Sunday, 8 April 2012

Back with Elle 18 Mulberry Splash Review and Swatches!!

U guys might have seen my status on Fb mentioning my intentions to "quit blogging" but after I saw ur comments I took time to think and was like hell!this is something I like doing..sharing my experiences gives me a high :D So am back with the review of Elle 18 lipstick in Mulberry Splash!!

Elle 18 products are dirt cheap but I never got them before the relauch !! I got all the sparklers,black out eyeliner,lipgloss in berry bomb and this particular shade of lipstick!

I was looking for a mauve shade and there were no testers available so I ended up looking at the catalog and got this.After coming home and excitedly applying it I vowed never to get a mauve lippie :(

It is a purplish mauve color with silver shimmers..has more of grey undertones is very sheer and u need 3 swipes for a proper color and they are nt drying..but do settle on fine lines!The shimmer doesn't suit this particular color.The color stays for an hour without eating or drinking otherwise it vaporizes completely..not even a slight hint of stain.
About this shade,I hate transforms into a grey shade with silver shimmers on my lips :@ I cannot wear it even at my home.
Overall the lipstick is so and so..u can try shades like pomegranate pie,fruitopia and other pinks and reds.It has lot of shades to choose from!!And extremely pocket friendly..great options for college students!!U can carry them with u as they are snug but be careful as the packaging is flimsy..drop it more than thrice ur lippie would be squashed ;) and the heat too can ruin ur lippie!
Here is how it looks on my lips :


  1. thnx for the review dear..this is really not a color apt for Indian skin tones...rather ne skin tone :|

  2. Not my kinda shade, but they have some awesome picky shades na

  3. @Sukanya: toned suit us better!!

  4. @Taps: I think no one would pick it up if they try the tester :D :P Yeah I want to get the pomgranate pie 1 :D

  5. Unavailability of testers is a big drawback:(But I managed to get a right(almost) shade. I have 20 mystery mauve in Elle 18 color pops. It looks good on my dusky skin tone:)

  6. @ shy: Exactly :( Oh wow :D i have mystery mauve too but it doesn't suit me :|

  7. didnt lyk d shade ... i ll pass dis one ... recently started following yr blog raaga

  8. mulberry shade os faces chic lipstick is much much better :)

  9. id lik to try the other shades for elle 18! iv had a gud experience with their lip smoothies!



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