Monday, 15 August 2011

Lipstick Love: Maybelline My Mahogany Review and Swatches !

I have seen Bloggers raving about this lipstick..but was apprehensive abt getting it since it looked brownish.And I scold myself everytime I use this for nt investing in it earlier :P U guys must have read its reviews on other blogs so getting straight to d point..Y love tis LIPSTICK :

  • The packaging is good.They are categorized based on the color family of the lipstick shade :)
  • It goes perfectly MLBB on me..Brings out a mild brownish undertone on my lips :) 
  • Has a balmy texture.
  • My best friend wen in a hurry..I just apply 1 or 2 small swipes over my lips and rub together.
  • Funtastic stuff at a fantastic price :P 
  • Finish is not exactly creamy but there is a hint of glossiness for some time.
  • Stays for a medium amount of time..3 to 4 hours without food..but transfers easily..the rims of my white coffee mug were stained brown:|
  • U can put this in ur handbag and use it anytime for touch ups ..I am sure the packaging won't break :)but be sure to remove the stains already present before applying a fresh coat :)
  • The 1 thing I didn't like was it does not smoothen my fine lines which seems to be appear from nowhere wen I am abt to apply a lipstick :rolls eyes:
Here are the pics and swatches of the lippie :

It looks peachy brown to me :) It is definitely my MLBB Shade :) I am wearing this 1 often than others :) 

:D :D :D :D and half :D
YES YES YES a must have :) And I must thank d beauty bloggers who inspired me to buy this 1:)


  1. The shade looks lovely on your skin tone!!!

  2. I'm not much into browns, but this one looks gorgeous!

  3. this is also my fav shade coz i dont experiment with pinks and peaches (though i think i really should) lovely color :)

  4. Ohh I also got it after a lot of recommendations! Perfect nude shade! :D

  5. o my god.. u read ruskin bond.. yay.. i love him soooo much ...

  6. @Sudhaa: Thts sweet of u :)Thankies :)

    @Nivedi: it is :) try it na:) I want to see how it luks on u :)

    @Zats:ohh same pinchy :D y don't u??I love peaches and pinks both on lips and cheeks :P

  7. @Rekha: Thanks Rekha :)

    @Ankita: I know saw it on ur blog:) Luks awsum on u :)

    @Rainy days:Yeah I love him too :D Which r ur favs?? :)

  8. this is such a pretty shade :D .... i tried this in store .. will def. buy when i head to SS next :D

  9. @Bhumika : I know :) I gt tis only after seeing u rave abt this on ur blog as well as on others :D Thanks :)

  10. wow great review! Have heard so much about this lippy... after reading your review I have got to get one for myself now ;)

  11. THanks Suma :) yes u will surely love it :)

  12. I'm totally J that you've got this. EVERYONE seems to have this shade but me. I tried this out & it just doesn't suit me :((
    but I'm still tempted to buy it :|

    BTW, I was so sure that I was already following your blog, but I guess I wasn't. Sorry about that. I am now.

  13. @Poohkie: :P Ohh it doesn't ?? sad :| Hehehe :P i can totally relate ;)
    Hey its ok Poohkie ;):)Thanks :)



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