Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Amway Attitude Facemasque review !


Aloha !
             I am back with the review of another Amway product. This time it is the Attitude Face Masque :D It was the first product that I got from this brand and It made me trust Amway. So this is a positive kind of review !
This is what the website has to say about this product:

Attitude Face Masque is rich in natural clays. It deep cleanses the Skin and absorbs excess oil unveiling a more beautiful you. Use regularly whenever you want your skin to feel instantly clean, Fresh and glowing! It has the same unique skin vitalizing complex comprising of mango seed butter, rosemary extract and coconut water as all the Other Attitude products
The packaging is in a tube form which is hygienic.No need of dipping fingers in a pot or tub which I really detest.
As you can see I have nearly finished the product. The thing I like about it is it does not make tall claims like many other face masks do and disappoint us. It promises to keep your skin hydrated and it definitely lives up to it :)

All Attitude skincare products smell the same .... my masque, foot cream and face wash smell exactly the same :| The masque is thick in consistency. I prefer using it thick in winters and on wet face during summers...requires less product that way :P
1. Moisturizes well.
2. Suitable for most skin types.
3. Can be used in all seasons.

4. Gives a fresh glow to the face that lasts for a moderate time period.
5. Hygienic packaging.

6. Lots of product in the tube and u need little amount every time
1.      I don’t think the moisturization is enough for beauties with super dry skin :(:(
4 out of 5

I already mentioned this as a +ve review :D 



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