Saturday, 30 March 2013

Get Cheeky Giveaway : Entry 15 by Tej!

Tej has sent her entry for the giveaway and I must say I am wowed by the fact that she has actually reviewed the blush and sent in her beautiful FOTD <3 Thanks hon :)

Rimmel London 001 Spring Flower 3 in 1 Powder Blush

Today I am sharing with you my favourite blush. Its more than 2 years since I have used any other blush. Although sometimes I use MUA blush but mostly I use this one only. Thanks to Raga, I am able to review this one as part of my entry for this contest. I always wanted to review but was busy in reviewing other things. Butdidn’t want to let go this opportunity to review it.

What product claim??

Rimmel Lasting Finish Blendable Powder Blush - 3 shades in the same pan to achieve different looks. Use the shades together by sweeping the surface for a general healthy look effect. Combine the different shades by 3 or 2 and mix them to personalize your shade.

Why I love it?

Spring Flower is my favourite blush. The 3 shades are divided into 3 parts in a single pan which are equally distributed .The colours are light pink, shimmery pink and a dark pink.The texture and pigmentation is smooth, silky, and soft and applies like butter. With one swipe we can pick up a decent amount of product. I use light pink for regular use but mixture of shimmery n dark pink used for evenings.This trio is perfect and best option to buy single blush rather than buying three different blushers providing the opportunity to try different looks. It would suit medium to fair skin tones and is available in 4 shades.

Application: It is very easy to apply as it comes with cute applicator. It is smaller in size so I would prefer to use a larger blusher blush.

Texture: The texture is very nice and smooth when applied on cheeks and gives a natural look.

Price: £3.25

Final Verdict:For Pink Lovers this Blush is Great value for money as 3 colours come in single pan and littler brush included is very handy. Packaging is compact and you can easily take with you while traveling. Colour stays longer on my cheeks at least 4-5 hours. It gives a healthy n glamorous glow to overall face. Very affordable product and can get it easily from Boots, EBay or Superdrugstores!

Editor's Note : U luk ekdam jhakas Tej :D Loved ur makeup :) Thanks for this lovely entry :)

Get Cheeky Giveaway : Entry 16 by Niesha!

Check out Niesha's entry for the giveaway below :)

NYX cream blush in Rose Petal

It's Nyx cream blush in Rose petal which is a beautiful pale pink color with a formula that feels very light, non greasy and easily blend able to deliver a natural flush of color on the cheeks.

Editor's Note : I own Tea rose from the range! Love the way it blends and gives a dewy look on my dry skin :) Rose Petal luks very pretty Niesha :)

Friday, 29 March 2013

Get Cheeky Giveaway : Entry 14 by Chandana

Chandana has sent her 2nd entry for the blush giveaway :)

ELF Studio Blush Berry  Merry
This is another uniquely shaded blush. It is a pinky mauve with shimmers. A good choice for a social event or a family gathering.
This is a powder blush which needs careful application. If you are new to blushes, then mauveish blush is not the one to experiment with.

With good hold on blush application, this product definitely gives a glowy pink to the cheeks. For me with dry skin, this seems to be a perfect summer blush. :-)

EDITOR'S NOTE : It is one of the prettiest blushes I have come across Chandana!! I wish it was available here! 

Have u taken part in the Get Cheeky giveaway?? If not check out the below link :

Get Cheeky Giveaway ! 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Get Cheeky Giveaway : Entry 13 by Madhu!

If u guys don't know Madhu, she is a bubbly and cute girl who shares my passion for blush ;)

And here is what she has sent as her giveaway entry :)

Inglot Freedom System Blush Refill Shade no 29

Inglot FS refill blushes need no introduction; I simply love the texture of these blushes, they are sooper soft and well pigmented :)
This particular shade no 29 is an awesome true peach, that adds the perfect glow to my face,  I love pairing this blush with soft pink lips for that innocent look.
I end up reaching to this blush very often :) This is like my HG blush (LOL) !!

Editor's Note : I am going to pick this up on my next visit to Inglot! I can imagine how gorgeous ur cheeks must be looking with this blush on :)

Get Cheeky Giveawy : Entry 12 by Raji!

Do u have a fetish for even numbers?? I do. So here is presenting 12th entry by Raji!

MUA Blush Perfection cream blusher in Yummy.

It was initially purchased by Radha who found it to be unsuitable for her skin and sold to me. I bought this blush without any expectations. It was just 1 GBP. The blush looks dark peach with reddish undertones in the pan. On my skin, it transforms into an absolutely gorgeous and natural blush. The phrase “perfect pinched look” would be an understatement. It gives the perfect “naturally blushed” look. I have been getting compliments every since I started wearing it.  Perfect everyday shade for medium to fair skinned girls. Pure Love.!


Editor's Note :  U make me J Raji :P I missed on this blush during d sale! Mayb next tym :) Next tym we meet up I wanna see how pretty this looks on u :)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Get Cheeky Giveaway : Entry 11 by Deepika!

Another entry by Deepika!

What did she send this time ??

Coral is one color that will never go out of fashion. Nigella Lawson flaunts coral on her cheeks with such ease! Just gives her the perfect glow!! Her love for orange, coral and red blushers is so evident in all her pictures!! 

So here is a blush, very close to my heart, not only because of the color but because of the price too!! I bought the Jordana blush stick in Coral Touch from Cherry culture at $2.99 without much expectation but it turned out to be such a beautiful everyday wear blush and one of my most used blushers!! 

The blush is coral in color (for those of you who didn't get it earlier :P)  with a warm pink undertone and has minute gold shimmer which isn't visible when applied. The gold shimmer adds a sheen to the color on the cheeks. I love gold and coral together! Such a fantastic combo!

Editor's Note : Corals and oranges luk wonderful on u yar! No wonder u like Nigella :) 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pr Info :Pout.Kiss.Record! Be a part of the Baby Lips Anthem with Maybelline New York!

As you know, Maybelline has recently launched their revolutionary product; Baby Lips! It has achieved huge success and a cult following worldwide, as well as in India.

They are also currently creating the ‘Baby Lips Anthem’ and would love for you to join in.

It’s as simple as, expressing your love with a kiss!

The mechanics are simple. Follow the below steps to record your kiss:

Step 1: Click Record or upload - Either record a Kiss or upload a sound file from your desktop/laptop

Step 2: Kiss!

Don’t forget you can click on the play button which will allow you to listen to your last recorded kiss sound. 

The Plan:

Application Link: 

They will then be using these kiss sounds sent in by the girls and creating the Baby Lips Kiss Anthem, made only with the sound and words that echo of Baby Lips. The sound, crowd sourced using Social Media! 

The activity will last for 2 weeks!

Also check out their review page at :

So girls pucker up ur sexy pouts and give a smack to ur boyfreind err ur recording machines :)

Disclaimer: Press Release Maybelline.

Get Cheeky Giveaway : Entry 10 by Chandana!

I should have posted d entries 2 days back but life is a lil hectic now! 

Anyways Entry 10 is by Chandana Tantri :) 

What she has to say :

This is my favorite blush : Maybelline Shimmer Powder Rosy Twinkle.

Though I find it a little powdery, I love the way it dusts my cheeks. The color is very subtle and it can never go wrong even if used with a heavy hand.

So, for some one who has been shy of blushes can now blush even more elegantly with this glowing peach shade. It is a kind of golden peach.

Editor's Note : The packaging looks elegant Chandana ! And the color is very beautiful!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Lipstick Love : Amway Attitude Moisture Rich Lipstick in Simply Lilac Review and Swatches!

Lilac and me?? We were never meant for each other ;) I usually avoid pale violet shades as they make me look sick. But When I first tried this I became obsessed with it !

  • The packaging is girly with dark purple case and is sturdy enuf for travel :) I am liking the new packaging as the old one was a little boring.
  • The shade is a blend of pink and purple with pink being in stronger dose. 

  • The lipstick has a creamy texture and moisturizes the lips very well. I did not require lip balm with this.
  • Gives a glossy finish that lasts for an hour or so.
  • There is slight bleeding due to the creamy texture.
  • Pigmentation is good. I would rate it 4 out of 5 :) 

  • Lasting power is low. Stays only for 2 hours after which it vanishes leaving a barely there tint.
  • U can wear this shade for any season :) 
  • Dusky skin will rock this shade!
  • Priced at Rs. 220/- it is affordable :)


I am liking this shade a lot as it is distinct from the usual pinks :) Except for the low staying power I have no qualms about the shade as I love cream finish lipsticks! 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Get Cheeky Giveaway : Entry 9 by Deepika!

Have u sent in ur entries gurls?? If not send them super quick!  The giveaway is ending on March 31st! 

Deepika has sent in her first entry :) 
And it is an orange blush ;) Wat else do u expect ;) Presenting Kryolan Blush in Mandarin :D

If you've read Raaga's post on the Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous, then let me tell you one thing.. the so called "T" is me :P I'm obsessed with orange in makeup and here is one from my blush collection! When I first saw this at the store, I was a little confused as to what I could pair this with since it looked like a neon orange in the pan. But once worn on the cheeks, it adapts to my undertone and looks warm on my cheeks. Love! Love! Love! 

Kryolan blushers are generally in between powder and cream in terms of texture and is very finely milled and insanely pigmented. Price: 350 INR

Editor's note : Luks super tempting Deeps :) U just rock oranges! How many Orange blushes do u own?? Confess here :P

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pr Info : Sigma launches the Resort Palette!

The latest Sigma product to hit the market is the limited edition Resort Palette that is just in time for spring break! The beautiful palette was created as a beauty accompaniment to your weekend getaways and summer travels. Get all the product info, pictures and affiliate banners below!

Resort Palette
Resort Palette

What: Resort Palette
Cost: $42
Collection Status: Limited Edition
Product Features: The Sigma Beauty Resort Palette contains a collection of high quality and pigmented makeup products including: eight eye shadows, one blush, one liquid highlighter and one dual-ended eyeliner pencil.

Resort Palette

The Resort Palette combines rich and warm tone eye shadows with complimenting ocean-like hues for a unique palette. The variety of colors allows you to create an endless array of looks, taking you from day to night, neutral to vibrant.

Resort Palette

The Resort Palette also comes with a blush (Heavenly), dual sided eyeliner pencil (Daydream and Earth Goddess), and a liquid highlighter (Luminesce). These components were developed to accentuate your island glow! 

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm Stain in Rendezvous Review and Swatches!

I have this friend lets call her T cuz tat's her profession ;) She is crazy about Orange in Makeup! Has an enviable collection of blushers and lipsticks in shades of orange ( mayb eyeliners too! ). And whenever we talk about makeup *which is more than often* I start craving for orange.So the good news?? Her Orange obsession has totally rubbed on me and u will see Orange Love on the blog ;) Bad news?? My wallet is giving me a cold stare!

Revlon has launched 10 shades in the Just bitten Kissable balm stain range. All the shades are just gorgeous!

I got the shade Rendezvous along with the Sweetheart Valentine. U can read my review here :
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart Valentine Review and Swatches! 

  • These look like cute chubby crayons with a twist able mechanism. 
  • Priced at 600/- bucks.Pretty expensive but I needed these for office wear!
  • The shade is warm orange but looks coral  on me. Weird! But this color is totally wearable. If u r sum1 afraid of orange lipsticks u can give this a whirl :)

  • It has a minty fragrance and feels cool on the lips on application which disappears within a min or so.
  • Has a balmy texture and does not pull or tag over the lips.
  • U need well exfoliated and moisturized lips to ensure the stain does not settle into fine lines.
  • The balm like feel vanishes after half an hr or so.Lips did not feel dry for 4 hrs and the emphasis on dry flakes/peels was evident only towards the end of the day. 

  •  Pigmentation is sheer but due to being light weight u can build up the intensity :) 
  • Bleeding does not occur. 
  • Staying power is 5-6 hours on my lips. It does fade a little after meals on the inner part but it does not look patchy :)

 I am liking these so much that I could hug them if that was possible. But Revlon and their pricing keep me baffled. U ought to check out this range if u r on the lookout for long wear lip colors that don't make people go " Ahh So u r wearing a lipstick! Is it healthy to wear one??"  U can get a pink stain and fool people into thinking u got natural pink pout  :D 

P.S. : T beware! I am gonna raid ur home soon :)


Monday, 18 March 2013

Get Cheeky Giveaway : Entry 8 by Farhat!

Final entry by Farhat Sultana :)

Avon simply pretty cheek color in rosy cheeks

What she says : It can be worn daily.But has poor staying power. 

So have u sent in ur entries??

Check out the giveaway here :
Get Cheeky Blog's 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Skincare of the Week #10 : Sapota Juice!

  • Another fruit found everywhere this season is Sapota! Sapota is rich in anti oxidants that help with anti aging and also helps in acquiring smooth skin texture ;)

So drink Sapota juice and save a little in d end to apply on ur face :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Get Cheeky Giveaway : Entry 7 by Nickita!

Nickita has sent her first entry for the get cheeky giveaway :) So which is her favorite blush?? A sister of the blush I am giving away :D 
I'm in love with this amazing blush from Lakme - Absolute Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush and it is called Night sheen :D.OOOO for some reason I love the way it sounds :P. The shade is copper and it has tiny glitter particles perfect for the night out to make you stand amongst the rest. It is buildable and will look incredible on wheatish skin ^_^. <3 the way it blends on to the skin and remains there for a very looooooooooooong time.
I give this blush an A+++ :*

Editor's Note : I had wanted to pick this up  but the SA kept saying it would not suit me and would look muddy :( But next time I am picking this up for sure :) Fantastic Pics hon! Luks gorgeous on ur hands :)


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