Thursday, 1 September 2011

Blush Lust: Faces Burnt Sienna Blush Review and swatches!!

So u guys must be totally known to my blush obsession..and here I cum wit the review of another blush..Burnt Siena from Faces Canada!!I bought this after I saw Ankita's review on this being a true peach shade :D

It is more orangish than this :)

Luks pinkish in this thou it is not!

 I tried to portray the actual color of this gorgeous thing but could get only little either looks too pink or too orangish..:| It is a peachy shade wit orangish tinge :D And the best part of it is tat it warms up my face instantly without being made up :) I am gonna call it my MCBB(My Cheeks But Better ..if it does exist like My mahogany for my lips :P) 

Y I LOVE THIS???Read on..
1.The color...This is d 1 blush I would never get bored of  wearing everyday or so I hope :)
2.Pigmentation is good...little goes a long way.
3. U get 8g for 299 bucks..will last for a long tym :)

1.The packaging..A tragic incident happened I dropped the box:( and The blush broke totally :'( :'( And I resorted to Youtube and somehow managed to even out and set it thou its nowhere near the original packing :| And also It is so fragile that I cant afford to swish my blush brush over it..I just swipe sum on my fingers and use brush on my cheeks to spread it evenly :) But in the process I lost some amount of d blush!
2.The FALLOFF is of high degree!!

:D :D :D :D -1 for the packaging 

TRY IT OUT :) U can thank me later :P (u shud thank Ankita thou :P) Am going to check out other shades..mayb Light Bole or Rose gold!!


  1. I wanted to buy rose gold but the silly SAs tried to trick me into buying some other shade as it was out of stock! They didn't even have burnt sienna. But will keep an eye out for both.

  2. Thanks fr the link and mention Shweta :) Too bad about the accident..!

  3. Looks very pretty!!! Love using Faces products <3

  4. @poohkie: Ohh where did u shop? Yes try them even light bole luked pretty :)

    @Ankita: I shud thank u <3 Yes too bad :'(

    @Raksh:Am gng to try other stuff from them :)

  5. Saravana Stores. Where'd you get yours?

  6. Hey,
    Thanks for the review dear.
    So sad it broke.
    Same happened to me with my Lakme Peacock Eyeshadow Quad!!! :(
    Well, am new here to your blog.
    Do drop by my blogs sometime.
    Would love it if you follow too... :)
    Fashion Panache
    My Travelogue

  7. Same :) The SAs are super bad ter..especially d colorbar 1..she was stubborn to make me pick d fuschia 1 over this..:O

  8. U r welcum :)
    Oh did u fix it??
    Sure :)

  9. I finally got this from Naidu Hall. But that was not drama free either :P The SAs swore that a shade like that was not available & kept showing me all the other shades. Then I made up some story about a friend buying it from them itself ;) After several long minutes, when I had almost given up, they managed to find 1 piece which I immediately bought. Also got 1 of their eye pencils - gorgeous! Have you tried those?

  10. :P hehehe :P U went for the sale???
    These SAs ruin our shopping spirit :(gud tat u gt it :) nt 1 to miss! ohh which color??I haven't...mayb after ur review ;)

  11. ya I'll review it after a couple of weeks. It's a beautiful shimmery brown, dark enough to show on the eye lids.

    I'm so fed up of SAs...they almost seem to want to ruin the experience for us. But yes, I went for the sale...only to get asked by every SA, 'any cosmetics for you madam?', 'any skincare for you madam'...:P



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