Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Get Cheeky Giveaway : Entry 10 by Chandana!

I should have posted d entries 2 days back but life is a lil hectic now! 

Anyways Entry 10 is by Chandana Tantri :) 

What she has to say :

This is my favorite blush : Maybelline Shimmer Powder Rosy Twinkle.

Though I find it a little powdery, I love the way it dusts my cheeks. The color is very subtle and it can never go wrong even if used with a heavy hand.

So, for some one who has been shy of blushes can now blush even more elegantly with this glowing peach shade. It is a kind of golden peach.

Editor's Note : The packaging looks elegant Chandana ! And the color is very beautiful!

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  1. Thanks so much for considering the entry and uploading. :)



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