Sunday, 22 May 2011


I have already mentioned tat I am crazy abt lipbalms:D So I am here with the review of another lipbalm...LIPICE which is a well known brand in Japan.I went shopping yesterday and got loads of stuff :P and on reaching the bill counter I saw the Lipice fruit lipbalms and their glossy lipbalms.I went berserk and picked up one to know wats the hype abt this lipcare brand.

Sry abt the inverted image :P

Here is how it looks:

No swatches cuz it is a no color lipbalm.

It comes in a white stick with a twisting mechanism so easy to use.Just twist it up and apply on ur lips.The lipbalm smells of strawberry since I got that flavour:) But it has got no taste and on application it gives a tinkling sensation to the lips which I love :D

This is what the packaging says:
  • Combination of lanolin and mineral oil will moisturize lips to prevent drying and chapping.
  • SPF 15 will protect the lips against UV rays.

Mineral oil,Ozokerite,Petrolatum,Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Octyl Salicylate,Lanolin,Flavour,Dimethiocone,Menthol,Camphor

>>The camphor gives a refreshing sensation.
>>It gives a matte effect and nt the glossy one..gud for Chennai summers.
>>I like the strawberry smell.
>>SPF factor is good.

>>It doesn't give enuf moisturization.:(:(


I would recommend that u guys try this atleast once since my lips are damn dry!!and there is the spf factor and the tinkling camphor sensation!This might work for you;)
I am planning to get the glossy one next time but it is costly..230 bucks :O while this one cost me 120.


  1. nice review, seems expensive.. Must try it once.. how was shopping yesterday.. do post what you hunted ok?

  2. hi :) nt expensive..niveacosts the same and maybelline and lotus ones cost oly little extra par nt worth:| yeah shopping was gud :D but the lotus whiteglow scrub was nt available :( btw wer do u live in chennai?

  3. not about this one.. I am talking about the glossy one.. Me from Saidapet.. Check Saravana Stores, but when I went they din't have it, then got the lotus skin polisher.. it is good too..

  4. Hey nice one. I don't like lipbalms with no colour. ESPECIALLY, if they are no good moisturizing!:P

  5. Looks like this one is a must have for me. Nice blog you have got Shweta

  6. Do try it..i keep reapplying just to feel the sensation :P Thanks Nivedita :D

  7. wanna try this...but then..only if it comes with some color :D
    nice review :))

  8. hehehe :P it has a tinted variety:)

  9. U will get Lipice door delivered from the company executive.



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