Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lipstick Love: StreetWear Color Rich Lipcolor In Pink Pie Swatches and Review!!

Am going to review the other lipstick that I purchased during my chutku haul :)
It is the Streetwear Color rich lipclor in Pink Pie!I have already reviewed the Pink Satin Lipstick from this range here :)

I am a great fan of J.Lo's nude lips and always sigh when I watch The Wedding Planner..wish I could nick her lipcolors!
So I am foreva on the lukout of nude and beige colors.
 I went to SS and to the Streetwear counter and found so many lipsticks under the color rich range..The H & G in Pondy Bazaar had pathetic color selection.only 5 or 6 colors and all were damn dark and so un-wearable :S
But in SS the colors were so pretty and I couldn't resist picking up one even though I hate the packaging!

The same packaging as that of Pink satin..of course!Very flimsy and the lipstick tends to melt in summer!U cant carry it..u will end up throwing ur pretty handbag ;)\

Pink pie is a pretty pink with peachy undertones :) Swatches show it as more pinkish but I verified again while typing out this post..yup it definitely has peach in it ;) Does not feel smooth on the lips and has a semi matte finish.But at the price this will do.

Very wearable color but it bleeds!Compliments fair and dusky skin tones and gives great coverage even on pigmented lips :) Lasts for max 3 hours without food.

Get this one for the beautiful shade if u r ready to accept its cons :)


  1. shade is as mentioned v wearable :)
    Loved it Shweta

  2. its such a pretty pink !! !

  3. Hi Shweta, you have an award, click here (http://mumma-world.blogspot.in/)

  4. Hey am J of ur Dp Bidi :D

  5. Ill do Kumkum :)Thanks :)

  6. I loved the shade raaga.. it is beautiful ..:) i want to try it now .. inspite of its cons ..:)

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  8. Wow, This is really nice colour!
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  9. Get it it is cheap ;) :P

  10. I have the same shade I just love how the color shows up on the lips the staying power the creamy finish there are so many pros but the biggest con I find is the oily smell :-( :-( :-( :-( its like mineral oil smell ...m not able to with stand the smell...:-(:-(:-(



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