Saturday, 27 August 2011

Product u can't live without !!!

If I have to buy only one beauty cutie(Rhymes:P) forever I would buy BLUSHES :D YEs!!! So I just want to know which is the BEAUTY PRODUCT u would choose to buy ur whole life if u get banned on buying more than 1 product :P

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It would be fun reading ur sweet notes so do drop them here ;) :) :) 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Kara Wipes With Aloe Vera and Mint Oil

So any1 readin this tuk advantage of the Big Bazaar super sales??:P My mum surely did..she hoarded stuff for our home :D And in the midst of tat she bought me this pack of 30 wipes from kara :) The mint oil 1 cuz she didn't find the smell of cucumber too appealing..So without further ado Let me say a few words abt this wet wipe :)

*This is refreshing...especially after a tired time out :)
* Moisturises my skin..mine is a dry skin and even after sometym my skin doesn't show signs of drying :D (most of d facewashes do tat to me :( )
* Is soft on d skin.
*U get 30 wipes for 50 rupees..So a single wipe sets u back by more a buck :| not really a con but can't it get cheaper..nevertheless I am gonna repurchase this :)
*The packaging consists of the white sticker over which kara is written (u can c in d pic!) U have to remove the sticker pick a wipe and reseal it.
*I like d smell of the wipes..but it might nt suit ppl wit sensitive nose...
*Doesn't suit makeup removal :( but tats nt a problem with as I hardly wear to college :)
I really like these wipes :) and will definitely continue to repurchase them :)And I trust my mum nt to pick up d cucumber 1!I didn't like the DOVE Cucumber soap :P

:D :D :D and half :D Cuz I didn't find it very special :)

 This is a must have for me..and I want u guys to make use of these wipes for a fresher day :D


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Raspberry Anyone??? Maybelline Colorsensational lipgloss Raspberry Sorbet

No I haven't tasted raspberrys..but I want to atleast for the tint they would give my lips:P (I hope they do ) I got this colorsensational gloss in Raspberry Sorbet my frnds marriage.I was trying the watershine ones but when the SA swatched pigmented !! I was in love with this :D 

The packaging luks beautiful..:)

I like to wear this only for special occasions otherwise its just me and my watershine :D 

The color is a deep pink  one and u can layer it to get deeper shades if u wish :)

1.The color is gorgeous
2.Super pigmentation
3.Less sticky.
4.Stays for decent amount of tym.
5.The doe applicator is very useful in applying.

I don't find any cons for this :)

:D :D :D :D

Yes YES yes :)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Lipstick Love: Maybelline My Mahogany Review and Swatches !

I have seen Bloggers raving about this lipstick..but was apprehensive abt getting it since it looked brownish.And I scold myself everytime I use this for nt investing in it earlier :P U guys must have read its reviews on other blogs so getting straight to d point..Y love tis LIPSTICK :

  • The packaging is good.They are categorized based on the color family of the lipstick shade :)
  • It goes perfectly MLBB on me..Brings out a mild brownish undertone on my lips :) 
  • Has a balmy texture.
  • My best friend wen in a hurry..I just apply 1 or 2 small swipes over my lips and rub together.
  • Funtastic stuff at a fantastic price :P 
  • Finish is not exactly creamy but there is a hint of glossiness for some time.
  • Stays for a medium amount of time..3 to 4 hours without food..but transfers easily..the rims of my white coffee mug were stained brown:|
  • U can put this in ur handbag and use it anytime for touch ups ..I am sure the packaging won't break :)but be sure to remove the stains already present before applying a fresh coat :)
  • The 1 thing I didn't like was it does not smoothen my fine lines which seems to be appear from nowhere wen I am abt to apply a lipstick :rolls eyes:
Here are the pics and swatches of the lippie :

It looks peachy brown to me :) It is definitely my MLBB Shade :) I am wearing this 1 often than others :) 

:D :D :D :D and half :D
YES YES YES a must have :) And I must thank d beauty bloggers who inspired me to buy this 1:)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Amway Attitude Duo Blusher in Natural Haze Review

Amway launched the duo blusher in India sometime back in only one shade i.e. the Natural Haze and knowing my craze for blushes my sweet mum got it :* :*

This is what the website claims:
The blusher provides you with ultimate colour purity, silky smooth texture, even finish and unprecedented adherence. Its colour blends evenly and flawlessly on your cheeks to give you a smooth and soft feel and provides true colour to your cheeks. The palette comes with an easy-to-use applicator, which helps in smooth application.
*It comes in a cute dabba with 2 colors, a small brush and a cute mirror. The brush is handy and okayish to apply the blush once u get accustomed to its small size. :) The peachy pink blush is pretty and has medium pigmentation.And the other one is a brownish golden shade and has low pigmentation.Both have shimmers while the 2nd one has higher percentage.

The left one is the swatch of the pink one and the right of the brown one 
1. Both the colors are pretty.
2. Blends beautifully.
3. Small and compact.
4. Gud quality
5. I tried combining the colors on my cheeks and got a nice peachy shade 
1.The amount is less-3g for 375 bucks.
2.Shimmers!Though subtle I prefer matte :)

 I recommend u guys get this one for the duality and cute briefcase packing :) Otherwise u can skip this ;)
:d :D :D :D -1 for the less amount:\

Definitely :D give tis a shot:)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sara Khan's Makeup!!!!

I have been wanting to ask Wat lipcolor does Sara khan wear in tis pic...And also the other products used by her for tis look which I absolutely adore :D Help me out plz :D

I know the pic is nt in close up as req bt I could find tis only :| And if u do nt get the rgt tones here do check out her serial:Ram Milaye Jodi in Zee tv:D 

She wears an orangish kinda lippie that looks natural :)And suddenly am obsessed with peaches and oranges :D 

Do drop in ur sweet comments:) Wuld love to read them up :D 

Source:Google Image search 


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