicy sheen to the lips.
I personally feel the gloss range is very moisturizing. I feel it even after the gloss wears off.

The gloss stayed for 2.5-3 hours without food/drinks. After that it leaves a slight tint.


U can call this shade the counter pole of Pink Hypnotic. While that is a bright coral red kind of shade this is more of a subdued pink :) I would rate this 4.8 out of 5.

Pair this shade with a subtle pink blush like Colorbar Cosmic rose or Peachy rose for that girl next door look :)

Also check out :

Lotus Pure stay Lip Gloss in Pink Hypnotic Review and swatches!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Maybelline High Shine gloss in Captivating Coral Review and swatches!

Yes another gloss for those of u looking to flaunt the summer makeup trend ;)

"The one that has sheen and will make u preen
It is the gloss in tangerine "

The Maybelline High shine gloss comes in a transparent tube with nothing printed on it. Nope.Zilch and that makes it boring. They are priced at 350 bucks a piece.
But on the flip side it helps in easier identification of yours truly ;)

U can check out the gloss shades at


The tube has a bent applicator that helps in better placement of the gloss especially in the corners.
The shade number and name is mentioned at the end of the tube.
The tube is not heavy *hello Lotus Pure Stay* and definitely travel friendly if u do not mind scratches on the tube of course!
Who named thou Coral?? Cuz u r Tangerine! Pure warm tangerine with no hints of pink! 
If u someone scared of oranges as I am scared of ghosts then U can take ur baby steps into the big bad world of orange with this gloss. U do have the option of Revlon Tutti fruiti but it is damn expensive for a lip balm!


The gloss has a creamy texture and absolutely non sticky. Great for dry lips. But the texture makes it lil uneven on the lips.I would suggest applying small amount with the wand and even-ing it out with ur fingers.
And the good news for office/college makeup junkies is that it is devoid of shimmers which makes it apt for daily wear :) 
The gloss is hydrating as long as it stays on the lips and gives an illusion of plump lips :)
Most importantly it does not weigh down the lips.

Pigmentation is sheer. it is buildable but has serious limitations. It will not hide major discolorations.
The staying power was where it lost its star.It hardly stayed for more than 1.5 hours and with food it completely disappears. 

U can pair the gloss with a peach blush like MUA blusher in 4/5 or Faces burnt Sienna and brown rimmed eyes :)


I am liking the gloss for its light weight and creamy texture. U got a lot of pretty shades to choose from. I might pick up gleaming grenadine next :) 
Would rate it 4.3 out of 5 ( -0.7 cuz I find it annoying to do touch ups so often hmph!)

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for Consideration. But my opinion is honest I swear to God ;)


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