Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hairstyles I am obsessed with Right Now!!

I experience a lot of  hair fall but It is definitely in a better shape than before( I tend to think!) And I realized the importance of snipping those SPLIT ENDS ;)

Umm So I have been obsessively watching the youtube tutorials on various braid and pony styles..I always had a great liking to loose hair but now I am loving braids thanks to these tutes :D I have put up a list of tutes that are easy and creative and people trying to experiment without gng out of their comfort zone can try these :)

Love Lilith Moon..she is creative and posts easy to follow tutes..this particular ponytail luks so classy and is a breeze to do ;)

 The gal luks so pretty and this one luk is beautiful downright and hardly takes 3 mins :)The Fishtail Braid!

Again a Lilith Moon Production!If u r not into braids and prefer chic ponytails then this is d one!!I love the 2nd luk in na ??

French braids are like an arm workout..everytime I do I go huff and puff but ntn beats the sophisticated luk it gives me so I will go on huffing and puffing and tone my arms :)Here is an easy-to-get tutorial on fbs :) And it helps that the gal is all cheery just lyk me :P

Now am not much of a Miley Cyrus fan except her "When I look at You" song from the The Last Song but my sister loves her in Hanna Montana the disney show :\  And One day as I was watching this show I noticed her Messy side braid and it was Love At First Sight <3 <3 It is a great look for casual outings stylish yet no one can hammer u for being self obsessed ;)

The last one I promise..Let me introduce u to the uber cool hairstyle that makes u luk lyk a princess :P

The Waterfall braid!!Oooo drool worthy and one helluva job to recreate this!!!

Okay I lied..Another one but curling is not my choice :)

The Bohemian Braid ;) Pulchritude is all I can say :)

Share ur favourite hairstyles gurls :) Ciao!!

Source: Youtube and Google(top image)


  1. I have been wanting to do waterfall but its damn difficult to manage alone :(

  2. yeah it is tough :\ I didn't manage too ;)



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