Sunday, 12 April 2015

Maybelline Bold Matte Lipstick in MAT 2 : Review and Swatches !!

It is summer when you sweat incessantly at 6 AM. And the dreadful summers are back in Chennai. Summer in Chennai is not a cause for celebration I guarantee you. But the least one can do is smother the lips in bright orange colors ;) 

Personally I am a fan of creamy glossy lipsticks. Then there are days when even the creamy lover in me longs for the bleed proof matte lipsticks. If you are in the lookout for a matte lipstick in orange at a budget friendly price, you have landed at the right page.

The Maybelline MAT 4 lipstick is a warm orange shade with red undertones that makes it look amazing on warm skin tones.

Though it is a matte lipstick, the application goes smooth and even. No patchiness.

The pigmentation is damn good. I need only a single swipe to cover my lips. But if your lips are very pigmented, you can run over once more for an even color deposit.

Since it is matte, I would urge you to apply a lip balm 10 mins before and wipe it off prior to application.

It settles to a matte finish within seconds of application and stays put for a solid 3 hours. On eating food, it fades out from the center of lips. So touch up is needed after food.

Starts drying out my lips after an hour so I keep applying a colorless lip balm at regular intervals.

It turns to a hot pink shade on my lips after sometime but all oranges turn hot pink on me :( 

I really love the color and matte finish of the lipstick. It is not neon-y yet brightens the face instantly. A great color for the Indian skin.

MAT 4 is redder and darker compared to MAT2.

Disclaimer : The product was sent by the brand for consideration. But my opinions are honest swear to God ;) 

P.S : I so want to own Lady danger and Vegas Volt from MAC but ended up picking up from some other color family this time. Will review that soon :) 

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Maybelline The Colossal Eyeliner Review

So here I am with more than adequate experience with the newly launched Maybelline colossal eyeliner. And I must say I am hooked all the way.

It used to be just my kajal and mascara till 2 months back. Eyeliner was reserved for days I felt awesome. Then I got the Hypersharp liner which I will review shortly. But suffice to say this colossal liner from the same brand has made me wear eyeliner everyday since the day I got it. 

Time for the formal review tadaaa.

Price : Rs. 450/- 

The eyeliner comes in the form of a pen with a sketchy (?) tip. The felt tip makes application really a breeze. One can make the liner thin/thick easily. The tip is not as fine as that of hypersharp but if you are someone who finds it hard to make thick/medium sized lines with the hypersharp, you would love this one.

The color is not jet black but is very well pigmented. You can build up the intensity without the eyeliner going flaky.

Staying power is 7-8 hours after which it starts fading but does not disappear completely :) I do not have oily lids so you might want to take that into consideration.

Overall I am impressed with this liner. So if you are someone who is not adept at doing the liner with liquid liners, give this a shot. I bet you would go gaga over this one ;) 

Lakme Absolute Kohl on the upper and lower waterlines, Maybelline Colossal eyeliner on the upper lashline and L'oreal Million Volume lashes mascara on the lashes work together great to make your peepers look "ah well beautiful" :)

Disclaimer : The product was sent by the brand for consideration. But my opinions are honest swear to God ;) 

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick in Coral Plus Review and Swatches!!

I am a hopelessly romantic person. Even little gestures make me go mushy.

And a lip color that has the perfect mixture of coral and pink whipped together is sure to make me go weak in the knees ;)

So when I came across the shade in Flirtatious Pink Take me as I am lipcolor from Colorbar, I was ready to splurge till Deepika asked me to check the Chambor counter. Armed with the wrist swatch of FP, I marched down and found the same shade in Moisture Plus range :D 200 bucks saved phew!!'

This is my first Chambor makeup product not considering the makeup remover I received as a part of some bag once:O Never got around to buying stuff from their counter. Coming to the packaging, it has a navy blue body with silver band around the opening. Previously these used to have a full silver body. Sturdy and travel friendly packaging but very mediocre to look at.

The color as mentioned is a soft coral pink that luks fresh.

The texture is soft. Glides buttery smooth and has good pigmentation. Pigmented lips can be covered with 2/3 swipes. Does not look cakey when built up.

Provides a creamy finish and glossy sheen on application. The sheen vanishes after 20-30 mins and the color lasts for 2-3 hours without food. For this price, the lipstick should last longer.

Is transferable but any lipstick should be left alone at least for the initial 30 mins or so to set. Becomes less prone to transfer that way :)

The one daunting thing about this lipstick is the smell.It has a weird smell that lasts for 10 mins at least and I really do not appreciate it.

It has a white moisture core at the center that lends a softness to the lipstick. 

Price : Rs. 695/-

Overall, a pretty fresh take on the coral pink lipsticks. I would use it more often had it not been the fragrance.

Loved this color ? Or is it Nay ? 

Till Next Post ;)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Lipstick Love : Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 9 Review and Swatches!!

I have become more of a clothes (and shoes) convert these days. So the little makeup I purchase, I make sure are the ones I would use during the week.

Maybelline Lip Polishes. I could safely call them one of the best products by the brand. Priced : 499 Rs.

The tube is ultra cute with the inside looking like an inverted lipstick tube but is actually a gloss. As mentioned in the Glam 6 review, lip polishes are a cross between gloss and lipstick. 

The shade Glam 9 is a bubblegum pink. Confession time. I hate Boomer bubblegums. The smell gives me headache :O But the shade is pretty. A little cool toned bubblegum pink with slight silver shimmers that will look great on fair/medium skin but may wash out dusky skin.

The petal applicator is really soft but the application goes streaky. Really uneven. So I apply a little on my lips and smoothen it out with fingers for even finish.

It feels very comfortable and moisturizing on the lips. Lip balm is not a definite need with this. Soft and cushiony lips :)

Gets easily transferred. 

The glossiness stays for 30 mins or so. The color vanishes after 2 hours without eating/drinking. But with food, it will disappear immediately.

Overall, I love the lip polish for its texture, wearable color and moisturizing feel.

Thumbs up from my side :)

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Dolman Sleeves with

Are you fascinated with bats ? No ? Neither Am I ;) But there is something about Dolman Sleeves.Well if this is the first time you hear the term. Dolman Sleeves are Bat like sleeves. Loose at the sleeves and fitting (cinched) at the waist. I find the style really cool. So when I was given a voucher by to review the site, you know what I got ;)

I remember Jabong being one of the few websites that sold Clothes online initially.

The site features an extensive collection of clothes for every eclectic taste :) and Not to leave out the Ubiquitous sales available. Nothing spared to make you a Shopaholic :D

The navigation is a breeze. You can search for what you want based on colors/styles too.

The site also features latest trends and Get the look sections. I like that the Jabong team takes efforts to come out with Look of the day and other hot trends.

They even have the "Juice Magazine" which is a great read :)

Coming back to my order. I ordered the Dolman Sleeves top on March 3rd and received it on March 8th. I got message on Friday mentioning that my order has been dispatched and I will receive it by March 11th. I found it annoyingly late but it was a nice surprise when I received it 3 days earlier :) 
The delivery time is good.One can track the status of the delivery in the View Order tab.

The top was delivered in perfect condition and the material is really soft. provides specifications for every item like material, wash, size that is really helpful while picking stuff online.

I find the service really good. is definitely on top of my list for Online Shopping.

So some snaps of my dolman sleeves top in Size S. I love the cross cut in the middle <3

I am lusting over a Indian fusion print combination of a blue top and orange cotton skirt at Reliance Trends. Need to pick it up soon ;) 

What are you lusting after in terms of clothes this season ?

Disclaimer : Voucher provided by fore review purposes. However, my opinions are honest swear to God ;)


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Lipstick Love : The under hyped shade : MAC Hot Tahiti Review and Swatches

I love berries. Inside my tummy not on my mouth. And Hot Tahiti luks scary and berry on the tube. But one swipe and I was sold. 

It comes in the standard MAC packaging and cost me 1190 bucks (now it will cost u 1450 evil MAC boooo!!) 

MAC describes it as a soft reddish coral. I dont find anything remotely coral in the shade. In the hand swatches, it looks a soft reddish berry with bits of brown thrown in. But on me, it pulls a soft berry pink. Not a trace of red :( Not saying I am unhappy. The berry pink looks polished but I would have liked a hint of red. Nevertheless, it is a gorgeous shade.

It is of Glaze finish but devoid of shimmers. Has a sheer glossy finish that can be built up to medium coverage. 

Application is easy and even. The lipstick feels comfortable but cannot be tagged as hydrating. Nice part is I can use this without a lip balm even in the winters. 

Staying power is approximately 2 hours without eating and drinking with 2 swipes. I cannot go beyond 2 hours without feeding my ever hungry stomach ;)

Indirect Sunlight

Direct Sunlight

Indoor Light

Indian skin tones can rock this shade totally :) 

Overall thoughts : A very pretty shade that can look red or berry based on ur skin color and tone. The glossy finish of this lipstick is worth a try at the store.

 So what do you think of Hot Tahiti ?? Love or Hate ??

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Comeback Post Or Not : The Everyday Staples for the Sensible Me

Sensible me. Cuz I haven't splurged on every random collection popped out by brands ;)

Moving on to the everyday staples that I literally can't live without  :

Lipsticks : Starting with these as I love my colors ;)

Dreaming Dahlia : I and See Sheer. We were are in love. But then I got a crush albeit celebrity one on dreaming dahlia. Celebrity crush as this was the last piece in the MAC store and it belonged to Deepika (The queen of Jhumkas). DD looks shamelessly bold in the tube but transforms to a sheer glossy reddish orange sheen on the lips. It helps that it is of lustre finish. If u hadn't guessed it already, yea I flicked it from her :D Thank u Deeps <3

Hot Tahiti : Scary looking ? yes. but goes a sheer berry red on the lips that can be built up easily.

Mehr : Enough has been written about this. A dirty blue based pink that looks almost pastel on me.

Time for the basics.

Garnier BB Cream : I go through tubes of this amazing product. It seems to blur the imperfections. Must have totally.

Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Cream : Own this in 2 shades courtesy my persistent dark circles. I pulled an all nighter and wore this in the morning. Nada dark circles. Will review them soon.

Lakme Absolute Kohl : Should repurchase this ASAP. Now once u know how smooth a Ferrari is u wouldn't go back to maruti 800 would u. It is the same with this kajal. Intensely black, smooth, waterproof, smudge proof (mostly) and lasts long.

L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara : I was gaga over the Lakme Eyeconic mascara till I got this. Worth the moolah as I love the formula and the fanned out effect it gives.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium (?) : Not sure about the shade I own. A much loved product to set my concealer(s).

Seems like a lot of stuff but takes 10-15 minutes max to do my face.

I also keep the L'oreal Color Le Riche gloss in Violet Attitude handy. Really Moisturizing and smells just amazing :)

Till the Next Post



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