Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Lipstick Love : Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 9 Review and Swatches!!

I have become more of a clothes (and shoes) convert these days. So the little makeup I purchase, I make sure are the ones I would use during the week.

Maybelline Lip Polishes. I could safely call them one of the best products by the brand. Priced : 499 Rs.

The tube is ultra cute with the inside looking like an inverted lipstick tube but is actually a gloss. As mentioned in the Glam 6 review, lip polishes are a cross between gloss and lipstick. 

The shade Glam 9 is a bubblegum pink. Confession time. I hate Boomer bubblegums. The smell gives me headache :O But the shade is pretty. A little cool toned bubblegum pink with slight silver shimmers that will look great on fair/medium skin but may wash out dusky skin.

The petal applicator is really soft but the application goes streaky. Really uneven. So I apply a little on my lips and smoothen it out with fingers for even finish.

It feels very comfortable and moisturizing on the lips. Lip balm is not a definite need with this. Soft and cushiony lips :)

Gets easily transferred. 

The glossiness stays for 30 mins or so. The color vanishes after 2 hours without eating/drinking. But with food, it will disappear immediately.

Overall, I love the lip polish for its texture, wearable color and moisturizing feel.

Thumbs up from my side :)

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