Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Products am Loving This Summer!!

Summer has already started to ascend to its peak and we are getting fried burnt everyday.And what makes it bearable?????


Bright summer makeup :D Peaches oranges yellows and greens wash away the Summer Blues ;)

A post on Summer Makeup coming up next!

These are my product staples that I am using loyally most of the days!

  • Neem and Saffron face wash from Forest essentials(Blisscovered Box)
  • Clean and Clear Blackhead scrub
  • Lacto Calamine for dry skin
  • Neutrogena sunblock wth SPF 50+
  • Attitude Face Masque(not in the pic)
  • Elle 18 sparkler in green Grenade
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Rust
  • Lotus Carnation lipstick
  • Faces Amber Rose Blush as bronzer/blush

Monday, 16 April 2012

My Tryst With Sunscreens!!

I am definitely not a sunscreen person but do own 4 sunscreens!

Shine O shine O sun!
I hate Jam on Bun!
Sun u ruin all the fun!
Before u tan my skin I run :P

Sorry about the crappy lines :D Couldn’t stop myself!
I am all for getting tanned but the numerous articles on Skin damage make me lil less lazy to use sunscreen..I am still lazy nevertheless ;)
I am going to give a once over about the sunscreens that spoil adore my skincare box :)
Sunscreens always make me think of sweat, white patches and heavy feeling on the skin :|
1 .Lotus sunscreen with SPF 20:

This is a thick sunscreen but not greasy as expected!U get a large quantity and it lasts looooong.I use it when I need to go out for short periods..It is white and has a mild lotus fragrance that lingers and is pleasant :) It prevents tanning even under direct sun exposure..Tried and tested ;) The cons are the low spf and the very oily face :(
Price and Quantity: 185 for 120 g

2. PhotoBan Sunscreen with SPF 30:

It is a medicated sunscreen prescribed to me by Skincare doc (I forgot wat we call them :| ) I suffered severe allergy to sun and got pimples and scars all over my face :O It is liquidy type and is pure white and spreads easily..one con that is common to most sunscreens.
It is oily :( When I use this I skip my moisturiser! It is totally odourless. And Suits sensitive skin the best :)
Price and Quantity: 200 for 60 ml

3. Attitude Sunscreen with SPF 15:

One thing that strikes me first abt this is that it makes my face the most oily :( And has the lowest spf compared to my other sunscreens. But it has Mango Seed butter, Coconut water and Rosemary :) Also it comes in a pump bottle so is strictly hygienic and is the Best Smelling sunscreen :D A dab of powder sets it and am good to go :) U need only very little of this.

Price and Quantity: 350 for 150 ml

4. Neutrogena Ultra dry Touch Sunblock with SPF 50+:

The show stealer ;) It is essentially a sunblock which is powerful than a sunscreen.
It has SPF 50 which is great for a full day out without reapplication.I wouldn’t call it ultra dry or even dry thou..it makes me skin oily but not as much as others. And it is sweat proof and water proof ;) It is a little difficult to blend..I need to apply Olay underneath for smooth application. It does not end up being patchy or powdery if u sweat a lot !It is non comedogenic which means it won’t clog pores ;) I think it is one of the best drugstore options available in India!

Price and Quantity: 150 for 30 ml

5. VLCC Sweat free sunblock lotion with SPF 40:

I just got this free with my copy of Femina :)
It is labelled as sweat free sun defense: No sweat,refreshinf formula.
The smell reminds me of ginger and some flower..Cant nail it. But it is damn good! The lotion is a creamy colour.
I really wanted to try it cuz of the “sweat free” claims. First thing I noticed as soon I applied is how shiny it makes my face :@ U can use it as a heavy cream highlighter ;) I dabbed sum powder and headed out. And contrary to the claim it did definitely make my face sweat :( I would have given a thumbs up to this sunscreen even it gave a matte finish :( But it does go smooth on my face.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Skin/Hair Care Tip of The Week #3 :Cold water And Aloe Vera For Hair!

  • Rinse ur hair with cold water at the end of every hair wash to give ur hair instant shine boost! 
  • Aloe vera with Coconut milk can be used as a shampoo.It cools the scalp and promotes hair growth :)
So that's all folks for this weekend post!!Take Care!Toodles :D

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Back with Elle 18 Mulberry Splash Review and Swatches!!

U guys might have seen my status on Fb mentioning my intentions to "quit blogging" but after I saw ur comments I took time to think and was like hell!this is something I like doing..sharing my experiences gives me a high :D So am back with the review of Elle 18 lipstick in Mulberry Splash!!

Elle 18 products are dirt cheap but I never got them before the relauch !! I got all the sparklers,black out eyeliner,lipgloss in berry bomb and this particular shade of lipstick!

I was looking for a mauve shade and there were no testers available so I ended up looking at the catalog and got this.After coming home and excitedly applying it I vowed never to get a mauve lippie :(

It is a purplish mauve color with silver shimmers..has more of grey undertones ...it is very sheer and u need 3 swipes for a proper color and they are nt drying..but do settle on fine lines!The shimmer doesn't suit this particular color.The color stays for an hour without eating or drinking otherwise it vaporizes completely..not even a slight hint of stain.
About this shade,I hate it..it transforms into a grey shade with silver shimmers on my lips :@ I cannot wear it even at my home.
Overall the lipstick is so and so..u can try shades like pomegranate pie,fruitopia and other pinks and reds.It has lot of shades to choose from!!And extremely pocket friendly..great options for college students!!U can carry them with u as they are snug but be careful as the packaging is flimsy..drop it more than thrice ur lippie would be squashed ;) and the heat too can ruin ur lippie!
Here is how it looks on my lips :


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