Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Kara Wipes With Aloe Vera and Mint Oil

So any1 readin this tuk advantage of the Big Bazaar super sales??:P My mum surely did..she hoarded stuff for our home :D And in the midst of tat she bought me this pack of 30 wipes from kara :) The mint oil 1 cuz she didn't find the smell of cucumber too appealing..So without further ado Let me say a few words abt this wet wipe :)

*This is refreshing...especially after a tired time out :)
* Moisturises my skin..mine is a dry skin and even after sometym my skin doesn't show signs of drying :D (most of d facewashes do tat to me :( )
* Is soft on d skin.
*U get 30 wipes for 50 rupees..So a single wipe sets u back by more a buck :| not really a con but can't it get cheaper..nevertheless I am gonna repurchase this :)
*The packaging consists of the white sticker over which kara is written (u can c in d pic!) U have to remove the sticker pick a wipe and reseal it.
*I like d smell of the wipes..but it might nt suit ppl wit sensitive nose...
*Doesn't suit makeup removal :( but tats nt a problem with as I hardly wear to college :)
I really like these wipes :) and will definitely continue to repurchase them :)And I trust my mum nt to pick up d cucumber 1!I didn't like the DOVE Cucumber soap :P

:D :D :D and half :D Cuz I didn't find it very special :)

 This is a must have for me..and I want u guys to make use of these wipes for a fresher day :D



  1. Sounds great!!! Thanks for the review :D

  2. nice review. Try jhonsons baby wipes. those are good too. That is expensive too, but you will be able to remove some about of makeup. it smells very good. And himalya baby wipes are very thick. try these two :)

  3. oh gud u liked it. i buy it sometimes when i feel like. but one more thing, try to buy the 10 wipes wala pack cuz once we unseal these packs, the wipes tend to dry.
    p.s. my nickname is KARA!! :)

  4. Hey Shweta! Even i use these kara wipes, they are really refreshing and moisturize well.
    Nice review. :)

  5. Im on a hunt for the perfect make up removal wipes. Sometimes I am just so tired when I get home that I just fall asleep straight away. Then wake up in the morning and my skin feels sooooo gross

  6. @Raksha:u r welcum :)

    @INdgal:ohh i want to try the johnson's 1 but was nt available in H & G wen i enquired :)

    @Ginger:I like he sound of it..Kara :D ohh Thanks for d tip :)

  7. @Vertu: u do??Thanks :)

    @Saoirse: Ohh. try the johnson baby wipes :) have heard gr8 reviews abt it :)

  8. you can get them in medical shops shweta. you get both small and big sizes. This is what I always havve in my bag. Useful for both me and my son :P

  9. i never tried these ... but after the ads and now your review am sure i will pick one soon :D :D
    its good to have a 10 wala pack in pouch isnt it ?? :D :D

  10. @Indu: hehehe:P multipurpose a?? I ill pick it up after tis gets ober :D

    @Rash: Hi Rash :) do try :)yes its a better option ;)

  11. i dont use wipes to remove make up but its always good to have a pack of these wen ur on the way yea.. will see if its available where i live.. i highly doubt though

  12. I have used Kara n quite like them :)

  13. @Zatz:Yes..u can refresh urself :) best of luck :D

    @Bhumika:cool :) which 1??

  14. Johnsone are quite popular now. I feel this has less alchol content that others. Very hard to find. When I find them grab three or four packets.

  15. Oh thankies for d info Swthrt :) u have tempted me too much..gng to get them soon :)



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