Monday, 3 June 2013

Maybelline High Shine gloss in Captivating Coral Review and swatches!

Yes another gloss for those of u looking to flaunt the summer makeup trend ;)

"The one that has sheen and will make u preen
It is the gloss in tangerine "

The Maybelline High shine gloss comes in a transparent tube with nothing printed on it. Nope.Zilch and that makes it boring. They are priced at 350 bucks a piece.
But on the flip side it helps in easier identification of yours truly ;)

U can check out the gloss shades at


The tube has a bent applicator that helps in better placement of the gloss especially in the corners.
The shade number and name is mentioned at the end of the tube.
The tube is not heavy *hello Lotus Pure Stay* and definitely travel friendly if u do not mind scratches on the tube of course!
Who named thou Coral?? Cuz u r Tangerine! Pure warm tangerine with no hints of pink! 
If u someone scared of oranges as I am scared of ghosts then U can take ur baby steps into the big bad world of orange with this gloss. U do have the option of Revlon Tutti fruiti but it is damn expensive for a lip balm!


The gloss has a creamy texture and absolutely non sticky. Great for dry lips. But the texture makes it lil uneven on the lips.I would suggest applying small amount with the wand and even-ing it out with ur fingers.
And the good news for office/college makeup junkies is that it is devoid of shimmers which makes it apt for daily wear :) 
The gloss is hydrating as long as it stays on the lips and gives an illusion of plump lips :)
Most importantly it does not weigh down the lips.

Pigmentation is sheer. it is buildable but has serious limitations. It will not hide major discolorations.
The staying power was where it lost its star.It hardly stayed for more than 1.5 hours and with food it completely disappears. 

U can pair the gloss with a peach blush like MUA blusher in 4/5 or Faces burnt Sienna and brown rimmed eyes :)


I am liking the gloss for its light weight and creamy texture. U got a lot of pretty shades to choose from. I might pick up gleaming grenadine next :) 
Would rate it 4.3 out of 5 ( -0.7 cuz I find it annoying to do touch ups so often hmph!)

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for Consideration. But my opinion is honest I swear to God ;)



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