Friday, 27 May 2011

PONDS WHITE BEAUTY-Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream

Hmmm..This is definitely not a new product that I had shopped for. I got this sometime back when there was all this hype on the introduction of this range. I went to get this one and its cleansing brother to H&G. And u know wat there was a combo offer going on these 2! :) So  I bought both for a comparatively cheaper price..don't remember it thou sorry!

The tub:

Today after my facewash I was going to apply my newly acquired PONDS Tinted moisturiser when I decided that is zyada for sitting at home :P Then I thought of applyig the lotus aloe one but that moment my eyes fell on this pretty tub of white beauty :P I like the packaging a lot.It looks chic doesn't it?
So the reason I didn't use this cream before is:
**It doesn't blend well.
**Gives a whitish cast 
Moving on to the actual review of this daily spot-less "lightening" cream:
I am not much a fan of lightening products but I do get occasional pimples which fade without any trace *touchwood* but recently they have started leaving black spots or marks as u like to call those brats :spank: :spank:! After seeing the endless ads of vanishing spots I crumbled and bought this...might have happened with u too so stop snickering:P 
It comes in a cute tub which I absolutely adore :D The cream is a little peachy white in color and smells umm well like ponds dreamflower talc to me..nearly...


On normal blending:

On some more blending:

Only after u get to blending it more than above u ill stop noticing the whitish casts:(

>>The packaging is classy.
>>Only a little amount is needed.
>>Even though it doesn't fade the marks it Conceals them to some extent.but if u have dark won't be of much use:\
>>The smell is subtle and feminine...I like :D
>>Doesn't make my face much oily as many other creams do..can be used by normal skin beauties in the summer..and if u r little oily and live in Chennai..u can use it for the evenings or early mornings..I mean for college;)
>>It does make my face a tone fairer..but beware if u use too much then u will look like u had a fresh coat of berger paints on ur face!

>>BLENDING is a major issue with this one :( u have to blend blend and blend a lot..which is time consuming and nt fitting if u r in a real hurry!
>>Might not suit ppl with yelow undertones...just a thot.. I am more on the pinkish side..;)
>>Not at all for the oily skinned.
>>Doesn't fade the dark spots as mentioned.grrr...I used homemade remedies for my spots..might share them with u thru another post ;)

:D:D:D and half :D 

Guys U can try this if  are on for some lightening results atleast while u r wearing it..otherwise u can give this a miss;)

Do Drop in your Opinions and Comments about this product..I would Love to read them :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011


I have already mentioned tat I am crazy abt lipbalms:D So I am here with the review of another lipbalm...LIPICE which is a well known brand in Japan.I went shopping yesterday and got loads of stuff :P and on reaching the bill counter I saw the Lipice fruit lipbalms and their glossy lipbalms.I went berserk and picked up one to know wats the hype abt this lipcare brand.

Sry abt the inverted image :P

Here is how it looks:

No swatches cuz it is a no color lipbalm.

It comes in a white stick with a twisting mechanism so easy to use.Just twist it up and apply on ur lips.The lipbalm smells of strawberry since I got that flavour:) But it has got no taste and on application it gives a tinkling sensation to the lips which I love :D

This is what the packaging says:
  • Combination of lanolin and mineral oil will moisturize lips to prevent drying and chapping.
  • SPF 15 will protect the lips against UV rays.

Mineral oil,Ozokerite,Petrolatum,Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Octyl Salicylate,Lanolin,Flavour,Dimethiocone,Menthol,Camphor

>>The camphor gives a refreshing sensation.
>>It gives a matte effect and nt the glossy one..gud for Chennai summers.
>>I like the strawberry smell.
>>SPF factor is good.

>>It doesn't give enuf moisturization.:(:(


I would recommend that u guys try this atleast once since my lips are damn dry!!and there is the spf factor and the tinkling camphor sensation!This might work for you;)
I am planning to get the glossy one next time but it is costly..230 bucks :O while this one cost me 120.

Friday, 20 May 2011


My Skin sometimes behaves weirdly and tat too the Chennai summer makes it frequent :( I used to have a Normal skin type but now I have a weird Combination type by which I mean suddenly It becomes dry and suddenly oily.So the safest bet for me is to use a creme that doesn't make my skin oily or a gel that is moisturizing enuf.But the former is nearly impossible so I chose this aloe gel from lotus :) And I love this product to bits :D

This is what the website claims:

Re hydrates skin and enhances its moisture retention capacity.This special formula gets quickly absorbed in the skin. 


It is a yellowish gel with thick consistency.It comes in a bottle with a pump which is very fitting for getting the gel out:) Also only a little amount of gel is required.So works well for me:)

>>Even though It is a gel it does not dry out my skin.
>> Doesn't make my skin oily..nt even a teeny weeny bit <3
>>The product is cost effective
>>Due to the gel like consistency it gets absorbed fast like within seconds.very useful for me during the college mornings:D
>>Gives a healthy glow to my skin
>>Didn't break me out
>>Hygienic since it has the pump dispenser
>>Feels very light..a boon for the Chennai summer:D

>>Dont knw if it is my bottle alone but the cap is a little loose..

No other con for this super cool product :D

I would definitely recommend this to all combination skin Beauties but the dry skined ones this may not be for u...

:D :D :D :D and half :D

So whats ur opinion guys??


Hiiya !!!

                This is just a random thought on the (In)Famous Hairstyles of SonuNigam :P :P I adore him as a singer and he used to look gr8 :D He is the no.1 male singer according to me and his voice is so beautiful :) But nowadays his hairstyles are more known than his singings skills...So here is a quick glimpse of his hairstyles thru the years...

He looks wow :D 

Looks a little aged par phir bhi mast :):)

I personally like this look which he came up with in his album CLASSICALLY MILD!!He looked a greek god in the videos of this album :)

This look is passable doesnt look bad but nt good either..

It is a proof that he is trying hard for publicity dont know why :|

I was ROFL on looking at this pic:P :P 

Pretty Interesting huh:P
Some days back I was watching the movie Underworld and realized that the leader of lycans LUCIAN played by Michael Sheen and Sonu bore resemblances...So i googled the images and have put them up here :D

So is it tat me gone crazy or you guys share my views on this???

Disclaimer:These are my own opinions.No offense meant.If you think this violates any rights please do inform me.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Sometimes I regret buying certain stuff but this one worst face mask ever marketed!!!Let me explain my hatred towards this specific mask:
This is what the Lotus Herbalss has to say abt this facepack:

Black clay is very rich in minerals and silica; helps brighten facial complexion. Bearberry extract, rich in arbutin, and liquorice extract help lighten facial complexion.

*It is known to control oil production in the face:)
*Has got Anti aging properties 
*Evens out the skin tone.

The Lotus ClayWhite mask is greyish blue in color and is in a tube format.It dries fast so it is necessary to apply it quickly.Take a small amount of the mask by squeezing the tube and apply evenly on face and neck.Then you can wash it within 10 minsas it tends to tighten the skin.


>>It keeps my skin oil free for a gud deal of time.
>>Gives a glow if cleansed properly:)
>> The worst:After washing my face I could notice the BLUISH Tint on my face!!!Horror!!I looked like i have walked out of grave:O Even after washing several times with cold water the color didnt fade away.So in the end I had to wash it with facewash which rules out the whole point of using a face mask.:(:(
>>I recommend u use a toner to wipe off  the remains from ur face.It works better:)
>>Dries quickly and tends to tighten ur skin in an uncomfortable way.

I wouldn't recommend this mask unless you are on ur way to audition for the role of a corpse!!!

:D:D and half :D

So Wat was ur experience with this mask and how do u deal with the bluish remains???

Biotique Pistachio face pack review

I like pampering myself ...sitting on a push back chair sipping on some juice letting my hair loose enjoying the breeze and having a face pack on my face...err u cant sip ur juice then but just saying..I am a fan of face packs.They make your dull skin glow and brighten up :) atleast for some tym before the glow fades away :| It is all worth it.So here am going to do a review on the mentioned facepack.

This is what the site says:
 Bio Pista Pistachio -Nourishing and Revitalising Face Pack
A skin treatment used by ancient Queens. The goodness of Almond, Pistachio, Saffron and Lentils nourishes the skin while making it fairer and smoother. Can be used every day. A nourishing and revitalising mask for even the most sensitive skin. This efficient formula revitalizes your skin and provides all the nutrients it needs. Your skin immediately recovers its superb comfortable feeling.

The pack comes in a green tub customary with the biotique products.This is a pista green color pack.It is sluggish and very soft and an easy to apply one.Here is the swatch:

>> It is very moisturising.It is my HG face pack in winters!!
>>My skin does not break out.              
>>Gets absorbed in the skin easily.
>>It smells of pista
>>Does not brighten up my skin.:(
>>It is in a tub which is unhygienic since i would have to  dip my fingers everytime.
>>I feel if it is used everyday as mentioned it might cause greasiness and pimples in summer.
>>Since It contains Pistachio I expected better results...sigh 

I would recommend this to people with SUPER DRY skin even in summers :)You would love the moisturization.

:d :D :d  for the moisturization

Do you guys know any face pack that gives a lasting glow??

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Hi there !
              I am crazy abt LIP BALMS :D and yes i buy loads of them..Though i like Lipbalms that are very moisturising I prefer their Tinted cousins.They can brighten up my day anytym :) So now as my exams are nearly over :( I thot of dng a review on TBS BORN LIPPY PASSION BERRY lip balm :) I got this lip balm on my visit to the Ampa Sky walk centre located in Anna nagar.
This is wat the website of The Body Shop UK claims(Sry i tried finding abt it  in the TBS INDIA website bt it was not listed there...weird :\)

Passion-A glossy and moisturising lip balm with an exotic berry flavour, that leaves lips looking and feeling soft, smooth and kissable. flower fruit extract - helps provide a natural fruity flavour.
Community Trade organic beeswax - moisturises & helps condition the lips. Acts as a barrier that helps to seal in moisture.
Lanolin - is one of nature’s richest moisturisers
 It cost me abt 195 bucks..nt sure.It looks intense in the container with a light red-violet shade :D and on application on my lips gives a mild mauvish lips but enhanced effect :) here is the swatch of the lip balm:

>>It is very moisturising
>>Heals chapped lips
>>Gives a better look  to lips
>>Contains natural ingredients(If the claims are to be believed!!)
>>Lasts for 2 to 3 hrs...big deal for me :)
>>will last for quite some time
>>Comes in a cute little box :D

>> Ok..It is a little bit sticky :O
>>The some kind of fruity toffee..nt tat i hate toffees...but it is a little overpowering at first but then it fades after sometime
>>cannot be used as a night time lip balm because of the tint.
>>Expensive...i feel that the cost is a little zyada for the amount.only 9g!
>> hygiene wise low since everytym u got to dip your fingers into the tub..I prefer to use it when I am at home

Overall I love this product and would recommend to anyone looking for a moisturizing tinted lipbalm :):)

RATING: :D:D:D and half  :D

So Have you guys tried this and and what are your opinions about it???
Do share your views :)


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