Thursday, 31 May 2012

Beauty through my eyes International Giveaway!!

Taps of Beauty through my eyes is holding an international giveaway that ends on 14 June :) Send ur entries now !!

Hurry up :) She has 4 prizes lined up :) here is the link :


Hairstyles I am obsessed with Right Now!!

I experience a lot of  hair fall but It is definitely in a better shape than before( I tend to think!) And I realized the importance of snipping those SPLIT ENDS ;)

Umm So I have been obsessively watching the youtube tutorials on various braid and pony styles..I always had a great liking to loose hair but now I am loving braids thanks to these tutes :D I have put up a list of tutes that are easy and creative and people trying to experiment without gng out of their comfort zone can try these :)

Love Lilith Moon..she is creative and posts easy to follow tutes..this particular ponytail luks so classy and is a breeze to do ;)

 The gal luks so pretty and this one luk is beautiful downright and hardly takes 3 mins :)The Fishtail Braid!

Again a Lilith Moon Production!If u r not into braids and prefer chic ponytails then this is d one!!I love the 2nd luk in na ??

French braids are like an arm workout..everytime I do I go huff and puff but ntn beats the sophisticated luk it gives me so I will go on huffing and puffing and tone my arms :)Here is an easy-to-get tutorial on fbs :) And it helps that the gal is all cheery just lyk me :P

Now am not much of a Miley Cyrus fan except her "When I look at You" song from the The Last Song but my sister loves her in Hanna Montana the disney show :\  And One day as I was watching this show I noticed her Messy side braid and it was Love At First Sight <3 <3 It is a great look for casual outings stylish yet no one can hammer u for being self obsessed ;)

The last one I promise..Let me introduce u to the uber cool hairstyle that makes u luk lyk a princess :P

The Waterfall braid!!Oooo drool worthy and one helluva job to recreate this!!!

Okay I lied..Another one but curling is not my choice :)

The Bohemian Braid ;) Pulchritude is all I can say :)

Share ur favourite hairstyles gurls :) Ciao!!

Source: Youtube and Google(top image)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mineral Glow Scrub By Aroma Magic Skincare Review!

U must have seen this in my skincare haul post I did sometime back :)
And as always forgot to review this one and the Amway Attitude face wash :P

So here goes my review:

  • It costs 80 rupees for the smaller tube.
  • It has a turmeric smell associated with it and has a yellowish green tint to it!

  • It is not very gentle and definitely won't suit sensitive skin.
  • Unlike normal scrubs where u wash it off after 2 mins,u are supposed to keep this scrub on ur face for 10 mins and it gives a light tingling sensation.
  • And it WORKS!!It makes my skin smooth and glowing which lasts throughout the day :) It is a great product for summers and oily skin ;) 
  • A pea sized amount is enuf for my face and another for my neck so this one is worth the price.
  • But people who are allergic to turmeric do stay Away!!
  • I use this scrub Once a week to clear up the dead skin cells and accumulated dirt..eeeeeekkkk!
  • It evens reduces the effect of tan to some level and also helps with blackheads..I have this blackhead problem at the tip of my nose and this scrub helps me keep them at bay :)
  • So I am definitely going to repurchase this :D
Yes sure but not for people with Sensitive Skin !

:D :D :D and half :D

P.S.: I have changed the blog address to :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lipstick Love: StreetWear Color Rich Lipcolor In Pink Pie Swatches and Review!!

Am going to review the other lipstick that I purchased during my chutku haul :)
It is the Streetwear Color rich lipclor in Pink Pie!I have already reviewed the Pink Satin Lipstick from this range here :)

I am a great fan of J.Lo's nude lips and always sigh when I watch The Wedding Planner..wish I could nick her lipcolors!
So I am foreva on the lukout of nude and beige colors.
 I went to SS and to the Streetwear counter and found so many lipsticks under the color rich range..The H & G in Pondy Bazaar had pathetic color selection.only 5 or 6 colors and all were damn dark and so un-wearable :S
But in SS the colors were so pretty and I couldn't resist picking up one even though I hate the packaging!

The same packaging as that of Pink satin..of course!Very flimsy and the lipstick tends to melt in summer!U cant carry it..u will end up throwing ur pretty handbag ;)\

Pink pie is a pretty pink with peachy undertones :) Swatches show it as more pinkish but I verified again while typing out this post..yup it definitely has peach in it ;) Does not feel smooth on the lips and has a semi matte finish.But at the price this will do.

Very wearable color but it bleeds!Compliments fair and dusky skin tones and gives great coverage even on pigmented lips :) Lasts for max 3 hours without food.

Get this one for the beautiful shade if u r ready to accept its cons :)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Amway Attitude Eyeliner Pencil In Kajal-Coal Swatches and Review!


 I am not much of a Kajal fan cuz after few hours they make me look like a racoon and give me dark circles..but still I have tried many brands of kajal like Lakme,Streetwear,Eyetex,Lotus,Bourjois Khol liner,e,t.c I like Lotus Kajal and Eyetex the most!
Eyetex is not very pigmented but holds without smudging for long time while Lotus is more black and I need only a single swipe but smudges after few hours!
Now I wanted a Kajal that can be doubled up as eyeliner too :) So when I am out I need to carry only one pencil and a lipbalm to luk presentable!
Now enters the Amway Attitude eyeliner pencil in Kajal Coal...tadatada.rampampam :P

  • It is so smooth..just glides on!Colossal kajal doesn't give that feeling to me :(
  • Is very pigmented.. I wont call it jet black but it is damn black :)
  • The packaging is similiar to that of the bourjois Khol and Contour rangebut the tip of the kajal luks like that of the Faces eyeliner.
  • Stayed on my waterline for 6 hours without smudging :) 
  • Can be used both on waterline and top of the eye :)
  • Pencil liners are hassle free..u can apply them faster
  • The tip is right for drawing thin lines and u can use lakme sharpener!It doesn't get used up much thou :)
  • I would call it water resistant rather than water proof...
  • Doesn't sting my eyes..Lakme one does!
  • Costs 280/- not cheap but it will last long!I have atlast found my HG eyeliner/kajal ;)
  • I have put up swatches comparing it with sum other kajals that I own..forgot to swatch the Lakme one thou.

From L-R:Eyetex kajal,Lotus,Bourjois Noir Expert Khol Liner,Attitude Kajal:all swiped once!

As u can see Attitude kajal is nearly as dark as the 72 Noir expert which is probably the darkest Khol I have used!But tha latter smudges a lot :( 

So get this one and u wouldn't be disappointed ;)

P.S :Yes I put that earring to make u guys go J ;) So wat r u waiting for??Please go green and pleasure me :D

Friday, 11 May 2012

Lipstick Love: Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick In Sugar Bloom #652 Review and Swatches!!

Sugar Bloom?? What the hell is that name??I didn't want to gross u guys but The Evil Me couldn't stop itself :D
According to Wikipedia:
Chocolate bloom is a moldy-looking white coating that can appear on the surface of chocolate. This effect is one of the main concerns in the production of chocolate. There are two types of bloom: fat bloom, arising from changes in the fat in the chocolate; and sugar bloom, formed by the action of moisture on the sugar ingredients. The unsightly crystals of fat and sugar bloom limit the shelf life of many chocolates. Chocolate that has "bloomed" is still safe to eat, but may have an unappetizing appearance and surface texture.

But don't u worry gals We are talking about a lipstick which doesn't have sugar as its ingredient...umm a minute..wait what is responsible for that syrupy taste??:O

Anyways I will leave this discussion open and move on to my review!

It is a sort of caramelly brown..the 3rd pic is a more apt color description ;) It is a brown shade that will suit most skin tones and will not make u luk older!But it may not suit very fair beauties!!
The shade from the tube reminds me of the colorbar nail laquer 25 review here
For me It is my MLBB brown shade,...I usually dont wear browns on my lips but I like this one and wear it along with my Faces Amber Rose blush !
This lipstick can be paired with bright eye makeup ;) or when u go for the No makeup look :)

The staying power is 2 hours and the pigmentation is average..I need to swipe 2 times for a decent amount of color on my lips!
Smooth Texture and Doesn't dry my lips!But u will happier results with a lip balm underneath :) 
But the Oh God Noooo factor of this lipstick is the syrupy smell and taste!!Yuckk makes me throw up but I control as a decent person I am ;)
Tha packaging is typical Lakme But well they have changed the packaging for Lip Love as well as the Absolute range atleast :)
Overall A good lipstick for the price 225/- and u can experiment with the colors in this range to know what sort of shade u want from the High end Brands :)

My Tiny Haul :)

After a delay here are d pics of my small haul :) I am lovin all the stuff :) especially the Lakme lipstick :)

The wipes are a repurchase!they smell soooo presh ;)
I bought my first ever Lakme lipsick if u dont count the Aquashines :) SugarBloom #652
And a Street wear lipstick in Pink Pie!
I read gr8 reviews on Lakme rose powder so got it..this is my first loose powder :)
I lost my Amway Attitude kajal so Got another one :)
Don't u love the Peacock feather earrings???So beautiful!I can't take my eyes off them :D Will suit loose hair!

Tell me which one do u want to review first :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Which Lipstick Do U Love Doubling up as Blush??

I was MIA for the literally a month!!But now I am free atleast for the upcoming days!! And I did a small haul..not much but I am head over heels over the stuff :D

Will share the pics and review soon :)

But let me lazy today eh??

Who doesn't love things that can be doubled up for something else??Like Lipsticks as cream blushes??

Everyone has atleast one lipstick that they love as a cream blush!! For me its my Lakme Lip Love lipstick in Rose Kissed.

pardon me! It is from my lakme lip love post :P

See the shade??It comes out as a deep pink shade which I adore :D And I can even tone it down to a natural pink blush!! Just Awesome! And It stays for 2 hrs on bare cheeks and I haven't tried on foundation..mayb an hr more ;)

So what is ur fav go to lipstick-cum-blush ??

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Skin/Haircare of the Week #4 :Dark Choco and Oranges!!

  • Dark chocolate is a great product for ur skin.

It provides UV protection and increases blood flow to the skin and gives u a healthy hydrated skin ;)
So smudge some Bournville over ur face as u chomp the yummy chunks :D

  • Oranges

Orange oil helps a great deal for acne prone skin and also to maintain youthful skin!!
But u can substitute it with dry powdered orange peels :) Use the powder with rose water for a glowing skin or incorporate in ur normal mask!!


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