Friday, 27 May 2011

PONDS WHITE BEAUTY-Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream

Hmmm..This is definitely not a new product that I had shopped for. I got this sometime back when there was all this hype on the introduction of this range. I went to get this one and its cleansing brother to H&G. And u know wat there was a combo offer going on these 2! :) So  I bought both for a comparatively cheaper price..don't remember it thou sorry!

The tub:

Today after my facewash I was going to apply my newly acquired PONDS Tinted moisturiser when I decided that is zyada for sitting at home :P Then I thought of applyig the lotus aloe one but that moment my eyes fell on this pretty tub of white beauty :P I like the packaging a lot.It looks chic doesn't it?
So the reason I didn't use this cream before is:
**It doesn't blend well.
**Gives a whitish cast 
Moving on to the actual review of this daily spot-less "lightening" cream:
I am not much a fan of lightening products but I do get occasional pimples which fade without any trace *touchwood* but recently they have started leaving black spots or marks as u like to call those brats :spank: :spank:! After seeing the endless ads of vanishing spots I crumbled and bought this...might have happened with u too so stop snickering:P 
It comes in a cute tub which I absolutely adore :D The cream is a little peachy white in color and smells umm well like ponds dreamflower talc to me..nearly...


On normal blending:

On some more blending:

Only after u get to blending it more than above u ill stop noticing the whitish casts:(

>>The packaging is classy.
>>Only a little amount is needed.
>>Even though it doesn't fade the marks it Conceals them to some extent.but if u have dark won't be of much use:\
>>The smell is subtle and feminine...I like :D
>>Doesn't make my face much oily as many other creams do..can be used by normal skin beauties in the summer..and if u r little oily and live in Chennai..u can use it for the evenings or early mornings..I mean for college;)
>>It does make my face a tone fairer..but beware if u use too much then u will look like u had a fresh coat of berger paints on ur face!

>>BLENDING is a major issue with this one :( u have to blend blend and blend a lot..which is time consuming and nt fitting if u r in a real hurry!
>>Might not suit ppl with yelow undertones...just a thot.. I am more on the pinkish side..;)
>>Not at all for the oily skinned.
>>Doesn't fade the dark spots as mentioned.grrr...I used homemade remedies for my spots..might share them with u thru another post ;)

:D:D:D and half :D 

Guys U can try this if  are on for some lightening results atleast while u r wearing it..otherwise u can give this a miss;)

Do Drop in your Opinions and Comments about this product..I would Love to read them :)


  1. Nice review, this is one of the products i regret buying.. hate it to the core. It gave me pimples, though i do not have oily skin or acne prone skin... Not for me...

  2. Oh..mayb urs is sensitive:| even i am nt much fond of it :)

  3. I ♥ the review! Following you :D

  4. hey noe ponds has come up with carbon,try out this product"ponds pure white face wash"...with activated carbon



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