Monday, 7 May 2012

Which Lipstick Do U Love Doubling up as Blush??

I was MIA for the literally a month!!But now I am free atleast for the upcoming days!! And I did a small haul..not much but I am head over heels over the stuff :D

Will share the pics and review soon :)

But let me lazy today eh??

Who doesn't love things that can be doubled up for something else??Like Lipsticks as cream blushes??

Everyone has atleast one lipstick that they love as a cream blush!! For me its my Lakme Lip Love lipstick in Rose Kissed.

pardon me! It is from my lakme lip love post :P

See the shade??It comes out as a deep pink shade which I adore :D And I can even tone it down to a natural pink blush!! Just Awesome! And It stays for 2 hrs on bare cheeks and I haven't tried on foundation..mayb an hr more ;)

So what is ur fav go to lipstick-cum-blush ??


  1. hey!! welcome back :D I use several shades this way. I like using Faces matte lip gloss in shade puce very much :D

  2. Like using any pink lippie as blush
    But the first lippie I used as blush is the Avon Ultra Color Rick in Amethyst which was my first blush experience too.

    so it's spl in a way :)

  3. @Indu : hehehe :D Lipgloss as blush??wont it be sticky??

  4. @Vish: Ohh wat kind of color is tat ?? :)

  5. Hey Raaga
    you have been awarded
    chek ~

  6. @Sangy : Thank u will check it :)

  7. I've never tried this, I know it is an old trick..does it break you out?? btw i'm having a Sibu beauty giveaway on my blog check it out if you have time, <3

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  9. Hi Raaga!
    i am ur new follower :)

  10. @Farrah : didn't :) My skin is nt very sensitive :)

  11. @Vanu:thanks :) I already follow urs :)



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